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Creative Party Theme Ideas

What’s always in style? Creative party themes that take you away! Whether you’re in the mood for a costume party, a trip to the 80s, a sandy beach feel, Hawaiian luau, Hollywood party, or whatever else, let these party ideas take you there!

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Creative Party Theme Ideas

Creative Party Theme Ideas A really great themed party is a little like going on vacation. For just a while you can relax and forget the cares of the day. But, unlike vacations, your friends are with you, celebrating your special event.

Every birthday, holiday, and life event is a reason to party! We’re pulling out all the stop to bring our best themed party ideas, and creative ideas to you!

What kind of party ideas will you find?

You’ll find homemade party ideas, the best party supplies, printable party games, drink and food ideas, themed games for your specific party, and details galore to create the party you’re dreaming of from beginning to end.

Creative Party Theme Ideas Want to start with a fun idea?

Costume parties or fancy dress ideas (for those in Europe) make for easy party decoration. How? Guests simply bring their own piece of the ambiance to the scene.

Of course you can decorate on top of it all. But if everyone’s dressed as if they’ve walked out of a 20s movie, a 70s disco, or a 50s night club, you can bet you’ll feel much more like you’ve gone back in time than if you simply hang up decor.

You can also add costumes to your party. For example, inexpensive hats, head bobbers, or mustaches (as in my friend’s fiesta party theme shown in the photo!). A great theme gets everyone into the action!

Creative Party Theme Ideas for Adults and Kids Parties

Retro Theme

Retro Theme

What can be more fun than a retro party theme? Have a "Come as You Were" party, or get party ideas and supplies for retro 40s, 60s, 80s, and more.

More Adult Party Themes

More Adult Party Themes

Getting together to drink, dance, and talk about kids and work; and you call that a party!? You can do better! Add an adult party theme. Themes help define the decor, games, music, dress and make a gathering an event.

Kids Birthday Party Themes

Kids Birthday Party Themes

Find tons of kids birthday party themes: party ideas for young children, teens or tweens. Maybe they're into Star Wars, Elmo, Dora the Explorer ... or, more grown-up ideas like Hollywood parties with teen party games. You'll find the fun party ideas you're looking for!

Mid-Summer Night Dream Party

Mid-Summer Night Dream Party

Love Shakespeare or just magical spells? Surround yourself with magical forest creatures, fairies and elves with these fantastical creative party theme ideas. Michelle of Wichita, Kansas shares her suggestions for decorations, costumes, beverages and snacks.

Movie Theme Party

Movie Theme Party

This is one of our favorite creative party theme ideas! Show a movie and decorate to the theme. To get even more elaborate, have guests come as the characters to a well-known cherished cult classic.

Anything But Clothes Party

Anything But Clothes Party

If an anything but clothes party theme has you feeling a little naked, don't worry. We've got your covered! Discover 10 things to wear to an anything but clothes party. Plus get naked with your party food and decorations. We show you how on the anything but clothes birthday party idea page!

Block Party Ideas

Block Party Ideas

Our block party ideas page includes parade ideas for neighborhood fun, orchestrating a pot-luck, talent show and other games and activities for a large, diverse group of neighbors.

Oscar Academy Awards Party

Oscar Academy Awards Party

Oscar Academy Awards Party is a creative party theme idea shared by Michelle of Hot Springs, AR. Party like a star with the Hollywood themed party.

New York Theme Party

New York Theme Party

New York is magical during the holidays and what better time to celebrate the magic than the New Year?! From personal experience, this party theme is one your guests will truly enjoy and ask for again and again. This elegant party is a great way to ring in the New Year.

Carnival Themed Party

Carnival Themed Party

A Carnival Themed Party is traditional for Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, but it can also be a fun and easy themed party to throw year round. Feeling festive can be as simple as providing guests beads and masks. Here you'll find fun game ideas, visitor party ideas, and easy flower arrangement suggestions to complete your creative party theme ideas.

Casino Party Ideas

Casino Party Ideas

Tired of the same old Casino Party Ideas? We're pulling new Casino themes out of the vault for a gold rush of great party ideas. Find themes like a Speak-Easy casino theme, the Big Easy theme, Casinos of the World and more. Roll the dice, it's time to party!

