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Adult Birthday Party Games

Adult Birthday Party Games

Gather the best adult birthday party games whether you're planning a milestone 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday, or any birthday in between.

Think back to some of the best party memories you've ever had. You know the type of party I'm talking about. The kind where nine times out of ten, just thinking about that night makes you chuckle.

I think memories are tied to how much (or how hard) you laugh. Crazy theory, maybe not scientific, but, from personal experience laughter makes great memories!

That's why everybody loves adult birthday games - they make you laugh! We've got all sorts of games that are perfect for your big plans. Take a look!

Birthday Party Games

Birthday Charades

Birthday Charades

It may be the oldest game in the book, but it's got a new twist! This Birthday Charades game is made adult birthdays with phrases that are challenging and funny to act out. Even better, it's a printable charades game, so you an print and play tonight.

Left and Right Game

Left and Right Game

Ring in another birthday with the Left and Right Game. What a way to celebrate: funny gag gifts, entertainment for everyone, and loads of laughs!

Conversation Cards

Conversation Starter Cards

These unique and funny questions are easy to print and a sure way to inspire great conversation. Just set the cards on a table and watch as the conversation starts to bubble. You'll be surprised at how these interesting table topics start. I keep a set on my coffee table all the time!
Mystery Games

Mystery Games

Mystery games make for an awesome party. They provide both a great game and a unique party theme. Guests can either participate in the game or simply help solve it. A mystery party is one of the most interactive adult birthday party ideas out there. If you've never played a mystery game, a birthday party is a great time to try something new!
Best Board Games

Movie Theme Party

This isn't what you might think. In this movie theme party, your guests are the actors; the guest of honor has the starring role. Get ideas and instructions on how to create this unforgettable theme party!
Best Board Games

Home Party Games

Find dozens of great adult birthday party games" ice breaker activities, scavenger hunt list ideas, casino and card games, gift exchange games, silly party games, and much more!

"What's Behind that Sticky" Adult Birthday Party Game

Printable Party Games

Adult Birthday Party Game What's the What's Behind that Sticky Adult Birthday Party Game?

Colleen of Colorado Springs, Colorado shared this funny idea for a fun birthday party game to honor the birthday person!

She took a photo of her husband and blew it up to life-size. She took sticky notes and placed them all over body parts.

The object of the game was for party players to pick a sticky note and get a grocery store item that had been chosen for that body part. Here are some examples of prizes she gave:

  • Elbow: Elbow Macaroni
  • Butt: honey Buns Dessert
  • "Manhood" - Wiener Hot Dogs
  • Ribs - Condoms, "Ribbed for her Pleasure"
  • Nuts - Peanut Butter

"Get creative," she said; "I even found Lawry's marinating sauce, (birthday boy's name was Larry). I put the sticky where a name tag would go."

Preparing for this birthday party game is just about as much fun as playing it! You can grab a friend to shop with and to help you think of how many body parts you can find that match up to grocery store items.

Left Right Adult Birthday Re-gift Game

Left Right Birthday Re-gift Game

Suitable for Adult Birthdays


Printable Party Games

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