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Adult Birthday Party Ideas

You want an adult birthday party that rocks!

Think back to when you were a kid, you couldn’t wait for your next birthday party! I can hear my former self wishing the days away, "Oh, I can’t wait to turn 16 so I can drive!"

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Adult Birthday Parties

Adult Birthday Party Ideas "Well, I can drive now ... I’ve passed the drinking age, so what’s next?" Celebrate, of course!

Whether you’re turning 19 or 90, everyone loves to celebrate birthdays. No birthday should pass by without a little fanfair! From small parties to over the top, I promise you’ll find amazing ideas for every adult birthday!

Check out our milestone birthday ideas and adult birthday ideas for any age:

Bucket List Theme

Bucket List Theme

For original adult birthday ideas, check out this page. You'll find the bucket list party theme, with all the details on how to pull it off. Themed activities and games for adults, decorating ideas and more make this adult party theme truly unique and inspiring for guests!

21st Birthday

21st Birthday

Go big or go home when it comes to 21st birthday party ideas! It's a milestone birthday you'll want to celebrate with friends! Get the party themes, games, and activity ideas that will make your 21st birthday epic!

30th Birthday

30th Birthday

The Big 3-0 is like no other birthday you'll celebrate. No matter your party style, you'll find the themes, birthday party games, and supplies you're looking for. From Luau parties and silly party games, to elegant garden parties and fun activities for all, these are the 30th birthday ideas to pull off a bash you'll love.

40th Birthday

40th Birthday

Everyone's heard it, and it's true! 40 ain't what it used to be. You're young, hip, and ready to party. From sophisticated to downright silly (and everything in between), party like you mean it! It's time to celebrate!

50th Birthday

50th Birthday

Fifty keeps getting younger as more folks take the bull by the horns for the wild ride called life! Celebrate like you mean it. We've got traditional and fresh new 50th birthday party ideas to suit those who just say NO to settling down!

60th Birthday

60th Birthday

No bingo at the retirement home for you; You're ready to party! Whether it's a wine tasting on your sailboat or partying in the backyard with burgers on the grill, life is short and you aim to drink it up! We've got the Real party ideas for Real fabulous people like you!

80th Birthday

80th Birthday

Celebrate 80 with a retro theme from the 40s, 50s, or 60s. Get fun ideas that will bring back wonderful memories and create new ones too!

90th Birthday

90th Birthday

Celebrate 90 with a retro themed party, a family reunion, or the best party games for a crowd. Turning 90 is cause for a big celebration. Gather the friends, family and neighbors and honor your birthday person with a fantastic birthday party!

Adult Birthday Party Games

Adult Birthday Party Games

Wondering what birthday party games adult really enjoy playing? We've got the list! From easy going games like printable funny conversation starter cards to active games like birthday charades, find the games that get the laughs!

Surprise Party Ideas

Surprise Party Ideas

If you can keep a secret, these surprise party ideas are sure to thrill the birthday person. It’s the best birthday ever when you can pull off a surprise!

Looking for the unexpected in adult birthday party ideas, birthday party food and entertainment? Read on!

Planning an Adult Birthday Party

It’s hard to say what’s more fun, hosting a party or planning it!

The biggest challenge in planning an adult birthday party? Entertainment! After all, it’s a birthday party and you want to something a little out of the ordinary so you can celebrate in style.

Some party themes lend themselves very well to entertainment and games. For instance, I have a family member whose turning 50 soon. We don’t want an "Over the Hill" type party theme, but we want to poke a little fun at getting older.

Our creative solution: a "Florida" Themed Party

Why Florida? Of course, the joke is that’s where people go to retire. Though, he’s a long way off from retirement!

The "Florida" theme party, like so many other adult party themes lends itself to tons of fun party game ideas and decorating ideas. Games that relate to the theme, like shuffle board, lawn bowling and checkers are fun places to start. You can even create a party game having to do with "Florida Retirement Facts"

Even the decorations can serve as entertainment. For instance, flamingos on the lawn are a fun conversation starter. Sticking with the theme, you can even use a world map to decorate. Have guests sign their name on the map where they would retire when they hit that "Golden Age"!

Practically any destination, hobby or idea can be made into a great adult birthday party theme.

The links you find on this page will lead you to themes that come complete with decorating ideas, party favor ideas, and creative birthday party games to turn your birthday party plans into a fantastic celebration.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Adult Birthday Party Ideas Birthday party food ideas can include a cupcake cake that guests decorate themselves or fondue party ideas that include both chocolate and cheese recipes. When it comes to food, anything goes, but a cake (with candles) is just not optional!

Even for an adult birthday party, you could consider making cupcakes instead of a large cake. Place one candle on each cupcake so that every person gets a wish! This little touch will make each guest feel special.

For a complete list of over 100 party recipes from appetizers to desserts, visit our party foods page.