Purse Party Theme

Purse Party Theme

Several games involving purses, including a fundraising party idea and a purse exchange party where everyone brings home a new designer bag.

College Party Themes

College Party Themes

Need an easy A? Major in college party themes! You might not get you on the Dean's list, but you're sure to be popular with partiers! Find costume party themes like Loggers vs. Hippies, Toga party ideas, drinking games (Yup, we've got 'em), black light party decorations, and tons more.

Spaghetti Western Fiesta Theme

Spaghetti Western Fiesta Theme

Amy of Charleston, South Carolina won our creative party theme ideas contest with this one. It's a clever idea we'd never heard of. She suggests games, finger foods, costume ideas and movies to help set the ambiance.

Fall Party Ideas

Fall Party Ideas

Cool weather calls for hot fall party ideas! Get great chili cook off ideas with fun photos, and discover which parties make the best fall parties!

Sports Themed Party

Sports Themed Party

No matter what type of Sports Themed Party you want, you'll find party ideas, supplies, and even party games for celebrating your special occasion with the team!

Family Reunion Activities

Family Reunion Activities

Family reunions are much more fun with loads of games and activities for young (and young at heart). Whether you want active games or interesting and fun pastimes, you'll find them here.

Superhero Party Theme

Superhero Party Theme

Wimpy at work? Strip off that button-down and throw on a cape! Everyone's a hero with a superhero party theme. Wonderlicious Woman, Captain Condom, Beer Man, and Wonder Dog are all going to be there! What superhero power are you hiding?

Garden Theme Party

Garden Theme Party

You can create a surprisingly special ambiance in your garden with old chandeliers from antique stores and junk shops. We show you some unique ideas for decorating for a magical evening of warmth and comfortable elegance.

Hiring Themed Walk Around Entertainment

Hiring Themed Walk Around Entertainment

Want something different for your home party, wedding, corporate or office party. Walk around entertainment breaks the ice and puts guests in the party mood!

Hollywood Murder Mystery Party Theme

Hollywood Murder Mystery Party Theme

Who Done It? This Hollywood Mystery Party Theme has a party game and theme all wrapped into one mysterious night. Uncover the secrets to an amazing theme party.

Kids Birthday Party Themes

Kids Birthday Party Themes

Find trendy kids birthday party themes: ice cream party, lego party, luau party, get a list of ideas!

Adult Birthday Party Themes

Creative Party Theme Ideas

In addition to these creative party theme ideas for adult birthdays; be sure to visit our adult birthday party ideas for milestone birthdays. You can adapt any of creative party themes you see on this page to a birthday party theme. You might consider starting with what the birthday person is facinated with: Hawaii, or golf, chocolate, or beer brewing. A theme can be inspired by their favorite things.

Any hobby or interest can inspire a party. Simply choose every aspect of the party, from the invitations to the food, to compliment a theme idea and you’ll have an amazing party! Add a few unique touches (you’ll find them all over this website) and you’ll have created a memory to last.

Find adult birthday party ideas for 30th, 40th, 50th birthdays and every milestone birthday. We’ve created complete party themes like the Bucket List Party, Surprise Parties, Funny Party Ideas, and more of the best creative party theme ideas for any age.

You’ll also get the scoop on the best adult birthday party games...the games that transform average parties to amazing parties!

No matter what type of party you are hosting, whether it’s a dinner or cocktail party, holiday soiree, or birthday bash, original party themes add interest and a unique atmosphere to your event.

Many of our popular themed party ideas, such as the "Movie Themed Party" deliver completely new and unique ideas to suit the party style of today’s host. You might be surprised at what fun these party ideas inspire!

Some of our themed party ideas lend themselves to excellent dress-up or costume parties. But creative party theme ideas can also center around party games, food, gift giving or a landmark event like a birthday or engagement party.

Starred submissions are visitors’ contributions to our creative party themes list. You too can join in! Contact us to submit your own party theme idea.

Five Hauntingly Hysterical Halloween Party Themes

Money-Minded Tip

Money Minded TipNext to Christmas, Americans spend more money on Halloween than any other holiday.

Make yourself the exception! Check out your local thrift store for low cost Halloween party theme decorations and costumes and save big.

