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Home » Valentines Day » Cheap Valentines Ideas

Inexpensive, Not Cheap Valentines Ideas

Money can't buy love! Cheap Valentines ideas that don't feel or look cheap are right on the money. We've got the creative ideas that you can bank on.

Cheap Valentines Ideas

Here are our favorites:

  • Printable Love Notes: Give a gift that only you can give. Love notes are the way to your darling's heart. Plus, get inspired by reading the 365 love notes from one wife to her husband.
  • Printable Flowers: With these free printable flowers you can make an very sweet Valentine flower arrangement using the printables and a few lollipops. We show you how!
  • Free Printable Valentine Cards: What's better than free printable Valentines for kids? The free Valentine coloring pages that match. Print them all!
  • Valentine Printables: These elegant free printables have every thing you need for Valentine party decor including a gorgeous card, invitations, Valentine Banner, and all sorts of goodies. Check it out!
  • How to Arrange Flowers: Find out how to create a nice arrangement for less.
  • Romantic Picnic Ideas: Romantic picnics can be outdoors or in you own living room. It doesn't cost a fortune to create a great romantic picnic. Also, discover some of the best ways to create romance with our Romantic Dinner Ideas.
  • Romantic Game Ideas: Find romantic games for just the two of you and ideas for Valentines themed games at a party.
  • Creative and Romantic Ideas: These are the priceless cheap Valentines ideas that'll cost only pennies!

Creative and Romantic Cheap Valentines Ideas 1. Make homemade Valentine cards. Click on the lnk in the previous sentence and you'll see step by step how to make a lovely pop up card.

2. Memorize a love poem and recite it to your sweetheart. This one's completely free! Find the perfect love poetry that expresses how you feel and tell your honey that you memorized it for them.

Then, recite it to him or her. Nothing is more romantic than hearing your loved one's voice speak words of tenderness.

3. Write a love letter, and mail it. Even if the two of you live together and you're mailing it to your own address. A real love letter, with heart-felt sentiment and the time taken to actually write and mail it speaks volumes.

Looking for the right words? Be specific. Tell the person what it is that you love about them. Recall a specific event and how it made you feel. Finally, add a love poem if you wish.

4. Make a romantic dinner and set the mood with music, candle light, luminaries, and chocolates. Write out a poem on nice stationary and use it as of the place setting for your special dinner. For more ideas specific ideas for your special evening visit our Valentine's party ideas page and our dinner ideas pages for romantic menu suggestions.

5. Dress up a store-bought bouquet of flowers. This is one of those cheap Valentines ideas that really pays off.

If you're on a budget, steer away from red roses for Valentine's Day. The week of Valentines, red rose prices triple!

Choose any other color flower, and you'll save money.

For photos and a tutorial how to arrange flowers. You'll see how to make a simple grocery store floral bouquet seem like it came from a high-end florist!

6. Create a themed photo tour. My sister has done this a couple of times with her husband. First they did what she called "the mirrors tour."

She took pictures of each of them -- herself and husband -- in mirrors.

These mirrors were all around Eureka Springs, Arkansas in art galleries, antique shops, hotels.

There are many free places to go and you can "shop" in this manner without having to buy anything.

She'd plotted out all of the places to go first and the "trophy" for each location were great photos of each person framed in mirrors.

She took a second series of photos called the "foot series" when visiting their mother-in-law in Datona Beach.

This one was a little easier to do because there was little preplanning.

She took pictures of both her husband and her feet, in sandals on a pier, barefoot at the beach, on tile at an interesting museum.

After photographing each series, she would place these unique photos in an album. Creating photo albums are realitively cheap valentines ideas that don't feel cheap.

She said her husband was very touched upon seeing these unique photos.

For five more creative Valentine ideas, click here.

The best inexpensive, not cheap Valentines ideas are those that really come from the heart. They may be budget friendly, but to the recipient they are worth their weight in gold.

When you take the time and care to make a heart-felt gift, it is appreciated.

For even more creative, yet cheap Valentine ideas, view our many pages where you'll find a host of Valentine party ideas, gift ideas, and unique ways to make your loved one feel special.

Printable Party Games

Celebrating Friends on Valentines (on the Cheap)

One of our visitors, Ann of Mississippi, shared a great cheap Valentines idea that made a fantastic impression.

She had a friend who was down on his luck in the dating arena. So to cheer him up, she bought a pack of mini action figures of his favorite comic book characters, some crayons, paper, tape and magnetic strips with a taped side.

While he was at work, she put the figures on the strips and stuck them on his car. Then she drew scenery and action noises ("Pow", "Bam", etc.).

When he got out of work, he was surprised and thought it was an awesome Valentines day gift. He took the figures home and put them up where he could see them and laugh everyday.

Valentines Day is a great time to share with all the people you care about. You don't need to spend much money to show someone how much you care. Little gestures go a long way and say, "I've thought of you on this special day."

Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Michele of Hot Springs, Arkansas submitted her story of how her husband created a scavenger hunt for Valentines Day.

My husband did this for me one year, and it was so much fun! He his a few gift items throughout the house, a love poem, a box of candy, a flower, etc. Then, he made signs with clues that described how to find the items one at a time.

He planned a special item for the final gift. My scavenger hunt ended with a warm bubble bath, lit candles and a glass of my favorite wine all set up and waiting for me. None of the items cost much money, but they were all very special. And I will definitely remember that Valentine's Day forever.

Be creative, but make sure the items are all from the heart.

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