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Cocktail Party Games

Cocktail party games are the perfect way to delight your guests. A good cocktail party involves more than just making great cocktails. Make it fun!

Printable Party Games

Cocktail Party Games You can play games that break the ice and encourage guests to get to know one another. Or, you can simply place conversation starter cards around the room so guests can pick them up and read off a question that strikes up a conversation!

Either way, party games make a cocktail party.

After you’ve gathered your cocktail party ideas and cocktail party appetizers, now it’s time to play a little.

Favorite Cocktail Party Games

"If you could do anything and not have any consequences what would you do?"

"You’re in charge of a marketing campaign for condoms. Your job is to promote alternate uses for the product. What's your sales pitch?"

"If plastic surgery were free, would you take advantage of it? And, what would you have done?"

These questions are just a few of our 120 thought provoking, witty, and down right hysterical conversation starter questions just waiting for you to print and use at your next cocktail party! A sample 10-card set is free to those who follow the Party-zine Scene.

Our printable conversation starters are so easy to use. Print on Avery 8371 perforated business card stock purchased online or at your local office or Walmart store. You won’t have to cut them apart because the card stock is perforated. Of course, you can also simply print them on cardstock or paper and cut them using scissors or a paper cutter.

Because they're printable, you can print as many sets as you need for your party venue. Print a set for every table.

This natural icebreaker will have guests laughing out loud and sharing answers to questions they never thought they’d be asked!

What comes with Party Talk Cards

  • 120 Printable Funny and Witty Conversation Starter Questions.
  • 1 Custom Template: Create your own conversation starters for office parties, weddings and birthday parties.
  • Printable Pillow-style gift box to store your cards. This makes them a great hostess gift.

Funny Conversation Starter Questions
Party Talk Funny Conversations Cards Game

Party Talk Conversation Starters



Bring out the competitive edge in guests with a cocktail party game everyone loves to play. It’s easy and perfect for any cocktail, holiday, or birthday party.

The host provides beaded necklaces, clothespins, or any inexpensive item that guests can wear. (Beads are the easiest to work with).

To play the game, the host designates a word that no one may utter. Typically, you should find a work that’s difficult to avoid. Each time a guest makes the error of saying the forbidden word, the person they were speaking with collects his or her beads or clothespin.

The person with the most beads at the end of the night wins!

For a dash of excitement, plan a murder mystery cocktail party. These games get everyone into the action! The great thing about a murder mystery party is that you’re not just playing a game, but creating an entire party theme around the murder mystery.

We have all sorts of great ways to create an exciting night with a murder mystery including a mystery dinner menu, lots of printable mystery games, and ideas for decorating!

Renee of Spokane has a clever party game that has everyone guessing and creates a natural conversation starter! Click the link above to find out more about this game. Charades have long been the cocktail party game of choice. This cocktail party game is especially fun when played in teams. When those teams are in a battle of the sexes ... well it’s the recipe for a great party game.

Everyone loves charades because it’s impossible to play without making a spectacle of yourself! We’ve created a charades game with this fact in mind!

Gender Bender is a game of stereotypes. Men act out female stereotypes and women act out typically male stereotypes. The scoring is particularly fun because unlike regular charades, Gender Bender takes into account whose team you play for!

Gender Bender comes with 120 printable cards designed for Avery 8371 perforated business card stock. Avery cardstock 8371 can be purchased online at your local office, box-store or Walmart. You can print the cards on plain white cardstock or paper and cut them apart yourself. Get more details about the Gender Bender Party Game.

Gender Bender Battle of the Sexes Game

Gender Bender Battle of the Sexes Game

Suitable for Adult Birthday & Office Parties



Charades is a fun party game for people of all ages. But when you tailor charades to a theme, it can be even more fun. We have printable charades games specifically designed for adults: birthday charades, "shameless" charades, and more.

With our free printable social bingo cards, getting to know one another is a breeze. To play social bingo, every guest gets a card. Social bingo card squares are pre-filled with different character traits, hobbies, and activities. Find a guest that matches one of these and you can mark that square off your list. Our social bingo game is free to Party-zine followers.

The first person to mark off squares in a straight or diagonal line wins this party game!

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