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21st Birthday Party Ideas

Whether your 21st birthday party ideas include celebrating out on the town or at home, we've got several great ways to make this special event a blash!

Adult Party Ideas for Your Big Day!

Looking to let it hang all out on your initiation into legal drinking age? You need 21st birthday party ideas done right!

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Carry the party on the road with a Limo Party or bring the city home with a Casino theme party. Here you'll find the adult party games, free downloads, drink recipes, and everything you need to make your 21st birthday a blast!21st Birthday Party Ideas21st birthday party ideas

Our feature guest submission:

Contact us with your own 21st birthday idea. If it's fun and original, we'll post it here!

Limo Party Birthday Idea

You're finally 21! It's time to celebrate. A limo party has the birthday guy or gal traveling in style, carefree for the night.

Stock the limo with birthday cake, Champagne, beer, birthday noisemakers, hats and decorations.

Create a map of all the restaurants and bars you'd like to go to. Caveat: order only one drink and appetizer per location -- that way you get to go more places!

Make it even more fun by doing a "21 scavenger hunt". You need cell phones with cameras for this one. Make a list of twenty-one items. Items on this list can be:

21st Birthday Party Ideas Limo Party

  • get someone to buy you a drink
  • photo of birthday candles
  • getting kissed on the cheek
  • whatever else you'd like
Divide your party into 2 or 3 groups with one camera per group. Each group tries to get as many things listed as possible by the end of the night. When something on the list happens, the evidence is photographed so that a winner can be determined at the end of the night!

We have several scavenger hunt lists you can download as well. If you'd like to download our free party printables straight away, like us on Facebook (look for the "free printables button") for a link to our free party games page.

Birthday Games Ideas

Mini Keg Drinking Game
Mini Keg Drinking Game

Retail Price: 17.99
Santa Drinking Cap
Santa Drinking Cap

Retail Price: 12.99
Wrecked Drinking Game
Wrecked Drinking Game

Retail Price: 18.99
Drinking Straw Glasses
Drinking Straw Glasses

Retail Price: 6.99
Drinking Leprechaun Adult Costume
Cheers N Beers Party Drinking Leprechaun Adult Costume

Retail Price: 37.99
Shots & Dice Are Nice Drinking Game
Shots & Dice Are Nice Drinking Game

Retail Price: 8.99
Bachelorette Party Drinking Dice
Bachelorette Party Drinking Dice
Mystery Drinking Game
Mystery Drinking Game

Retail Price: 10.45
The 51 Most Popular Drinking Games
The 51 Most Popular Drinking Games

Loaded Dice Drinking Game
Loaded Dice Drinking Game

Retail Price: 7.95

21st Birthday Favors - Candy Martini
21st Birthday Favors - Candy Martini Theme Party Tin
Customized Birthday Playing Cards
Customized Birthday Playing Cards
21st Birthday Party Favors Shot Glass
21st Birthday Party Favors Shot Glass
Personalized Birthday Wine Labels
Personalized Birthday Wine Labels
Homer Bendable Figure with Suction Cup
Grenade Mug

Retail Price: 12.95

Adult Slip-n-Slide Party

Suit up for an adult slip-n-slide party for your 21st birthday! Don't have a pool, but want a fun, wet and wild birthday party idea? Even if you do have a pool, the slip-n-slide party is seriously fun. Combine it with a few other fun outdoor games and you've got a crazy birthday you're friends will talk about for a long time!

Sherry Hansen of Grand Rapids, Missouri wrote in her adult birthday party ideas.

"What's more fun on a hot summer night than a slip-n-slide? Host an ADULTS only slip-n-slide party!"

Flimsee Lawn GameWhile you could go out and buy the child's version; you can make a bigger one with landscaping or clear plastic. At Lowe's or any home improvement store, get a roll of thick plastic, as well as a hose or two to make a giant slip-n-slide.

Partiers can wear swimsuits, "or if your kinda kinky," Sherry wrote, "have them wear all white!"

At Sherry's party, they set up a relay race by placing two strips of plastic side by side. They set several plastic cups of beer at the end of each. Each person slid to the end and drank on of the cups of beer using only his or her mouth (while they were on their bellies at the end of the slide). When they were done, they would run to front of the slide where their team was lined up and tag the next person to go. "The 1st team to finish wins! We had a blast doing this!"

Sherry's party idea sounds like a blast for a summer party in the heat.

Combine the adult slip-n-slide party with other fun outdoor games: cornhole, beer pong (here's a link to a glow in the dark one), a frozen T-shirt contest, a water balloons toss game, or the Flimsee set you see here.

Movie Inspired Costume Party out on the Town

In love with a cult classic? Then why not have your friends dress up like all the characters and test their bravery out on the town? Paulina of Shakopee, MN, wrote in her 21st birthday party ideas. She had everyone dress up as all queens for a day for a "Monster Party". This is one of the wildest birthday party ideas a visitor has ever sent us at Talk about wild creativity!

Party Monster 21st Birthday Ideas

"Masquerades, fancy dinners, and Hollywood scenes for parties are overrated. So for my 21st birthday we planned out a funner and plain crazy theme. Based of the 2003 film by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato called 'Party Monster', we decided to give it our all. This was a super creative fun 21st birthday party where all my guests were drag queens and freaks. After an impromptu 'show' out on the town — not nearly as fun unless you include going out! — we ended with karaoke to our favorite jams at my apartment!!!"

They dressed in the craziest outfits put they could together, revealing "as much as we desired and whatever we want to combine along with stilettos or platform heels."

A regular everyday hair style was not part of this look. Only an outrageous look would do: so they each either teased their hair or slicked it back.

Everyone put on eyeliner and lip stick. "It's the only time my straight guy-friends would be able to say, 'Excuse me, I have to powder my nose' to go to the bathroom," wrote Paulina. "It was hillarious!"

Inspired by Paulina's party photo, we watched the film. What a fabulous idea to get your party theme from a movie you enjoy. We give you two thumbs up for the most original party theme out there! Here are some other cult films to inspire a costume party on the town. Consider watching the film at some point in the evening:

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • The Big Lebowski. Go bowling with this one!
  • A Clockwork Orange (milk bar anyone? also involves eyeliner for the Speed Punk afficionado)
  • The Man who Fell to Earth, for a 70s party theme
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail (by Terry Gilliam)
  • Pee Wee's Big Adventure, if you have someone who looks like Pee Wee
  • Resevoir Dogs if you love suits and skinny ties and a 60s theme
  • Stop Making Sense along with 80s theme party dress
  • Dress up like the pretty folks in the Hunger Games. Also could involve eyeliner, or guyliner, for all involved :)
  • The Matrix
  • Harry Potter
  • Shaun of the Dead for the Zombie Afficionado (get Dave's Book on dealing with Zombies here)
  • Brazil (also by Terry Gilliam)
  • The Imaginarium of Dr. Pernasis (also by Terry Gilliam)
  • Trainspotting
  • X-Men if you're into superheros. Don't look like one of the characters? This creative party theme idea is wide open. You can create your own superpower and look.
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