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80s Theme Party Ideas

Whether it's an 80s theme party, or the 20s, 40s or 60s, any era makes for a fun and creative party theme.

For the 80s theme party, ask guests to dress in 80's attire. Most people love to show their creativity and poke a little fun at the silly fads of 80's style clothing!

For ideas on what to wear to an 80's party, look to the super stars of the day: Madonna, Molly Ringwald, Micheal Jackson, and the members of the "Brat Pack".

Hot Looks of the 80's Valley Girls and Don Johnson want-to-bes:

  • Don Johnson white jacket with rolled sleeves
  • Leg warmers over jeans
  • Gloria Vanderbelt and Guess jeans
  • Hair scrunchies
  • Mini-skirts with opaque tights
  • Bandana tied around one leg of pants
  • Silver high heels with colored socks
  • Scrunchy socks
  • Big hair for ladies
  • Men wearing one earring
  • Oversized clothing
  • Paint splatted shirts
  • Reebok high tops
  • Neon clothing
  • Parachute pants
  • Stirrup pants

Set the mood with the "Sixteen Candles" or the "Valley Girl" soundtrack playing in the background and be sure to decorate with lots of 80s themed items.

Great 80s Party Music "fur sur dude...":

  • Take on Me - Aha
  • Sweet Dreams - The Eurythmics
  • Man Eater - Hall and Oats
  • Karma Chameleon - Culture Club
  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
  • Like a Prayer - Madonna
  • We've Got the Beat - Go Gos
  • Love My Way - Psychedelic Furs
  • Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds
  • Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol
  • Rock Lobster - The B-52s

80s Theme Party Supplies

Get games, music, 80s movies, posters, pop rocks, the works!

80s Rock Star Diva Adult Costume
80s Rock Star Diva Adult Costume

Price: 42.99
Faux Fur Pimp Suit Adult Costume
Faux Fur Pimp Suit Adult Costume

Price: 69.99
80s MC Hammer Adult Costume
80s MC Hammer Adult Costume

Price: 45.99
Katy Perry Last Friday Night Adult Costume
Katy Perry Last Friday Night Adult Costume

Price: 14.99
Rock Star Kids Costume
Rock Star Kids Costume

Price: 27.99

Totally 80s Amy Teen Costume

Price: 13.50
Feline Fantasy Leopard Costume Dress
Feline Fantasy Leopard Costume Dress

Price: 22.99
Red and Black 80s Spiked Punk Wig
Red and Black 80s Spiked Punk Wig

Price: 15.99
80s Black Lace Hair Scarf
80s Black Lace Hair Scarf

Price: 5.50
Black 80s Leg Warmers
Black 80s Leg Warmers

Price: 6.99
80s Rock God Kids Costume
80s Rock God Kids Costume

Price: 16.99
80s Pop Party Diva Adult Costume
80s Pop Party Diva Adult Costume

Price: 22.99
Flashdance Sweatshirt Dress Adult Costume
Flashdance Sweatshirt Dress Adult Costume

Price: 34.99
Material Girlie Adult Costume
Material Girlie Adult Costume

Price: 36.99
80s Vanilla Ice Wig
80s Vanilla Ice Wig

Price: 12.99

Entertainment Ideas - "Like, totally awesome ideas, totally!"

  1. Video Games: Dig up a vintage Atari game system for your TV so you can play 80s arcade games. Have a Pacman, Mrs. Pacman, Frogger, or Donkey Kong contest.
  1. Conversation Starter Questions Games: It's fun to have a few nostalgic reminders of the 80s for people to reminisce. Create a few note cards with funny facts about movies, music, and 80s culture. Place these around the room as conversation starters. Include fun ice breaker questions such as: "What was your favorite clothing trend of the 80s?", or "Who was your favorite band in the 80s?"
  1. Have a 1980's Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of popular 1980's items and have guests go on a scavenger hunt. Just think how hillarious this would be if guests were dressed in 80's outfits. You can even play a photo scavenger hunt by simply taking photos of the items on the hunt.
Rubiks Cube a Great Addition to an 80s Theme Party Some funny scavenger hunt list items include:

  • Rubik's cube
  • E.T. doll
  • Anything with Star Trek on it
  • Pop-rocks
  • An 80s CD
  • Anything Neon
  • Hello Kitty Item
  • Aqua-net Hairspray
  • Hair Scruncies
  • Slinky
  • A Members Only Jacket

  • One more trick to make your 80s theme party rock: Remember those awesome snoppy snow cone makers of the 80s? They're still available at Toys are Us, but as an adult you can now add a little spiced rum to the already awesome blue or pink flavor.

Party decorating ideas: "Now That's Radical!"

Artifacts from movies such as ET, Pac-Man, Ghost Busters, and Karate Kid, coupled with a few lava lamps and bean bags set the stage for an 80s bonanza!

Most thrift stores have a virtual store house of 1980s paraphernalia. Once you're done with your 1980s party decor you can re-donate it so that someone else can enjoy these fantastic remnants of the past.

Popular 80's snack foods: Pop-rocks and jelly bellies, big red soda served with bendy straws, rice crispy treats, and pizza hut are fun additions to your 80's theme party.

This 80s theme party idea is especially fun for those of us who grew up in the 80's; parachute pants and Don Johnson jackets are finally back in style (at least for one night).

80s Party Ideas

80s Party Ideas

Add a new dimension to your 80s party with an 80s prom, or 80s rock star party. See the photos, get the details, and uncover great 80s party ideas that you can recreate for your own retro party!

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