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Our rates are very competitive based on equivalents in the market. Give us your objectives, and we can custom tailor a plan to meet your advertising needs.

Our Statistics

Uniques for last 6 months prior to October, 2011


  • Average month's traffic of 29,500 unique visitors (based on last 6 months)
  • Newsletter following of more than 4,000 (as of Feb 14, 2012)
We encourage a word-of-mouth campaign with our free printable party favors and games, e-books, and contest prizes. We have evidence of word spreading off-line. For example, Google analytics stats have shown us where a number of people in a small town (that we didn't advertise in) may suddenly visit.

Community building results when people share their ideas. We encourage this with our regular contests. In addition, we also get a fair amount of visitor participation without awarding prizes. We feature great submissions in our free e-books and other web pages. We build community with our monthly newsletter subscription. Participants get additional free goodies for joining.

Traffic Sources OverviewRepeat visitors who contribute again and again to the site are evidence of our community-building efforts.

We have quality content. Our site currently has over 800 pages. New pages, and free games and printables are added daily.

Google sends us the majority of our traffic. This indicates our top campaign focuses: search engine optimization and inbound link building. We also anticipate large growth in direct traffic as our site becomes more widely known.


Themed Party Ideas July Stats
Themed Party Ideas was begun in January 2010.
October is currently our peak month.
Comparing last year's October traffic with
this year's, our growth is at 19 percent.
This is a summary of how we build and keep traffic:
  • excellent quality content
  • word of mouth
  • community building
  • search engine optimization
  • inbound link building
  • professional visitor relations
  • advertising on blogs, directories and websites

Types of Advertising We Offer

We offer three types of advertising:
  • Banner ads.
  • Text links.
  • Free Printable Sponsorship.

Advertising with Text Links

If you are a new web advertiser, you may be surprised that when it comes to click-through rates, in-context text links are extremely effective.

Best results with text advertising occur when your product or service is a highly relevant for our visitors. And because we want to provide only the best content to our visitors, we're choosy about who we link to. Your link is woven into our content in a seamless manner creating reader confidence. We offer links on pages we write custom for our clients (two links maximum). It's our intention as much as it is yours to get the most traffic to your target web-pages. Included in this package, we advertise your new page (as much as all our pages) on Facebook, Twitter, and via our newsletter. Our goal is to make your site an integral must-have resource that completes our suggested party ideas.

If you work with an advertising agency, please note, we approve text link advertising on a case by case basis. Generally we link only to professional sites that have similar content.

This is our most economical type of advertising. Please call Jennifer for rates: 757-537-5336 or complete the form below. Our articles are guaranteed to please; payment is pending your approval of content.

Advertising with Banner Ads

A well-placed, well-designed banner ad can make a lasting impression. Pictures offer brand recognition and recall, encouraging visitors to visit your site directly. Banner ads may be positioned on side panel(s) (300px x 250px), at the top or bottom of our pages (728px x 90px). We offer design services.

If your goal is developing brand recognition, we suggest banner ads. If your goal is increasing click-throughs, we suggest text links instead. Banner Ads do not have to be to sites with similar content; however, we always "nofollow" this ads.

You likely have a goal of how much traffic you want from any opportunity. We tailor plans to help meet your traffic goals.

Free Printable Party Game or Decoration Sponsorship

Sponsor any of our printables and you'll be recognized as the sponsor. Your link will go on the .pdf. And you'll be recognized on the page dedicated to that party printable, with an additional link to your site.


  1. We can design and create your ad for free.
  2. When you advertise with us, pages linking to your products or services get featured on our Facebook page. For text link advertising and sponsorship, your page will be featured in the month's issue after your page is published, or sponsorship begins. For above-the-fold banner advertising, you'll be featured every month, as long as your banner is on our site.

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