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Casino Party Ideas

A quick search for casino party ideas, and you'll find a lot of the same. That's why we've created a list of casino themed parties to inspire your creativity. These casino party themes are great for fundraisers where you want to have the theme include more than just gambling.

Printable Party Games

Casino Party Ideas

These creative party ideas also glam up smaller casino night home parties and create unique opportunities for decorating, food, dress, and door prizes.

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Themes set your celebration apart from the rest. Many of the casino themes party ideas below have links that expand upon the ideas. And, once you've found some great party ideas, visit the casino party decorations, supplies, and party favors page to make your event even more memorable.

List of Casino Party Themes

Casino Party Ideas

Classic Casino Party Theme

Classic Casino Party Theme

This casino party theme is a sure bet for a great time! Get classic casino themed ideas like casino cocktail recipes, Vegas decor ideas, Vegas style food ideas, and more!

The Roaring 20s: Speak Easy and Play Hard

Fedoras and Flappers are the inspiration for this party. Guests can easily dress the part with only a few accessories: long stringed pearls, feathers or headbands in the hair, garters on men's arms, suspenders, and bowties.

Make a speakeasy bar complete with "bathtub gin" (champagne punch). Jazz music, silent movie posters and art deco decor help guests make the trip back in time.

Diamonds and Dice

For the Diamonds and Dice Theme encourage guests to don their diamonds, crystal jewelry and anything that sparkles. White tablecloths with sparkling crystal centerpieces set off the theme.

Have a diamond give-away (if it's a fundraiser). Ask local jewelers if they would be willing to donate a diamond or piece of diamond jewelry to your charity. Give away the diamond with a champagne raffle. For each $10 (or $20) glass of champagne, a guest receives a raffle ticket. Have a drawing at the end of the night.

Roulette And Rubies

Ruby red is the theme of the day for this casino night. From red table decorations and centerpieces to ladies dressed in red. Everything this night should drip in rubies.

Casino Party Ideas: Casinos of the World

Setting up your casino in more than one room? Create a different casino in each room. Guests can wonder from Morocco to Vegas to the French Rivera all in one night.

Pay particular attention to the entrances of each casino. With just a little entrance decor the casino theme is revealed. Place an Elvis cut-out, Vegas Sign, or string lights by the Vegas entrance. Drape bright swags of fabric across a doorway with colored paper or glass lanterns to suggest you're in Morocco. Hang a Monte Carlo casino sign to set the stage in the French Rivera room.

The Art of Chance

This theme and play on words brings art into the casino party. For a fundraiser, solicit artworks from local artists and auction it or create a high dollar raffle for your charity.

The Big Easy: Let the Good Times Roll

A jazz band, spicy Cajun food creations, and New Orleans masks and beads recreate Mardi Gras any time of the year. Pair this with the casino theme and you have a smashing party idea.

Recreate Bourbon Street with a saxophonist at the casino entrance and New Orleans street signs. This easy-going party theme is an alternative to the black-tie casino themes such as the Casino Royal party or Diamonds and Dice.

Casino Party Ideas: Mad Men Take The Dice

Travel back to the 1960s, not peace signs and flowers, but posh dresses and martinis. This home casino party theme is terrific as a costume party. Men can don slim fitting retro trousers and ladies can come in dresses and pillbox hats or peddle pushers.

For great posh 1960s themed party ideas, visit the Mad Men party page.

Casino Party Ideas: Celebrity Night at the Casino

This casino party theme can be adapted for home parties or big events.

Don't know any celebrities? No problem. For the home party, guests can come as celebrities. For large celebrations, school parties, or fundraisers, hire celebrity impersonators like Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley.

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