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Backyard Party Ideas

Backyard Party Ideas

Here are the backyard party ideas that'll make all your outdoor parties a blast. Find the recipes, games, and party themes you need by clicking on the links below.

And if it's outdoor games you're seeking, we've got everything from games for romantic picnics for two to games for family reunions.

You may want to go "old school" with classic outdoor games like lawn bowling or maybe new ideas such as corn-hole are more your style. Your backyard parties, picnics, and block parties will be tons of fun with all of the backyard party ideas we have in store for you.

Backyard Party Ideas: Games

Corn Hole Rules

Corn Hole: Funny name, funny game. This is easily one of the most fun backyard games. Corn hole is like horse shoes, but without the possibility of losing a toe to a heavy metal object.

Cornhole Outdoor Party GameCornhole gets its name from the small corn filled bags, which players toss onto a raised platform.

Start with two corn hole playing boards. Playing boards are 24 x 48 inches with a 6-inch hole cut in the far end of each board. The end of the board with the hole is elevated 12 inches from the ground. Boards are placed facing each other, 33 feet apart from the 6-inch hole openings.

If children are involved, you can place the boards closer; 21 feet from board to board is the official distance for "junior play."

You can play as individuals or teams. 2 players can play in individual play; or 4 if teamed.

There are 8 corn-filled bags -- 4 of one color, and 4 of another color. Each team of 2 players, or each single player gets 4 of the same-colored corn bags.

Players stand at the far end of the corn hole board and attempt to toss the bag into the hole of the opposing team's board.

Scoring Cornhole:

The object of the game is to reach a score of 21. A bag in the hole equals 3 points. A bag that lands on the board equals 1 point. A bag that doesn't land in the hole or on the board scores zero points.

Each opposing team or individual has the opportunity to toss bags: first team "A", then team "B". This is referred to as a "round". Each round is scored as follows: points are determined by subtracting lower team/individual score from the higher.

For example, if team "A" scores 7 points and them "B" scores 6, the difference is subtracted and the final score of the round is 1 point for team "A".

The game is complete when one team reaches or exceeds a score of 21.

Corn hole is also known as "tail gate toss", a very popular pass time for football parties, summer time block parties, beach parties, and backyard fun.

As casual as it sounds, there's actually a Cornhole Association with very official-looking rules you'll find here. But for most backyard party applications, the rules you'll find here will do!

Backyard Party Ideas: Painting Party

This hilarious and creative game can be a bit messy, but children love to play. It's like musical chairs, but with a clever twist.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Several cheap canvases or poster boards.
  • Water soluble paints (such as finger paint or gauche). One color per participant.
  • Brushes or just use your fingers.
  • Aprons or inexpensive plastic ponchos

Attach the poster boards to a fence of wall. Each person is given one paint color and stands in front of her canvas. A designated DJ plays music for about 30 seconds or less, while the artist goes to work.

When the music is turned off the player moves to the next canvas and the music begins again.

The players paint once again until the music stops. The game ends when every canvas has each color. The final canvas in which the player lands on is hers to keep.

Backyard Games: The Classics

While there are all sorts of new and interesting games to explore, sometimes it's nice to go with the simple classics.

Sack races: Simply sew or purchase two gunny sacks and create a start and finish line. This one is a "hoot" for kids of any age!

Skis: create skis with 1x4 or 2x4 boards and tack rubber or cloth to create stirrups for 2 to 3 players' feet along the length of the boards. Players team in twos or threes and have to walk in a coordinated fashion or they'll fall down. As with the sack races, you can have a race.

Badminton: No need to be a pro tennis player to enjoy badminton; the set up for this game can be relatively inexpensive for a starter set at about $25 at many supercenters.

Croquet: Croquet is the perfect companion to a back yard picnic.

Frisbee: Simple and inexpensive, and particularly fun when you have a dog who can join in.

Hay Ride: This one's for those who live in the country. Growing up I always loved this fall classic. To make your hay ride special, put bails of hay in the back of your truck or trailer and blue grass music on the radio. To top it off, you could have a bon fire afterwards, create scarecrows from the straw using old brooms and clothes, and serve hot apple cider.

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