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Anything But Clothes Birthday Party Idea

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Anything but clothes party got your knickers in a twist? We've got ideas to help you untwist!

Cover the bum, tattas and more, just don't use clothes 'cause that's a bore!

The Anything But Clothes Birthday Party is just like what it sounds like. It's a costume party for the creative. Dress in garbage bags, lamp shades, towels, and anything else you may have around the house. Just don't dress in clothes.

Aleisha Abeyta of Albuquerque, NM shares her Anything but Clothes Party Ideas.

Adam & Eve Couple Costume

Price: 27.95
Party goers can come in anything from plastic ceran wrap, to leaves, to trash bags. This gives guests an opportunity to be creative.

This party can be either super sexy, comical or both. Let your imagination run wild.

Editor's Anything But Clothes Party Ideas

Recreate the Garden of Eden for your anything but clothes party. After all, Adam and Eve were the original "Anything but Clothes" creators.

String vines across the room and create a sign for your entrance that reads, Enter the Garden of Eden in Anything But Clothes.

If this is for a birthday party or college party and you want to go all out, have the sign custom made at They're experts at this kind of thing and you can get big banners starting at $20.

Have a naked theme with your food. Serve your burgers naked and let people dress the burgers themselves. Make a sign for your food table that reads, 'Dress your naked burger'. A great cake would focus on Adam and Eve, complete with fig leaves!

Feature a fake snake cut-out and apples on your food table to play up the Garden of Eden theme.

Finally, for party favors, the theme continues. You could have naked-lady playing cards, caramel covered apples, or apple candy.

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