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Block Party Ideas

Block Party Ideas The best block party ideas get everyone involved and create a sense of community.

Block parties are a great time for new neighbors to meet and for old neighbors to catch up on all the latest happenings.

We have 5 tried and true block party ideas for summer fun!

  1. Block Party Parade of children, neighbors and pets is number 1 on the list. Every year, my neighborhood block party showcases the talents of my neighbors who come up with the most interesting and sometimes bizarre parade entries.

    The parade consists of about 50 to 75 participants, and 4 neighborhood blocks. It's no "Thanksgiving Day" parade but the participants get their 15 minutes of fame! There is a best decorated bike contest.

    Children and their parents spend days contriving elaborate bicycle decorations and those who have motorcycles also participate.

    The other big contest consists of dressing your dog in unusual outfits. One participant painted her labor-doodle as an American Flag - a clear winner for the parade of pets. (No animals were harmed during the parade!) On-lookers cheer as paraders bang trash can lids, play kazoos, and generally act silly!

  2. Summer picnic games are fun block party ideas. Go "old school" with sack races and relay races or jump on one of the new fads such as the corn-hole game. Visit our summer picnic games page for the games that everyone enjoys. While you're at it, incorporate a little social bingo or other icebreaker games to encourage everyone to meet!
  3. Hire a band with a large repertoire. Or if you have musicians in the neighborhood, great! Gather that talent and have them put on a show.

    Take a collection for the band's fee. Local small venues such as restaurants, coffee shops and bars that often have live music are great places to start your search for a band. Find out the bands that are playing around town, and visit the venue to hear the music. Local bands often play for very reasonable prices, especially when contacted directly.

  4. Pot-Luck and Poetry! and Talent Show Extravaganza. This is one of the easiest and most cost effective block party ideas.

    If you're organizing the block party ask neighbors to bring their specialty dish. Provide a list of the dishes via email so that guests won't be tempted to duplicate too many dishes.

  5. For dishes that everyone loves try our easy picnic recipes where you'll find everything from homemade dips recipes to easy desserts.

    The true fun of this party is the talent show. Have no talent? No big deal! Everyone's welcome! From funny poems to playing the ukulele, clogging to yodeling, the more unique the better!

    Get guests in the spirit by providing noise makers and encouraging grande applause for each act.

    Of course, you'll need trophies for the winners! Larger than life ribbons or gag gifts are fun rewards to great talents!

  6. Outdoor Movie Theme Party: This is a really fun idea! Rent a movie projector and create an easy movie screen. We give you all the details on how to host this memorable party idea!

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