We’ve got some really fun 50th birthday party ideas in store for you! First, gather your 50th birthday cake ideas from our friend Debbie.

Our fiftieth birthday party ideas are very unique and include ideas for adult birthdays created just for you. Take our Bucket List party for example. This unique birthday party idea will have everyone at the party entertained and engaged in great conversation. It’s not just for 50th birthdays either. The bucket list party, like so many of our themes, is perfect for any adult birthday party.

Adult Birthday Party Games and Entertainment

Believe it not, adult birthday party games and entertainment can be just as easy. Almost any childhood game can be adapted with an adult slant. If you’re turning 19, twister might be a blast, if you’re turning 90, you might consider a bingo party theme.

If you’re somewhere in between, simple games like "pin the tail on the donkey’ are actually very fun for, say, 40th birthday party ideas.

What’s our most popular adult birthday party game? The Left-Right Game. Just print in from your computer and you can have a fabulous gift exchange game in minutes. For some silly party games that will have everyone in stiches, check out our Silly Party Games page.

The Left Right Birthday Party Game

The Left and Right Birthday Game is one of our most popular adult birthday party ideas. Play it, and you’ll see why!

To play the left-right birthday party game, have each guest bring a wrapped gift. They can choose a gag-gift, an inexpensive gift, or a re-gift. Guest stand or sit in a circle while a poem is read aloud instructing them which direction to pass their gifts.

Gifts are passed left or right according to the poem. When the poems ends, guests get to unwrap their gifts. Hosts may also opt to give out a variety of birthday party favors by playing this game.

Of course, you can create your own Left-Right poem. Or, you can purchase and print the funny birthday poem we’ve already created. Here are a few lines to give you an idea of how it reads:

Left Right Adult Birthday Re-gift Game

Left Right Birthday Re-gift Game

Suitable for Adult Birthdays


You’ve LEFT the old year, and look towards the new,
so your friends wanted to do something nice for you.

We looked for the RIGHT gift for your birthday bash,
but times have been slim, so we were LEFT with little cash.

Yet a car would be just RIGHT, so we went out to search...

Printable party games make terrific last minute adult birthday party ideas because they don’t "feel" last minute. This game is only one of the many printable party games you can play at any adult birthday party...whether you’re celebrating 30, 40, 50, and so on.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas for Every Age!

Of course you don’t have to be celebrating a "milestone" birthday to throw a big bash! Here you’ll find a host of adult birthday party ideas that you can enjoy for any birthday!

Follow these links for more adult birthday party ideas to make planning a birthday party almost as fun as the party itself!

Milestone Ideas for Milestone Adult Birthdays

Personally, I feel that every birthday is a milestone. If you made it through another year, celebrate! But, some birthdays are true milestones: 18, 21, 25, 30, 39, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80, and every single birthday after 80!

There are some great ideas for celebrating milestone birthdays including themed birthday parties. You could host a 1950s, 60s, or 80s party for your guest of honor. Or, you could celebrate milestones past and present, such as places the birthday person has visited and places he or she will go.

Other milestone themes include hosting a "bucket list"; party where each guest including the guest of honor creates a bucket list item. Or, celebrate one thing on the birthday person bucket list. For example, many the birthday person wants to learn to ride a horse. As a gift to the birthday person, each guest can sponsor a small portion of lesson fee.

Milestone birthdays are often planned by thoughtful friends or loved ones for their special someone. Include favors and decorations that feature the milestone year such as candles with the numbers 5-0. Tiaras with "Happy 30th" or wine glasses with "Joe’s 40th Celebration" engraved on them. These details will really add a memorable touch to your party plans!

Child’s Play, the Adult Way

Martini Theme Party Martini Theme Party Martini Theme Party You might think "pin the tail on the donkey" is one of those adult birthday party ideas that would be difficult to pull off, but it’s not! When I came up with this idea, I wasn’t quite sure how it would compare to the types of parties I’ve planned in the past.

But, it was a hit! All your fun loving friends will find this hysterical version of the game refreshing!

Here’s how I turned "pin the tail on the donkey" into a party favorite for my husband turned 40. For a free printable pin the tail on the donkey poster visit our printable party games page.

I decided to celebrate not only his birthday, but all my guests’ birthdays. After all, we’ve all had birthdays that have passed without much fan fare, so why not give everyone a little taste of birthday greatness?

Purchase inexpensive gifts for each guest in attendance. These gifts serve as part of the "pin the tail on the donkey" game. Most of these gifts can be purchased at a dollar store but you can include a few nice gifts to add interest. When I hosted this party my selection of gifts ranged from funny rubber chickens filled with candy to gift cards to everyone's favorite coffee shop.

For my party, I wrapped each gift in birthday paper and placed on a coffee table.

I purchased a pin the tail on the donkey poster from a party goods store. But a free poster is available to those who like us on Facebook.

