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Bridal Shower Games

Free Printable Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower games make for fun and laughter. Whether you're looking for simple ice breaker games or side-splitting laugher, these fun wedding shower games are sure to create blissful memories.

And, don't stop at the games, because there are tons of ways to make your party a stand out success. The Bridal Shower Ideas page has bridal shower themes, bridal shower invitation wording, favors, and more!

Plus, read the three bridal shower ideas that every bride will love on the Planning a Bridal Shower page and these ideas won't cost you a thing. So why not include all the bells and whistles?!

Speaking of FREE, has tons of printable bridal shower games like a bridal shower bingo kit for 24 players (which is actually FREE if you purchase another game, printable ice breaker games, purse party game, famous couples and more.

Fun Co-ed Bridal Shower Games (Many Also Great for Ladies Only)

Free Printable Bridal Shower Games and Favors

Bridal Shower Games for Ladies Only

Bridal Shower Games and Ideas the Bride will Cherish!...And they're free!

Book of Love Reception or Bridal Shower Game

Book of Love Reception or Bridal Shower Game



Bridal Shower Left Right Game

Left Right Bridal Shower Game


Bridal Shower Left Right Game

Bridal Shower Left Right Game

Want a unique way to pass out party favors or to play a great gift exchange? The bridal shower left right game has it all! Plus, we've got a funny bridal shower left right poem full of sage advice for the new bride. If you've never played, give it a whirl and you'll be in for a treat!

Bridal Shower Charades

Bridal Shower Charades

Engage your guests in a lively Bridal Shower Charades game. What a way to break the ice and get everyone into the party mood. No boring bridal showers for you! Your guests will be the life of the party when it's their turn to act out these engagement and bridal phrases.

Bridal Shower Trivia Game

Bridal Shower Trivia Game

Bridal Shower Trivia is a great icebreaker and a fantastic way to stir up conversation. Your guests can discover sweet little facts about the bride, groom, how they met, and their future plans. Get to know the bride and groom in a new light.

Free Printable Bridal Shower Games

Free Printable Bridal Shower Games

Love is in the air, and it puts us in the mood to share. Get free printable bridal shower games (even printable bridal shower games). Play the games guests really want to play. These games break the ice, introduce guests, and of course, create laughter and memories.

Fun Bridal Shower Games

Fun Bridal Shower Games

Fun bridal shower games make for the best bridal showers. But what games are right? We'll let you in on the secrets of the best games to play including printable shower games that make planning a shower easy and spectacular!

Printable Bridal Shower Bingo Card Kit

Printable Bridal Shower Bingo Card Kit

What could be easier than printable bridal shower bingo? This bridal shower game is a great way to pass out party favors and keep everyone entertained.

Bridal Shower Conversation Cards


These cheerful and laughter inducing bridal shower conversation cards are a great way to break the ice.

You can hand cards out to guests and have them gather to answer the questions. Or, you can simply place them throughout your party area so that guests can read them at will.

Bridal Shower Conversation Cards

Conversation Starter Questions Bridal Shower Activity



The bride will surely receive some fun marital advice, secrets, and tricks of the happy wife from guests who answer these fun conversation starter questions.

Hot Banana: Bridal Shower Games

If you're having a co-ed wedding shower then have guests form a circle with boy then girl then boy etc. If it's a ladies only party there's no order for where to stand in the circle.

The host turns on music. Take one banana and have a guest place it between her knees. Guests pass the bananas using only their knees from left to right. Then next guest grabs the banana with his knees and continues to pass it. The person stuck with the banana when the music stops steps away from the circle and is out for the game.

The music begins again and the banana continues to pass. The last person standing is the winner.

Here Comes the Brides

Equally fun for a co-ed party, this game requires creative thinking and a bit of luck. Divide guests into teams. Fill a gift box for each team. The box must include a roll of toilet tissue but everything else is up to you. You could include rubber bands, an old compact disk, paper clips, paper plates, whatever. For extra fun, put different items in each box.

The object is for each team to create a wedding outfit and dress one of their members in under 5 minutes. You'll want to hold a fashion show for this one!

By a vote of claps see which team created the best ensemble. The best dressed bride takes the prize!

"Remember When" Photo Guessing Game

For this game every guest is asked to bring a photo of a bride and groom. This could be a photo of themselves, parents, grandparents, friends, or whomever they wishes. Tell guests that they should know the year the picture was taken.

Provide post-it notes so each guest can write the year the photo was taken and place it on the back of the picture. The photos are placed on a table. Under each photo place a sheet of paper. On the provided paper, guests write the year they think each photo was taken along with their name.

When all the guests have selected dates for each photo the correct dates are revealed. The host tallies which guest got the most correct answers. It is nice to provide a small prize for the winner.

Guests Famous Quotes - An Ice Breaker Game

Some bridal shower games last a while and some only five minutes. This game has a lasting result because at the end the bride has a keepsake that can be displayed at an engagement party or even on a wedding table.

Purchase note cards, or attractive card stock. Punch two holes in each card so that a ribbon can be strung through the cards in order to create a small book. Leave the cards separate for now.

Write each guest's name on one side of the card and place the cards into a hat. Each wedding shower guest should draw a name from the hat. The host explains that during the course of the bridal shower guests should talk to the person named on their card in order to get a quote that relates to the bride and groom.

The quote can come from general conversation or if nothing appropriate comes up in conversation, guests can just ask for a quote.

The cards are gathered, strung together and given to the bride as a sweet memory of her friends and family.

That's What She Said Game

For bridal shower games that turn up the heat, "That's What She Said" can be quite fun. When the bride is opening gifts have one of the guests write down her comments about the gift. This should be done secretly so that the bride is unaware that her words are being recorded.

After the gifts are opened and all of her statements are written down, hand the paper to the bride. One by one guests ask the bride a question and the bride must read off the statements in order.

The first guest might ask, "What will the bride say on her wedding night?" The bride answers with the first statement written on the sheet. "I love this! I'll never have to polish it!"

Word to the wise this game is best among close groups.

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