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Activities for Cinco de Mayo Theme Parties

Activities for Cinco de Mayo can be traditional Mexican games or simple fun games created to support the Cinco de Mayo theme party.

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Activities for Cinco de Mayo One of the most fun Cinco de Mayo activities is cooking and eating Mexican food, whether it’s for a traditional Mexican dinner or just easy Cinco de Mayo Food for a Mexican buffet table.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to really discover the flavors of Mexico: visit our Cinco de Mayo recipes page for tasty ways to celebrate Mexican heritage!

Looking for activities for Cinco de Mayo that will create all out laughs? Party games and activities are the answer! We list five Cinco de Mayo games and activities you may want to include.

Five fun activities for Cinco de Mayo

Pinata Party

This is great for both children and adults. Read about an authentic pinata party in Matamoros, Mexico, and adapt it for your Mexican theme party.

Pinatas make great Cinco de Mayo decorations, but they’re also a great party game. Hang one or several! Fill your pinata with more than just sweets. There are many creative party favors to choose from.

For an adult Cinco de Mayo party fill the pinata with party favors adults might enjoy: candy, shot glasses, chap sticks, noise makers, mini flashlights, keychains, mints, etc.

For kids, fill the pinata with candy (of course) yoyos, temporary tattoos, whistles, water guns, matchbox cars, mini water guns, and other small toys.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This festive children's game is fun for even adults. Believe or not, tons of adults play this game at birthday parties and backyard parties. And now we have a free printable pin the tail on the donkey game available on our printable party games page that you can use at your next fiesta.

Ring Toss Game

This game may not be a traditional Mexcian game, but it’s simple, classic fun.

Fill your cooler with bottles of soda, beer, water or whatever you wish. Give your guests rings and ask them to toss the rings to earn their drink!

They must loop the ring around the cactus branch to win their beverage. It's a really fun way to get laughs.

If you create this game yourself, make sure the rings are large enough to easily fit your homemade cactus - we don't want anyone going thirsty!

Have a Mexican Hat Dance Contest

Place a large sombrero in the middle of the designated dance area. You'll need Mariachi music or the Mexican Hat Dance song to play. Pair guests and have them perform the dance.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t know the dance because creativity wins the prize! By round of applause, determine the winner. Give away a Mexican themed prize if you like, but the true prize will be the laughs.

Mexican Jumping Bean Guessing Game

Fill a jar with beans (they don’t have to be real jumping beans). You can use jelly beans or jelly bellies. Have guests guess how many jumping beans are in the jar. The person who is closest to the actual number wins the beans.

One final detail: Mexican Fiesta Music. We’ve gathered the fiesta songs you've heard of, but may not of thought of.

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