Many items -- candelabras, serving dishes, movie posters, costumes and more -- are waiting for a second chance to be used once again.

What’s more, if you don’t feel like storing these items after the party, simply re- donate the items for someone else to use!

These creative party theme ideas for Halloween make some of the most fun parties to host. Start by letting everyone know your theme; send invitations that ask them to dress accordingly.

See our recipes for creative Halloween foods such as witches brew, poison apples, and Frankenstein’s Frankfurts for added Halloween flair.

Here are our five creative party theme ideas for Halloween that are sure to get cackles and laughs:

Haunted House Theme.

Decorative with Styrofoam or cardboard tomb stones, fake bones, plastic snakes in the trees, and ghosts tucked into the corners of your home. Dim lit lights add to the eerie feel. Place a black light or strobe light about the room to light props such as skeletons and guest’s costumes. These lights can be purchased at party goods stores or online.

Movie Characters Theme.

Hang movie posters, and movie reels. Have a muted Halloween themed movie on the TV. Play up the theme with snacks and buckets of popcorn like those found in the theatre.

Victorian Era and Historic Theme.

Think old: old mirrors laced with cob webs, food served on Victorian style dishes, and lots candles in antique candelabras.

Blast from the past with a 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s theme.

Break out those leg warmers and sideways ponytails; encourage your guests to come as rock or movie stars, politicians, or anyone from the time period. Mix in music of the era with today’s hits and decorate with symbols from the past, such as peace signs, card board cut outs of the "Brat Pack", or whatever the era calls for.

Group Costume Themes.

Have groups of friends choose their own theme, such as pirates, Wizard of Oz, Mariachis, farmer and the cow, or whatever crazy theme they can come up with. Consider a fun prize, such as gag gifts from your local novelty or dollar store, for the group with the best theme. Visit our group costume ideas for more inspiration.

Adult Halloween: Creative Party Theme Ideas for Every Halloween Theme

Fortune Teller

This doesn’t have to be a real fortune teller, but your fortune teller should dress the part! A gypsy fortune teller wears a turbine or veil as a head dress, a laced vest, a long skirt or genie style pants. Set up a fortune table, a crystal ball, and prefab fortunes!

Free E-book! Themed Party Ideas for Adults

Themed Party Ideas for Adults Free for Party-zine followers!

Our complete list of creative party theme ideas and many more exclusive free printable party games including:

  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  • 5 Scavenger Hunt Lists
  • Cocktail Glass Charms
  • Conversation Starter Cards
  • Cocktail Recipe Cards
  • Play Money

Outdoor Chimney or Fire Pit

Halloween weather can be a bit nippy. Decorate your backyard with the same theme as you've decorated your house; Make the fire pit central, place chairs and bales of hay around it for seating. Set up a "s’mores station" so that people can roast marshmallows and create chocolate and graham cracker treats!

Best Costume Contest

This is self explanatory, but it’s really fun to recognize the best costume. Guests will give a little extra effort when presented with the possibility of winning best costume!

Dry Ice

Dry ice emits a smoke that lends a ghostly effect. It can be purchased at many large chain stores. Add it to the bottom of a caldron, and it looks like the caldron is bubbling with a ghoulish brew.

Sound Effects

A spine-chilling Halloween sound effect CD can be purchased from your party good store. Mix these sound effects into your party music for an unexpected twist!

Black Light or Strobe Light

These lights create a supernatural effect that’s both dizzying and exciting. Place near a fun prop such as a skeleton, or just use them to illuminate your guests' costumes. Purchase these online or from a party goods store.

Disco Balls and Mirrors

Halloween calls for low lights. In a dimly lit room anything that bounces ambient light around produce a party atmosphere! Mirrors laced with cob webs, faux candles, and back lighting on a scary prop are other ways to create a spooky and fun light effect. Hope you enjoy these spooky creative party theme ideas for Halloween!

Creative Party Theme Ideas: Summer Party Theme - Winter Warmer

Have a summer themed party as a winter warmer! Forget the winter stews, roasts, and heavy casseroles and serve up a taste of summer. Start with traditional summer time drinks such as margaritas or mojitos.

Decorate the drinks with festive umbrellas and stir sticks. Yes, it’s cold outside, but fire up the grill anyway and cook fajitas, hamburgers or veggie burgers.

