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40th Birthday Party Ideas

40th birthday party ideas can range from elegant to extremely casual and fun. Here you’ll find them all. It takes 40 years to create a celebration this spectacular; you’re right on time!

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Ways to Celebrate the BIG 4-0

40th Birthday Party Ideas

Whether you’re turning 40 or planning a 40th birthday party for someone special, a party theme is a great place to start. Why?

Themes make party game choices easy and more entertaining for your guests. They also make decorating lots of fun and create a memorable celebration.

There’s a large selection of adult birthday party themes on this page, but you’ll there are dozens creative themes that can be made into great birthday party ideas.

Ideas like the Bucket List Party, Forty (or Fifty) in Florida, Hawaiian Luaus, are just the tip of the iceberg!

Looking to recapture youth? The Child’s Play, Adult Style party brings childhood back.

Discover how martini mixers combine with childhood games like our free printable "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" game to make a hysterical evening!

See how each guest can get their own birthday wish with individual birthday cakes topped with their own birthday candle!

Or, maybe you’re looking for something upscale, such as a dinner party or wine tasting party. Here you’ll find recipes, complete menus, downloadable wine tasting sheets and so much more!

Perhaps 40 is about celebrating more than just a day, but a "life". See my ideas for making 40 your best year!

Finally, play up 40 like never before with adult birthday party games that are great for celebrating this milestone birthday! Try birthday charades or Gender Bender, you’ll laugh out loud as your friends act out fun phrases designed especially for the big 4-0!

40th Birthday Party Ideas

Forty and Fangulous

Forty and Fangulous

Bite into this 40th birthday party idea. Twilight inspired, but it never goes out of style, this themed party will fill your home with vampires and mystery. Get DIY decoration and invitation ideas and amazingly creative party ideas that you can recreate for your own fabulous, fangulous party.

More 40th Birthday Ideas

More 40th Birthday Ideas

More 40th birthday party ideas. There were just too many to list on one page! Find terrific 40th birthday ideas such as the "Elegant Black and White Party", "Football Party Theme", "Retro Theme", and more.

Adult Birthday Party Games

Adult Birthday Party Games

What games get the most laughs? Read our review of the best games. Plus, instantly print our popular and hilarious birthday party games like birthday charades, left and right birthday game, Party Talk conversation starters and more!
Hollywood Theme Party

Hollywood Party Theme

These really aren't your typical Hollywood theme party ideas. A Hollywood style party with a fun twist is great for a birthday. The Movie Casting Call movie theme party is perfect for an easy going, fun party that will ensure tons of laughter!
40th Birthday Party Ideas

Child’s Play Adult Style

Learn how children’s games are made into hysterical adult favorites! We show you how to pull off an unusual theme with great success! The child's game "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" is a big hit at a 40th birthday party!
Martini Theme Party

Martinis and Jazz Theme Party

Relax and enjoy this laid-back party theme. Plus, find free drink recipe cards and ideas one how to set up a martini bar.
Wine Tasting Party Ideas

Wine Tasting Theme Party

Find several wine tasting theme party ideas. Download our free printable wine tasting sheets for a fantastic tasting party that will be a breeze to plan.
Hollywood Theme Party

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

Know how to tell a little white lie that your birthday person will buy? We’all show you secrets on how to plan and pull off the big surprise party!
1960s Posh Mad Men Party

1960’s Posh, Mad Men Party

Host a retro party with a stylish twist. Plus, for more vintage ideas, visit the retro party theme page for the "Come As You Were" party theme and similar themed party ideas.
Garden Theme Party

Garden Party Theme

Find fresh Ideas for parties in the garden and picnic recipes from simple to gourmet. And if tea parties sound like the perfect garden party idea, we've got pages on these delightful parties.
Creative Party Theme ideas

More Creative Theme Party Ideas

Outdoor Movie Night, Luau, Fiesta and Much More! Plus you’ll find tons of visitors' submissions and photos to inspire your birthday party ideas.
Casino Theme Party Ideas

Home Party Games

Find directions for games that go with the casino night party theme, group party games, party game ideas, and a slew of visitor contributed games as well!

40th Birthday Party Ideas

The 40th birthday is a milestone year. So party decorations, gifts, and invitations that feature the numbers 4-0 are extremely popular. There’s 40 and Fabulous, Holy Cow I’m 40, 40 Never Looked So Good, and lots of other great party themes that play up this milestone birthday.

Making 40 Your Best Year: Unique 40th Birthday Ideas

It’s not unusual to do something monumental for your 40th. Personally, I think you should celebrate all year.

On one of my milestone birthday’s, my Dad told me, "Jenny, this year will fly by ... next thing you know, you won’t even remember it!" My thoughts? I wasn’t going to let that happen. I decided to keep a digital video diary of my entire year...make a movie, and play it at my next birthday party. What a hit!

I have a friend turning 40 in a few months. She has decided to join with some of her high school friends (who are also turning 40) to run a full marathon. (That’s 26 miles, 42.2 kilometers!) She’s never run a marathon before, but turning 40 is the perfect reason for her to do it!

She (along with lots of help) is planning a group 40th birthday party at her home the next day! They’re all sure to be on flying high on life and excited to share their accomplishment at the party.

For my recent 40th birthday, I created a bucket list. I liked it so much, that I themed a party around it. See my bucket list party ideas for details.

The great thing about a bucket list is that you celebrate your birthday all year long by doing the things on your list! It’s a life changer. And, it’s one of the best party themes for turning 40!

More 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Think "pin the tail on the donkey" is one of those 40th birthday party ideas that’s hard to pull off? So did I, until I did it!

Read the details that made this one of the best birthday parties ever! The success of this party is proof that fantastic adult party ideas can come from the simplest of party games!

How to carry a theme through your entire event:

It’s a great idea to combine more than one theme. Just make sure all the ideas are cohesive. For example, you can combine the 1960s posh theme from above with an elegant dinner.

Set your table with vintage dishes, have guests dress in their finest retro attire, and start the evening with a classic cocktail, such as a gimlet or a daisy, recipes you’ll find on our adult birthday party ideas page.

More 40th Birthday Party Games

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