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365 Love Notes You Write Your Sweetie

Ever thought of writing 365 love notes to remind your sweetheart daily of how much you love him or her? I did it! Here I've published all the love notes I wrote my husband.

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It's one of the most unique ideas you can make for a loved one, and with our printable love notes with pages you can personalize, they're much easier to create.

365 love notes makes a thoughtful Valentine's, engagement, or anniversary gift. This list was inspired by my own sweetie. I hope it will inspire you to create love notes for your sweetheart!

A gift like this will be cherished by the receiver and is an inexpensive yet endearing gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's day, or as a wedding day gift from one newlywed to the other.

I can honestly say that you will be amazed at how you fall in love all over again as you recount the ways you love your "Honey."

365 Love Notes

365 Love Notes

  1. I love the meals you've cooked for me, especially when you didn't feel like cooking.

  2. I love the times you've read to me. It doesn't matter what ... I just enjoy your voice.

  3. I appreciate every day that you've gone to work ... even when you haven't felt like it.

  4. I love the way you cuddle Abby. It brings out the true you.

  5. I love our secret language; we are often thinking the same thing. We can just look at each other and confirm the other's thoughts.

  6. I love you for loving my Dad. He can be a challenge.

  7. I love you for training me to be a runner and for running along side of my in my first race.

  8. I love the way you make me laugh, especially when I'm mad at you.

  9. I love sitting in the airport with you; there's nowhere else to be but with you.

  10. I love everything you've ever built; yes, even the "peanut table."

  11. I love your sense of adventure. I never know what will happen next.

  12. I love your sense of humor. You know how to make me laugh.

  13. I loved driving to Arkansas with you. What a great memory of a road trip.

  14. I love your generosity. You're always willing to help others.

  15. I loved building the garden with you at the Gleneagle's house ... even though you made me finish the stairs!

  16. I love to snuggle with you. You're the world's best snuggler.

  17. I love it when you dance. I especially love the memory of the "ant" dance.

  18. I love the way you dream. You always have new ideas to dream about, like the "tear drop camper."

  19. I appreciate every time you walk Abby, especially when I don't feel like it.

  20. I love how you know how to fix everything, like a faucet or a car engine.

  21. I appreciate every time you've fixed my computer, even though you hate it.

  22. I loved the time you ate worms in Thailand. It provided a distinct memory.

  23. I love you because you're always willing to share with me. I know if we were on a deserted island with one banana, you'd split it and give me the bigger half, even though I'm smaller than you.

  24. I loved our first date.

  25. I loved our wedding. I'll never forget the living room of that house we got married in.

  26. I have loved every remodeling trip to dump we've have ever taken, especially the ones where we were really dirty and stinky.

  27. I love your brain. You're smart.

  28. I love watching movies with you, even if they're bad.

  29. I loved going to Busch Gardens with you and riding the roller coasters.

  30. I love your face. I think you're beautiful.

  31. I love when you talk in a high pitched voice to Abby. Your inner child sneaks out.

  32. I love your creativity, like the 1980's rocker costumes you made for Halloween.

  33. I love that you cut my hair. How many husbands would do that?

  34. I love your green thumb. You really know how to make things grow.

  35. I admire the fact that you are a "doer." You don't wait for others to do things for you.

  36. I admire your reputation.

  37. I love your sense of style. You have refined taste (like it or not!)

  38. I love the way you experiment with new things, especially in the kitchen.

  39. I admire your woodworking talents. You've made some beautiful things.

  40. I love the gifts you've gotten me, especially the good sewing scissors and the pearl and garnet necklace for our anniversary.

  41. I love that you have supported me in so many of my crazy ideas, like buying the piano.

  42. I love learning new things with you, like the time we went rock climbing.

  43. I loved all of the projects we did on the Runnymede house. We were so tired, but we laughed a lot!

  44. I love that you're the type of person who would pee his name in snow (at my parents' house) and then brag about it to my mom.

  45. I love how you built that snowman and used the carrot that was for his nose down south instead.

  46. I loved camping with you and Abby in front of my parents' house at the family reunion.

  47. I loved floating the Guadeloupe River with you (every time!)

  48. I love shopping with you, even if we've not planning to buy anything.

  49. I love the time we went snorkeling in Roatan. I had never experienced something so beautiful, and I'm glad we were together.

  50. I love that you let me buy all three paintings from the artist in Guanajuato, Mexico, after you told me to only choose one.

Continue With 365 Love Notes: 51-100, 101-150, 151-200, 201-250, 251-300, 301-365

You'll notice that most of my love notes are quite personal; however, I include them because you'll see some good examples of how very personal love notes can make this gift so much more special, fun and funny.

I hope having my ideas can jog your thoughts on more ways to say, "I love you," and to show your loved one just how much you care.

Use the printable template to create your own intimate messages: words that agree with your values -- what you hold dear. Recall your own specific memories with your dearest; how you felt at the time. After you're finished customizing your notes, print them on cardstock or just a high quality paper. OR...

Love Notes you can Personalize

After creating the love notes above, I was inspired to make some general love notes and a template to help others do this project more easily.

50 Love Notes Template

Get a jumpstart on your 365 love notes with these printable love notes.

Here's what you'll get:

Love Notes Gift Tags

  • 60 love notes (some may not apply to your sweetheart, so we've added 10 more as replacements)
  • 4 pages where you can type in your own love notes
  • two gift tags (use the one that suits your style)
You'll likely start off with around 50 after you throw out those that don't apply. Our love notes will work as a gift for a man or a woman (considering that you'll be tossing a few out).

On four of the pages, you can type in your own love notes. On the last page of these, you can type in your longest love notes; the text adjusts size so that everything you want to say can fit on the card.

These love notes are designed to be printed on Avery 8371 or 5371 perforated business card stock.

To create more, even 365 love notes if that's your ambition, these extra four pages print out to an additional 40 cards. Print your first set, reopen the document and print more sets. Be careful to select the pages you want to print.

365 Love Notes Template

Printable 365 Love Notes Kit



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Printable Love Notes

Printable Love Notes

Get 50 pre-written printable love notes, plus a template to customize your own sweet messages. Read all 365 love notes written by a wife to her husband to inspire you to create a 365 personalize love notes of your own!

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