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Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

Move aside boys; it's the ladies’ turn. Bachelorette parties have the potential to become really raunchy with a lot of nudity and drinking or really lame like my 3rd grade birthday party with way too much pink. And if you can believe it, the best types of parties don't just involve crotchless underwear gifts to the bride, but games. Yes, games.

It does happen to be wedding season, so this means it's also Bachelorette party season! So, if you are wanting to throw a party that your soon-to-be married best friend will never forget (and no, not because you wake up to an arrest record), try a few of these games to get the fun started. A couple can get a little naughty, but just enough to get everyone laughing and having a good time.

1) Banana-Condom Relay Race

This game may not only show off your skills wielding a condom, but may also prove why one of your good friends has five kids. (We're kidding, of course.)

Buy enough bananas for everyone at the party and purchase a bunch of condoms (enough for a few rounds; we promise the liquor store clerk won't judge you too much).

When you say, “Go!” see who can put the condom on the fastest.

If you want to challenge your friends even more, set a timer for one minute, and see how many condom-banana combos your friends can make. Buy an appropriate prize for the winner (box of condoms? lubricant? vibrator?) and you are sure to have a good time.

2) Scavenger Hunt!

This is a game that can be played in or outdoors with any variations you'd like to add (or subtract).

Have the Bride write down a list of things that she would like the party guests to do (or vice versa: have the guests write down things they'd like to see the bride do!). This can be a fun task, even better accomplished while out and about.

Another variation? Pair everyone up in twos or threes, and have each team write down a list of items (and make sure everyone is reasonable) to be obtained throughout the night. Next, have the team trade with another team. The first pair or trio to get all the items wins!
Make sure to take a camera along the way, because you will definitely want one for this game.

3) The wind blows in your direction, if...

This is a great game to get to know the other guests, which is especially important if you happen to have a couple of unknown faces joining the party. Play this at the beginning of the party to get everyone relaxed, and you are sure to set the evening off right.

Here's how to play:

Sit everyone in a circle, preferably in chairs. Have the bride start the game by putting her in the center and saying, "The wind blows in your direction if...." She'll complete the sentence with something she has done that the other party guests may or may not have done.

If the guests have done it, they'll run to another side of the circle where there is an empty space (if another guest has stood up to move, of course). The person without the seat ends up in the middle to kick off the next round.

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