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Adult Party Games

Have you ever been to a party where you wish there was more than just food and cocktails? Haven’t we all! Thank goodness for adult party games, icebreaker games, and witty conversation cards!

Printable Party Games

Games allow your guests to be the focus of the party. You’re a great host, so you already know that happy guests make for a terrific party.

You can select interactive games like murder mystery games where each guest plays a role, or laid back games like an easy icebreaker, funny fortunes or witty conversation cards.

Maybe you want something over the top like a gift exchange game for your holiday party, a scavenger hunt for your bachelorette party, or pin the tail on the donkey for a 30th birthday party! Whatever your party style, there’s an appropriate party game for adults!

Explore some of the party games for adults below. Also check out our pages on birthday and holiday parties for games specific to your party theme! Make your creative party theme ideas more memorable and exciting for your guests with party games!

Game Ideas

Game Ideas

Adults want to have fun too! These adult party game ideas feature easy party games that you can play with little to no planning. Plus you'll also find ice breaker games, printable party games, and more fun than adults are generally allowed to have!

Adult Halloween Party Games

Adult Halloween Party Games

Adult Halloween Party Games include costume games, drinking games, silly games, and more. Grab the games that people are dying to play!

Shameless Adult Charades

Adult Charades

See our complete list of Adults Charades games, like Shameless Charades, Bridal Shower Charades, Adult Birthday Charades, Gender Bender and more.
conversation Cards

Conversation Cards

Use conversation starter cards to steer the conversation away from the "same-old-same-old" my kids, my spouse, my job. Make your party talk lively, interesting and unforgettable with hilarious, thought-provoking topics.
Gift Exchange Game

Gift Exchange Games

Find just the right gift exchange game! Left-right stories for all occasions, not just Christmas: Adult Birthday, Bachelorette Party, New Years. An Auction party game, how to play Dirty Bingo, and more.
Gift Exchange Game

Adult Christmas Party Games

Office party and Adult Christmas games like the Naughty and Nice Christmas Game, Mums the Word, White Elephant Gift Exchange and Naughty Left Right Games.
Newly Engaged Game

Engagement Party Games

Looking for adult party games with a romantic bent? Our engagement party games page features the "newly-engaged" game, Gender Bender (battle of the sexes game), the Funny Engagement Toasts Game, icebreakers and anniversary party games.
Icebreaker Games

Ice Breaker Games

Icebreaker games are the perfect engagement party or cocktail party activity. They create a festive and funny party for everyone - every hosts dream!
Mystery Games

Mystery Games

If you want your party to begin with the excitement of a good murder, then mystery games are for you! Mystery games make excellent adult party games for a night that's crazy original and unforgettable. You'll find where you can get mystery games and about how to plan a fun dinner party around the event.
Mystery Games

Cocktail Party Games

A cocktail party with just cocktails? Boring. Entertain your guests with one or more of the cocktail party games you'll find on this page.

Our Home Party Games include:'s
Vintage Cocktail Recipes

Vintage Cocktail Recipes Card

Who Loves Adult Party Games?

Even people who can't claim to be "game people" love adult party games. Why? You see, load of people love board games, party games are different. Sure, some games are competitive, like charades, but most party games are designed for guests to have fun mingling, meet someone new or get to know something interesting about someone they may already know.

What's in Your Purse Game

Party Talk Funny Conversation Starters

Suitable for Adult Birthday Party, Wedding Reception and More!



At large parties, like office parties or neighborhood parties, guests either don't know one another or don't know one another very well. This can lead to an uncomfortable occasion that doesn't even feel party-ish. And no one wants this for his or her guests! Lack of this type of party planning can mean your guests forgo your next to-do for a real party.

Party games have your guests making fast friends — in some cases creating teams and making bonds that last beyond the party! As for small parties, those with 15 people or less, games are essential too. Small groups who know one another already often get together to hang out.

A game provides something special: entertainment! It's this special touch that creates the party atmosphere that people love.

We'll help you Plan the Party

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Printable Party Games

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