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Cocktail Party Ideas

The best cocktail party ideas are terrific any time of the year. Whether it's a New Years party, engagement party, or just cocktails with friends, these party ideas will set your cocktail party apart.

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Vintage Cocktail Menu
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At cocktail parties, champagne and mixed drinks are the order of the evening. Unless you intend to hire a bartender, it's best to stick to only a few types of mixed drinks so that the host doesn't end up working all night.

But what if you don't want to offer only a few drinks? There's a really clever solution to this problem. Create a bar station where guests can make their own drinks.

Display our free printable vintage cocktail recipes poster or recipe cards so guests can try something new and won't have to wonder how to create, say, a cosmopolitan cocktail or a gimlet.

Supply all of the ingredients for the drinks on the cards and be sure to have fun items to garnish the drinks: tiny umbrellas, frilly toothpicks, cut fruit and stir sticks.

Don't miss our Non Alcoholic Punch Recipes. It's always a great idea to serve a variety of beverages. A few non-alcoholic drinks means that everyone can enjoy the party, even if they are the designated driver.

Best Themed Cocktail Party Ideas

Want to do something really different for your cocktail party? A themed cocktail party is always special.

Anything can become a cocktail party theme. I recently attended a fabulous cocktail party where each table featured a different food from around the world.

Cocktail Party Ideas
Wine Charm Rings
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Cocktail Party Ideas

Cocktail parties are all about mingling. The best way to encourage guests to get to know one another is by providing some fun cocktail party games. You'll find conversation starter cards, other fun party games for adults to get guests in the party mood on our printable party games page.

It almost goes without saying that great food is key to a party. It leaves a lasting impression. At Themed-Party-Ideas, we have a list of over 100 party food recipes (and growing). Simply view the list and click on the recipe to go directly to that page.

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You're invited! Follow the Party-zine Scene. You'll be entitled to to download and print even more fun party favors like the cocktail glass charms you see here and games. These printables are a perfect addition to your cocktail party ideas.

You'll enjoy even more printable party supplies, party ideas, and party games for every occasion. Stay in the know and get the ideas that will help you transform any ordinary party idea into extraordinary one!

Cocktail Party Shop

It's all in the details when it comes to creating a great party. Find your special details in the cocktail party shop! Plus visit the links below for more ways to create a unique cocktail party.

Futuristic Cocktail Party Theme

The future is now! Remember George Jetson (and his boy Elroy)? The old cartoon, "The Jetsons" is the inspiration of this fun filled night. No, we’re not talking about funny space ships and freeze dried food (although that would be a fun themed party). We’re talking about an ultra modern cocktail party.

For a chic modern cocktail party, go with futuristic styled drinks, sushi served on teired glass pedistals, and neon lights. The more outlandish the better, let your imagination roar!

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