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Anything But Clothes Party

What an icebreaker of a party! Guests must come to the party in anything but clothes: sheets, trash bags, cardboard boxes, a suit of armor, it doesn't matter as long as it's not clothes. Printable Party Games

Anything But Clothes Party IdeasDoes the anything but clothes party make you a little nervous? Fear not! We're revealing secrets to wearing anything but clothes.

Guests can be as naughty or innocent as they want: body paint, balloons or even food could work. Alternatively, go G-rated with toilet paper, curtains or a tent!

Dana of Knoxville, Tennessee shared her ideas for an Anything But Clothes Theme Party: "Pretty much anything goes when it comes to no clothes! Everyone has to come dressed in things that are not clothing. A simple outfit is a trash bag or duct tape. People can get really creative with this one. Watch out, someone might come in their birthday suit :P ."

This is a very popular party idea. Visitors write us all the time about how much fun they had at an Anything But Clothes Costume Party.

The main question on everyone's mind is: What do I wear to an anything but clothes costume party that's truly unique?

Ideas for What to Wear to an Anything But Clothes Party

...And, you probably have them lying around the house!
  1. A dress made of newspaper or magazine pages.
  2. If you're a guy: a kilt made of paper beer boxes.
  3. Tin foil.
  4. Wrap up in rolls of toilet tissue: This one's a little dangerous, especially after a few beers...'cause you know you'll have to go!
  5. An old curtain.
  6. A blanket.
  7. A garmet made of leaves (itchy...).
  8. A very large lampshade (with twine or suspenders to hold it up).
  9. A Packing Box: if you never intend to sit down.
  10. Stuffed Toys: It's playful, and you may get petted! Just string together enough to cover up what needs covering!
  11. Garbage bag.
  12. Caution tape for a tie.
  13. A towel.

Go a step further and provide food and drinks made with a twist. Heard of a recipe you'd like to try out? Swap the main ingredient with something similar and give it a try! This type of party is not for the meek or mild, but for the fun and daring!!

Oh, we don't stop at just costume ideas. NO...we've got ideas for naked themed party food and decorations too. Yes, it just keeps getting better. Dress up your party with the naked themed ideas you'll find on the Anything But Clothes Party Ideas page.

Wearing duct tape is quite clever. There are a million uses for the stuff. But we highly recommend that you don't stick it directly to your skin unless you want a thorough exfoliation!

Get more costume party ideas on our creative party theme ideas page.

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