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Baby Shower Game Ideas

The best baby shower game ideas are born here! For a bundle of joy and lot of laughs play the Left Right Baby Shower Game, Baby Traits game, name games, and dozens more!

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Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby Shower Games

Name Games

Baby Shower Game Ideas: What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name is one of the easiest baby shower game ideas out there. Print out the first names of both the Mom and Dad (or just the Mom’s first and last name) on a sheet of paper.

Each letter should be printed on its own line. Provide a copy to each guest. Guests use each letter to describe a physical feature, talent, or personality trait that the mother or father may pass down to their baby.

To make the game a challenge, set a time limit of 5 minutes to complete the game.

After all guests have filled out their sheet, the host calls out each letter aloud. All the guests announce what they have written down. Players receive one point for each trait they wrote out. However, if someone else has written down the same thing, neither person gets a point. The player with the most points wins the game. A tie may occur, so if you’re passing out party favors for the winner, be sure to have a few extras.

Here’s an example of how this baby shower game is played. Of course, creativity is key, and guests may have to be quite creative to make all the letters work!

Let’s take the parents’ names: Mary and Roger.

  • M - Merry
  • A - Affable
  • R - Radiant
  • Y - Yoddler
  • &
  • R - Robust
  • O - Old Fashioned
  • G - Great
  • E - Eager
  • R - Rough Houser

Initial Answers

Initial Answers is a party game that can be played on any occasion: birthday, bridal showers and baby showers. It’s easily adaptable, and requires no set-up or equipment making it really popular.

To play Initial Answers at a baby shower, the host comes up with a question about what the baby will be like and what the baby will enjoy. To play it at another party, your questions will be able the birthday person, the bride-to-be or the guest of honor.

The host asks these questions aloud. Guests sit in a circle have 10 seconds to answer the question when it’s their turn.

Oh, there’s a trick of course! Guests must answer using only words that start with their initials. Some cleverness on the part of the guests is required! The answers don’t have to make a lot of sense, but they do have to fit with the question ... see the examples below.

The host might ask, "What type of food will little Baby _______ enjoy?" Jennifer Smith may answer, "Jelly Spread". Both parts of her answer begin with the same letters as her first and last name. Rick Beachman may answer, "Rotten Bologna" and Sandy Lentz may answer, "Saucy linguini".

The first guest who can’t answer within 10 seconds is eliminated but gets to ask the next question. The last guest standing (so to speak) wins the game.

The host can prepare a list of questions a head of time, or she can have guests make up questions spontaneously.

Baby Shower Game Ideas: Questions for Initial Answers

What type of questions would work well when playing Initial Answers at a baby shower? Anything that has to do with the baby. Here’s a list to get you going!

Take the name Sandy Lentz as an example, here are questions and possible answers:

  1. What temperament will the baby have? Stable, Lively
  2. What will the baby’s mother sing to him/her each night? Sweet Lullaby
  3. What food will the baby’s mother crave? Sour Limes
  4. What activity will mom enjoy when she’s pregnant? Singing Loudly
  5. What words will the father say when the baby is born? Sweet Lollapalusa!
  6. What type of food will the baby like? Salty Lemons
  7. What will be the baby’s favorite game? Simple Leaping
  8. What occupation will the baby grow up to do? Savings Lender
  9. What will Dad do when asked to change diapers? Sleep Late

A Head for Art Game

This original baby shower game idea was submitted by Jane of Bloomington, Minnesota; and a similar idea by Erica of Columbus, Georgia. In this game, the contestants have to draw the required object without looking. The reason that they can't see what they are drawing is because it is on top on their heads.

Contestants are each given a piece of paper, a crayon and a hard surface (she used 5" x 6" pieces of cardboard, a book or a magazine, topped with a piece of drawing paper.

With their crayons, they have to draw a baby. This game could be adapted for any type of party. Here are some examples of what you could draw:

  • Birthday Party - you could either draw a birthday cake with candles or a portrait of the birthday guy or girl.
  • Bridal Party - an engagement ring, the bride, the groom, or the wedding cake.
  • Baby Shower - the baby, the mother-to-be, or a pacifier.
Jane reported that her game was the hit of the party and that the "art" was hilarious. The mother-to-be was the judge at her baby shower.

Word Seek and Find

Donna of Evansville shared her baby shower game ideas. She said she likes to make her own word seek and find puzzles. This works for a variety of parties, for a baby shower include words related to babies. You could create one with pen on paper, but we actually found a site that will help you create "seek and find" word puzzles called

After you generate a puzzle, you can hit your "print screen" key on your keyboard and get in Word or a graphics software program, paste the image, crop out the puzzle and print it out for your guests.


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