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Adult Party Game Ideas

Looking for adult party game ideas that even those who claim they don’t like party games will love?

If you know someone who hates to laugh, deplores having a good time, and despises a funny joke, these party games for adults will enrage them. Leave them off the guest list. Laughter, jokes, and a good time are what these party games are all about.

Adult Party Game Ideas

Adult Party Game Ideas

Adult Party Game Ideas: Easy Party Games

Sometimes you just need quick and easy adult party game ideas that break the ice, help people get to know one another, or simply create laughs. The easy party games on this page do just that!

Who’s Next?

One of the challenges of any party is remembering names. Lots of people like name tags, especially when they’re used in a game. But there are party games you can play to help people remember names without using name tags.

Who’s next, is the simplest of adult party game ideas. It can be played at a large party or a small gathering. In this name game, the host points to a guest and tells the group the guest’s name and follows with the question, "Who’s Next?" So if the host points to Martha, she says, "Martha, who’s next?"

Martha must immediately point to any other guest (excluding the person who pointed to her) and say that person’s name, followed by the question, "Who’s next?" If any guest fails to immediately introduce another guest, guests have the right to laugh and boo! And Martha must drop out. The game is played until everyone’s name has been called.

Even Odds

All icebreaker games are about sparking something more than hum-drum conversation. Even Odds gives guests something to do while you’re taking the food from the oven, helping hang coats or simply greeting guests.

Even Odds is played with matchsticks. You can improvise with cut straws or any other small item players can hold in their hands.

Give each player an even or odd number of matchsticks. Players hold the matchsticks in their fists where others can see.

The object of the game is to gather as many match sticks as possible. Players greet each other with the question, "Even or Odd?". The person answers by guessing whether the person asking the question is holding an even number or and odd number of matchsticks. If he guesses correctly, he collects a matchstick from the asker.

The person with the most matchsticks at the end of a designated time limit wins.

Chinese Whispers

Chinese Whispers is an easy party game that we at created as an icebreaker game with a funny twist.

You may know that the term "Chinese Whispers" is a euphemism for gossip. We all know that gossip tends to spread like wild fire, and often grows into something completely unrelated to its beginning ... Sounds perfect for a party game to me?

Here’s how to play Chinese Whispers:

Start with a famous quote and a deck of blank index cards. (Slips of paper will do too). Here are a few that make good quotes to fuel your adult party game ideas.

  1. The first virtue of really great men is that they are sincere. - Anatole France
  2. Friendship with oneself is all important, because without it one cannon be friends with anybody else in the world. - Eleanor Roosevelt
  3. A wise man should have money in his head but not in his heart - Johnathan Swift

Number an index card with the number 1. Write a quote on the card, BUT leave out one word in the quote and in its place draw a blank line. Let's use the first quote as an example, "The _________ virtue of really great men is that they are sincere."

Hand the card to a guest and ask them to put the number 2 on their card and write the phrase by filling in the blank but leaving another word out of the quote. For example, "The only virtue of really great men is that they are ______________." The player then passes the card to another person who numbers their card and rewrites the phrase filling in the missing word and leaving another word blank, "The only ___________ of really great men is that they are tall."

This can continue for 6, 8, 10 turns or however many you like. After everyone has had a chance at the phrase the cards are read aloud, starting with the first card and reading in order until the last card is read aloud.

The last phrase will no doubt be completely different than the first, and you won’t believe how clever (and funny) your friends can be.

Conversation Starter Cards

Ever been to a party and heard the words, "So, what do you do?" B-O-R-I-N-G! "So, you’re an engineer, huh?"... now where do you go from there?

The solution to the same old chitter-chat is to spice it up with great adult party game ideas. Funny conversation starter cards are a natural choice. You’ll be surprised, even shocked, at what you’ll discover about other guests when they’re faced with a funny or witty conversation question.

Funny Conversation Starter Questions
Party Talk Funny Conversations Cards Game

Party Talk Conversation Starters


What types of questions make great conversation starters? Check out a few of the questions you’ll find in our printable Party Talk conversation cards:
  • "You lied on your resume. Your boss thinks you speak fluent Mandarin. He’s sending you to China next month to handle a big account. What do you do?
  • "You’re in charge of a marketing campaign for condoms. Your job is to promote alternate uses for the product. What’s your sales pitch?"
  • "If plastic surgery were free, would you take advantage of it?; And, what would you have done?"
  • "You have a tree that grows money. Where do you plant it?"

Printable Party Talk conversation starter cards are designed to be printed on Avery 8371 perforated business card stock giving you a perfect deck of cards with no cutting required. Avery 8371 is available at many stores including Wal-mart, office or box-store. You can also simply print them on cardstock or plain paper and cut the cards apart using scissors or a paper cutter.

Funny Conversation Starter Questions
Party Talk Funny Conversations Cards Game

Party Talk Conversation Starters



Shameless Charades

Shameless Charades

Adult, Bachelorette or Casual Office Party



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