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A Midsummer Nights Dream Party

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A midsummer nights dream party is a creative party theme idea shared by Michelle of Wichita, KS

A midsummer nights dream party would be a night-time adult themed costume party where people come dressed as characters from the famous play. The party would be outside under the trees mimicking the woodland forest with twinkle lights woven into the tree branches representing moonlight and the stars in the sky.

The costume possibilities are endless such as the Athenian's with their Amazon Queen Hippolyta, Theseus, her husband, Snug the Joiner, who played the lion, Nick Bottom, who wears the donkey head he received from Puc, Oberon, the Titania King and Queen of the fairies, the mustard seed fairy, the peaseblossom fairy, the cobweb fairy, the moth fairy, pixies, elves or Puc the Mischief Maker are just some of the costume possibilities. What could be a better adult themed outdoor party?

A Midsummer Nights Dream PartyThere is love, sexuality, mischief, and feminine dominance with such characters as the Amazon Queen.

There could be a fog machine which helps create the feeling of being inside the fairy realm as magical mist surrounds the guests. With the star-like lights twinkling above and the ethereal feel of the swirling mist creates an enchanted world of fantasy.

Decorations could include pastel colors with many candles on the tables along with leafy vines wrapped in lights to go around pillars and around door ways.

There could be a variety of party favors such as small corked vials with printed stickers saying "Love Potion". You can choose to put dried herbs or a clear alcohol such as vodka with a rose petal inside for effect. Supply "Fairy Dust" a soft subtle body glitter wrapped in tulle tied off in a silver or gold ribbon.

A tattoo artist or two to enhance the guests magical appearance. If money allows maybe a woodwind quartet to entertain guests by playing lively tunes.

Food should be finger foods -- after all whoever sees a fairy holding a knife and fork? Strawberries dipped in chocolate, a variety of fresh berries, heavy whipped cream, raspberry mousse, rose petal ice cream, mini cream puffs and eclairs, stuffed mushrooms, and wrapped asparagus are just a few examples of finger foods.

Beverages such as a sweet golden wine such as Riesling or Gewurztraminer or for those that don't drink try Oceanspray white grape juice.

For music go with Loreena McKennitt, Enigma, New Age, or anything Celtic and soft transporting your guests with the use of sight, sound and visual creativity to a night of fun and fantasy.

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