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Birthday Ideas For Men

Think birthday ideas for men can be a bit tricky?! Well, here are the adult birthday party ideas to make your guy smile.

Printable Party Games

Birthday Ideas For Men In addition to the great ideas you'll find here, check out the creative party ideas page for dozens more.

With every birthday party theme, you'll find clever ideas that you may not have thought of.

Take a look at the things guys really want for their birthdays!

Birthday Party Ideas For Men

  • Sport or Football Themed Party: Find simple, inexpensive, and quick ideas for big fun!
  • Cigar Party: All you know is that he likes cigars. Well, we've got a few tips from the experts.
  • Martinis and Jazz: Ease up and relax in style. We've got ideas on how to set up a martini bar party that you'll love.
  • Golf Theme Party Ideas: If your friend likes golf this theme party is a hole in one!
  • Retro Party Theme: The "Come as You Were" party theme takes everyone back to the good old days.
  • Movie Theme Party: These aren't your typical Hollywood party ideas that involve fancy dresses and tuxes. Find fun ideas that put a twist on the Hollywood Theme "Reality Stars Party" or the "Casting Call Party".
  • Surprise Party Ideas: If you think pulling off a surprise party requires skill? You're right! Find out the little white lies that he'll buy.
Printable Party Games

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Printable Party Games