There’s another hilarious way to play this party game. Instead of using a poster:

Use the birthday person as the donkey!

This is too funny for words, and as far as adult birthday party ideas, one of the best games ever!

Because I was celebrating everyone’s birthday, I made cupcakes and put a candle on each one so that everyone got a birthday wish.

All of my guests loved playing the game. Each donkey tail was numbered to remember whose was whose. Each guest was blind-folded, spun, faced in correct direction and given an attempt to pin the tail. We evaluated who was closest.

The person who came the closest to pinning the tail on the donkey, chose the first gift from the table. The person who was the second closest chose next, and so forth.

If a person unwrapped a gift they didn’t like, they could steal a gift from another guest, and give that guest their gift. I allowed up to 3 steals per gift. (much like a white elephant gift exchange game)

After all the gifts were opened, the person winning the pin the tail on the donkey game could choose whichever gift they wanted.

Want even more adult birthday party ideas? Click here!

Want more fun 40th birthday ideas? Visit the 40th birthday ideas page for a list of party ideas: the elegant black and white party theme, fun football party theme, birthday ideas for men, more!

Surprise! Adult Birthday Party Ideas

The surprise party is one of the easiest adult birthday party ideas out there...and it's easy! Fabricate a simple a story. Tell the birthday person you're taking them out for a quiet dinner, but instead take them to the restaurant or home where everyone has gathered.

Make the atmosphere festive with noise makers, party hats, and balloons so that the birthday person can arrive with a bang! Even if you’re planning a more sophisticated party, this element is a must for a true surprise party!

The invitations are important, because guests must know it’s a surprise. We’ve found surprise party invites and even surprise party postage stamps! (see the shop below) Make sure guests know to arrive 30 minutes before the birthday person is to be there.

Get help from guests ahead of time. Gather photos of memorable times between the guests and the birthday person. These photos can be framed or even scanned for a photo montage to be displayed on a computer monitor or television screen.

Visit our party food appetizers page at for ideas on what to serve at a party and our Martini ideas for mixed drink recipe cards. You may also enjoy the wine tasting party ideas where you’ll find wine and cheese, and a downloadable wine and food pairing guide.

A photo album that includes these photos plus spaces for the photos of the party would be a fantastic gift!

Want even more adult birthday party ideas? Click here!

Martinis and Jazz

Martini Theme Party I love adult birthday party ideas with a little action and this one is not your ordinary martini night. During your martini party, you and your guests will learn how to make a variety of exciting martinis.

There are two ways to plan a great martini bar party. You can hire a bartender or print out the martini recipes on this page and have guests participate in making martinis. Both ways are really fun.

Want to do Martinis and other popular mixed drinks without hiring a bartender? No problem!

Click on the drink recipe icon for free recipe cards where you will find several modern drinks such as chocolate martinis and cosmopolitan cocktails as well as vintage classics including gimlets and daisies.

Print them and set up a few cocktail stations with the proper ingredients listed on each card. Each station should have glasses, ice, a martini shaker, cocktail napkins and the proper garnish for the drink.

Display the card by the cocktail station so that guests can learn to make these fantastic drinks! You can even print out enough cards so that everyone can take all the recipes home as a party favor.

Vintage Cocktail Menu
Get this Free Traditional Cocktails Menu when you Like us on Facebook.

If you hire a bartender (perhaps from your favorite establishment or from a catering service), have her or him give you the ingredients for 6 to 10 special drinks. Purchase the ingredients, and make recipe cards for the drinks you will serve.

The bartender comes to your home and demonstrates to your guests how to make several different types of to martinis. Keep portions small, so you can try them all! Give guests recipe cards to take home, so they can recreate the drinks they enjoyed.

Of course, finish this theme with soft jazz or other easy style music and elegant flowers, just as you would see in an upscale martini bar.

Want even more adult birthday party ideas? Click here!

Casino Night: Adult Birthday Party Ideas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ... well, not with the Casino night theme! Here you don't go to Vegas, you bring Vegas to your party!

Celebrate with flare by decorating with the cheesiest Elvis cut-outs you can find, shag rugs, and play slot machines. Casino theme centerpieces and ceiling danglers help set the tone.

Personal touches make for a special night. Consider purchasing or making play-money that sports the birthday girl or guy’s picture on it. You can even do this for free online at Another fun touch is to have personalized poker chips made. Here are some products you might be interested in: Finally, get your guests excited about the theme by having them dress in casino attire or like the members of the "rat pack".

There’s a free printable poker ranking sheet.

What Casino Theme Party would be complete without fancy cocktails? Check out our Mad Men Party Theme page for information for free printable recipe cards, including the most popular mixed drinks from Vodka Martinis to Margaritas!

Printable Party Games

Bookmark this page! We add new adult birthday party ideas all the time!

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