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Get in the Christmas Spirit! Watch our very own creations, Naughty, Nice and the White Elephant in Action. Get regular free printables when you join Party-zine! We're the original home of the Naughty and Nice Christmas Game. Get it Now!

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Christmas Left Right Game

Can a Christmas Left Right game reveal who's been naughty or nice? Our Naughty and Nice Christmas Left Right game does! On this page you'll find three three different Left Right Christmas games for different party styles.

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Left Right Christmas Games

Christmas Left Right GameFirst we have a Christmas Left Right Santa Story for kids and family. Our Naughty and Nice left right game is a hot seller for adult and office parties.

And if you thought the fun was over with Christmas and New Year's (maybe because you've run through the cash and need to retreat) then we've got a solution: an after-Christmas New Years Left Right game, where you can re-gift all those Christmas gifts you think need a better home!

Fun party games like these are a must for your party planning list!

The Left-Right game is a popular gift exchange game played at many Christmas parties. The host informs guests to bring an inexpensive gift. Most people set a price limit. Some guests will bring gag-gifts, white elephant gifts, or nice gifts. The variety of gifts will make for a really funny result!!!

Guests sit or stand in a circular fashion to make it easy to pass gifts to the left or right.

Left Right Christmas games are always played by reading a story or poem aloud. When guests hear the word "left" in the poem or story, they pass their gifts in that direction. When they hear the word "right" the guests switch directions.

The printable Christmas Left Right games on this page are stuffed with plenty of chances to pass the gifts left or right.

Some people like to play the Christmas Left Right Game by passing gifts continuously to the left or right until they hear the cue to change directions. Others prefer to pass the gift only once per cue. Either way will work with these games.

Christmas Left Right Game: (Naughty and Nice Version)

Our "Naughty and Nice Left Right Christmas Game" is designed for adult home parties and casual office parties. It’s in the form a funny poem. While it’s written with adults in mind, you won’t be embarrassed if your kids are in the room (it’s a clean party game). Here are a few lines:
Santa LEFT the North Pole with his list of the Naughty and Nice
His list has the RIGHT people, he double-checked twice.

There was Carl who ate an entire chocolate cake,
RIGHT back in the fridge, he put the empty cake plate.

Karen forgot her kids. She LEFT them at the park.
Katie ate a can of sardines and made a RIGHT-ous fart!

...and the poem continues...

What is Santa to do about all the naughty little boys and girls on his list? He has a plan!

You and your guests will discover who has been naughty and who has been nice when you play this Left-Right game at your party!

Christmas Party Games: Naughty Nice Left Right Gift Exchange

Christmas Party Games: Naughty Nice Left Right Gift Exchange

Suitable for Adult Christmas Parties



Christmas Left Right Game: Santa and the Giant Blizzard

This Left Right Christmas story has lots of gift swapping opportunities. It's great for both adults and kids.

Here are a few lines from the middle of the story:

Santa and his reindeer were LEFT with a dilemma. Even if they returned RIGHT away to the North Pole, there wouldn’t be enough time LEFT to make it around the globe. Some children would be LEFT without a gift!

How does Santa get out of this pickle? Find out. It’s magic!

Left Right Christmas Story

Left Right Christmas Story

Suitable for All Ages

$6.99 $4.99


Left Right Re-Gift New Years and After Christmas Game

Do something different for your New Year's Eve party!

The After Christmas, New Years Eve Left Right Game is great for adult Christmas party games and office Christmas parties too! We’ve all received strange, bizarre, or simply confusing gifts for Christmas ... now there’s a use for those items ... the Left Right New Years Game!

This game is designed for adult parties; however it’s "clean", making it appropriate for home or office parties. Here are a few lines from the Left Right New Years Poem:

It's the day of Christmas and what do you see?
A beautifully wrapped gift LEFT under the tree!

You're so happy, you spring RIGHT out off your seat
To unwrap the gift that's surely a treat!
You soon discover in the story, a funny twist - the gift is not a treasure and something's amiss!

Left Right New Years Game

New Years After Christmas Gift Exchange Game

Appropriate for Adult or Office Parties

$6.99 $4.99


Fun Ideas For Gift Exchange Games

Christmas gift exchange games are the perfect time to bring a funny gift! Bizarre gifts are sometimes referred to as White Elephant gifts, because like a White Elephant, you don't see them very often!

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