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College Theme Party Ideas for Crazy Fun!

College theme party ideas are perfect for raising Cain and lowering IQ! No worries; if you got into college, you've got plenty of extra brain cells. Chances are you won't mind losing a few for these crazy fun party ideas!

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Of course, you don't have to go to college to enjoy these creative party ideas! Anyone can conquer College Parties 101.

The ability to do a classic kegCollege Theme Party Ideas stand and a willingness to learn how to party passionately are all it takes to get an "A+". A great party idea is a terrible thing to waste!

College Party Theme Ideas

Find more links and party ideas for great college theme parties on the College Party Themes page.

Toga Party

Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga!

Yes, toga parties are old school, but they're just so darn fun! You can come in a white sheet tied in a knot over one shoulder or you can come decked out in fancy toga party costumes.

To make a toga out of a sheet, fold the sheet in half lengthwise. Wrap it around your body at least once.

Use the corners of the sheet to fasten a knot above your shoulder. Pin the sheet opening at your waist. The toga should hit above the knees. For more details and a video on how to tie a toga.

You can dress up your toga with a belt or crown made of laurel leaves. Don't have a laurel tree?

Any costume crown will do and many toga costumes come with this accessory (you can click on the image to the right to see what's included).

Toga Party Ideas: For the perfect inspiration for your college theme party ideas, you'll need to watch the movie, "Animal House". Of course, for this theme, a keg is NOT optional, but the blow up doll and mud-wrestling pool seen in the movie are!

How to Tie a Toga

Learning how to tie a toga is on the first item on the college party syllabus! Tie a toga and create a toga costume on a budget? It’s easy and only takes a few steps.

Go retro with a toga party. Grab a sheet, a few accessories and you’re on your way to a good time.

First, we recommend looking at a few of the toga costumes at the bottom of the page because you’ll get great ideas and see how to accessorize your toga so that it looks more authentic.

The World’s Easiest Way to Tie a Toga!

Start with a sheet that is appropriate for you body type. A twin sheet usually works best, but big guys might want more coverage. Fold the sheet lengthwise in half.

Gather the two corners from the short side of the sheet and tie in a knot. You will have created a loop. Slip your head through the loop with the knot resting on one shoulder.

Next, gather the other two corners of the bed sheet and raise them above your waist. Tie them in a knot around your waist.

If you’re a guy, all the important areas should be covered at this point and you’re ready to go.

If you’re a girl, you’ll need to make very simple modifications. Tie the knot around your shoulder a little higher for more coverage around your chest. Then, pull a little extra fabric around the exposed side of your chest and pin the fabric to conceal everything you’d like to remain under wraps!

How to Tie a Toga

You’ve learned how to tie a toga, but it still looks like a bed sheet. What do you do? A few very simple accessories are in order.
  • Start with sandals. Flip-flops are fine in a pinch. But, sandals with straps wrapped to the knees really make the costume. You can create these with ribbon if you’re crafty.
  • A laurel wreath crown, says you’re the king (or queen) of the Toga party. These are cheap already made. But if you want to make one, some fake leaves, hot glue, and gold spray paint is all you need.
  • Armlets (like a bracelet only worn around the biceps) is a great toga costume accessory. Make it with gold ribbon or from a bracelet you cut and spread to increase the diameter.
  • A Roman sword and or shield are the perfect manly accessories.
  • Sashes in red, blue, or gold fabric costs very little and add lots of bang for your buck! Visit your local fabric stop for inspiration.
  • There’s nothing like a breast plate to add authenticity to your toga. Wear this for real wow factor!

Twisted Super Hero Theme for College Parties

Not what you might think! We're not suggesting blue tights and a red cap (unless you want to go that way). You'll need to be a little more creative with your superpower ideas. For instance, instead of "Wonder Woman" you could go as "WonderBra Woman", let your imagination help you with your costume.

Other fantastic Super Heros include: Condom Man, Beer Pong Power Man, Keg Keeper, Key Keeper, Super Sexy Woman, Magnetic Man, Super Smooth Talker, and the list goes on.

College Click Party Theme

You don't have to be in a college "click" to dress like you are. Dress as the quarterback, cheerleader, homecoming queen or band-geek that you've always wanted to be.

You can take this theme even further by dressing as any stereotypical college character, like the crazy professor, the sycophant student, or the chess club president.

CEO's and Corporate Hos

This is a super easy theme that foreshadows life after college ... (just kidding). Men or women can dress as CEOs or their corporate "Hos": brown-nosers, "yes" men, or even literally their "hos", if you will.

Champagne, fancy cocktails, and martinis are the drinks of choice for CEOs and their HOs. But, leave your work at the office, this party's about letting loose!

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