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College Party Themes!

Do you want an easy “A”? Then major in college parties! These ideas may not get you on the Dean’s list but they will get you a big man or woman on campus jacket. Your popularity will skyrocket and your parties will become absolutely “legen – wait for it – dary” with these super sweet ideas. Your parties will be some next-level stuff and people will talk about them long after you have graduated.

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College Theme Party Ideas

From the college theme parties that everyone loves ... like the Hottie Handcuff Party and CEOs and Corporate Hos (with a twist) ... to the classic Toga party, and ideas that never go out of style, we're bringing it on. So, start taking notes, it's time to get schooled in the hottest college parties.

For a more relaxed night, go for something classy. Dress-up parties are always a hit. Take inspiration from massive popular culture shows, serve vodka martinis (shaken not stirred) and tell everyone to dress to the nines and bring their best game face.

You may want to go for simple elegance with a “Stop & Go” party. Just ask your taken friends to wear a red outfit, your single friends to wear a green outfit and your friends in complicated relationships to come in yellow outfits.

Take notes, kids. Remember that this will be on your next party exam.

Simplicity is Key

College parties need pizza and beer. They may also need a certain amount of outside space for smokers and people playing frisbee and beer pong. Just being at a party should not stop you from being outside! You can have lots of fun outside with tire swings, grills and other supplies. Just make sure that the weather is suitable for outside partying. You wouldn’t want your guests to freeze to death.

Toga parties are an old school, true and tried college tradition. You don’t need to be part of a fraternity or sorority to embody the Greek spirit of embracing fun. Don’t worry about buying togas. If you have a sheet at home, fold it twice, wrap it around, pin it at the waist and be Greek about it. Remember that kegs are an absolute necessity when throwing this type of party. A good idea is to make some sort of chant for your fake Greek organization. Don’t forget to get the staple of every good college party - red party cups.

Outdoor parties are a staple of University life. You can’t just go home without having gone to one of these events. If you have a large lawn, you are in luck. You get to throw a sweet party where you can meet lots of potential friends. Bring the grill out and ask people to bring burgers, sausages and other delicious meat goodness.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Traditions are very nice, but being a traditionalist doesn’t make you stand out on campus. Having crazy parties based on crazy ideas definitely do that, while also making your guests enjoy your parties to the max. Remember that it doesn’t have to be Halloween to get all dressed up. Get your costume in with costume parties or try something a little more original with an “anything but clothes” event.

Your guests are allowed to wear anything at all - except clothes, of course. There are a lot of options, a lot of photo opportunities and a lot of memories to be made with this type of party. If you want, you can even give out an award to the most original idea.

We know that costumes can be kind of hard, so here are a few ideas to get your imaginary juices flowing:

  1. College clique party: Get everyone to dress as part of a clique. Nerd, rebel, quarterback - it’s especially funny if you go as the exact opposite of what you are. The professor outfit is also a popular choice for the more adventurous out there.
  2. 60s Party: It’s time to twist and shout with this super swell party theme. Good golly, everyone is guaranteed to have a super duper time.
  3. Other decades: Get your hippie on with a 70s theme for a groovy time, or go 80s for over the top luxury and, uh, conversation.
  4. Black Light Graffiti Party: Keep it colorful with this electric party. Get everyone to come in cheap, black shirts and use glow-in-the-dark pens for maximum entertainment. Cover your walls with Black Plastic sheeting and let your friends go wild.

Give one of these ideas a spin for an awesome time. Keep your guests on their toes regarding what is coming next. Remember that some of these ideas are only appropriate for your over 21 guests. Other than that, feel free to go wild!

College Party Theme Ideas

Our featured college party themes:

Black Light Party

Black Light Party

Get everything you need for a black light party including supplies like black lights, fog machines, and glowing body paint. Plus, you'll get fun ideas on how to rock this party out in glowing style!

College Party Theme Ideas: Toga & More!

College Party Theme Ideas: Toga & More!

These college theme party ideas are perfect for raising hell and lowering IQ! Get all the details on a crazy Toga party (including how to tie a toga) and a list of many other college theme parties you might want to try. The semester is long; stock up on party ideas!

Handcuff Party

Lock 'em up and throw away the key! The hottie handcuff party is one of those college party themes that every self-respecting Greek should throw, at least once.

Start with tons of cheap plastic handcuffs. You can get them in four-packs for the best price. If the girls are into it, they can bring fancier ones. Every girl gets handcuffed to a guy when she arrives, or visa verse, if the sorority is hosting.

Every 10 or 15 minutes the DJ announces that it's time to switch handcuff partners.

If you don't have an official DJ, get a fake police siren (several shown below) and have someone sound it every so often. When the switch is announced, everyone un-cuffs and links up with someone else until the DJ announces it again.

For decorations, police caution tape, sirens, and flashing lights fit the theme. And, of course, there are lots of hot costumes for this party. Dressing up is encouraged!

Sweet Dreams Party

Simple enough, and sure to create some "sweet dreams". Everyone comes in PJs or tighty whities and little nighties.

Decorate like you would for a slumber party: pillows for pillow fights, big lollipops, and some drinking games that are made out of kids' games like Operation and Candyland are great for this college theme party.

Olympics Games Night Theme Party

Olympics Games Night Theme Party is a creative party theme idea shared by J. of Madison, Wisconsin.

Have an Olympics Game Night: have a fun night bringing out your competitive side! There are many different ways to do this theme party, depending on the size of your group and why you are getting together.

Divide everyone into teams or "countries". Let everyone know ahead of time what their team/country is prior to the party. You could also let everyone pick among a list. This way everyone can dress to represent their "country" for the Olympic Games. Let people get creative using their assigned country's colors and clothing they are known for.

Have a poster board or dry erase board with a chart. List all of the teams down the 1st column. Across the top row list the "games" or "events". Each game will depend on what you want to do. If you are inside, it could be card games, board games, charades, karaoke contests.

If you are outside and have more room it could be ring toss or bags. Depending on the age of the people competing, this could be a great 21+ fun night of drinking games: quarters, flip cup, circle of death, bags, etc.

You can even add an opening and closing ceremony, depending on how crazy you want to get. This is a super fun way to switch up the everyday average game night, have a theme to get creative with costumes, and have a blast!

Loggers vs. Hippies

Loggers vs. Hippies themed party idea shared by Autumn of Auberry, California.

This is a party idea we used in college to bring together different groups of people, with a variety of backgrounds. If you are not the peace-loving tree hugging type, you can dress like a logger: plaid-jeans-pipe-boots.

If you are the type who loves nature and rejects the idea of cutting down trees, come as a granola crunching earthy person: beads-sandals-old weird get the picture.

I suggest people bring their drums, whiskey, pipes, but leave the axes at home, it's just a party. For food one might consider a barbeque. Include veggie burgers, ants on a log, potato salad, pasta, lemonade and iced tea....

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