Serve summer inspired favorites like guacamole and salsa for fajitas, or potato salad and coleslaw for hamburgers.

In lieu of jazz and cocktail music, play a steel drum CD or reggae music to stir up thoughts of sand and beaches.

If you want to really inspire your guests, wear a Hawaiian shirt over your sweat shirt! Decorate with reminders of warm weather, like little hula bobble dolls and brightly colored linens, on your buffet table.

Your guests will surely warm up to these creative party theme ideas!

Creative Party Themes for Adults

Sure little Billy gets a theme party for his birthday, but what about Dad? He's probably used to people even forgetting his birthday. Show him you care, and not only enough to throw a party, but enough to put some thought into it. Adults deserve theme parties too! Pick something he likes to do: a hobby, a passion or interest and make it a theme! Or have a look at these great ideas too!

Creative Party Themes: Adults Like Party Games Too!

Having party games elevates an ordinary old dinner party to an epic event everyone will remember. Games build bonds. And they move conversation away from the standard kids, work and the weather — yawn! We specialize in creating active and interesting party games for adults:

Themed Party Ideas Printables and Games

Absolutely free to those who follow the Party-zine Scene!

Get creative party theme ideas and many free printable party games, available exclusively to members.

  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey Poster
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Cocktail Glass Charms
  • Cocktail Recipe Cards
  • And Party Games for Every Season

More pages you'll want to visit for planning your party:

Viking Party Theme

Viking Themed Party Host a Viking Themed Party! This creative party idea shared by Lynsay of Corvallis, Oregon in one of our creative party ideas contests.

Come dressed as a Viking, a Valkyrie, or a Norse god/goddess.

Set a thematic atmosphere with blue lighting, fog machines and candles.

Prepare a large feast. A long table would be a nice touch. If you don't have one, push shorter tables together to create one. Provide plenty of Mead (honey wine) and serve it in Viking Drinking Horns if possible.

Stereotypical Party

The Stereotypical Party is a fun costume party idea shared by Stephanie of Alburquerque, NM.

This party idea is super funny. All your guests simply come dressed as a stereotype.

Example: My boyfriend is from Mexico. He dressed in a pancho, sombrero, mariachi pants, and carrying a donkey pinata around was the perfect costume for him!

My best friend had another great costume idea. He's is into all types of rock music. His dressed with big glasses, big hair, tight pants, and an electric guitar strapped behind him. He wore a tight cut-off shirt along with an empty soda bottle re-labled "JACK". He was hilarious!

Have a costume contest. Vote for the best represented stereotype.

Add a runway show for some laughes before the vote. Award a cool prize for the winner!

Editor's Note:

We get some really funny suggestions for costume parties. See our reality stars party ideas or the anything but clothes party for more unique themed party ideas.

George Party

George Party is a creative party theme idea shared by Rachel of Myrtle Beach, SC.

George Party is a themed party where all guests are invited to dress like any "George" in history yes, any- fictional or non-fictional "George"!

George Washington, Boy George, George Michael, Curious George, George Jefferson, George Jetson, George Bush, Georgie Pordgy etc...

As well as dressing in homage to these great "George" figures, the host or hostess can include all of the great "George" created staples that make this event so enjoyable i.e.:

  • George Washington apple drinks
  • George Michael and Boy George music
  • George Clooney films, etc.

... the list of Georges never ends.

Girls Night Out Parties

Girls Night Out Parties shared by Linda of Terrell, TX.

I recently had a "Girls Night Out" party - without having to go out. Not having much money (who does these days!)

I invited 10 of my best G.F.s to come to my house and bring with them 2 new bottles of nail polish.

When they arrived, they were greeted with some fresh flower arrangements (picked from my garden), wine, cheeses and crackers, an array of manicure supplies (ie: emory boards, nail polish remover, cotton balls, sponge toe separators, etc.) in baskets, and a burned CD playing fun music.

Each friend put one of their nail polish bottles on a table with all the supplies to be used throughout the evening, and the other I put into a separate basket for later. We all had a blast polishing each others toes, sipping wine and the best part - girl talking uninterrupted (No kids or hubbys allowed)!

Towards the end of the evening - I slipped away for a few minutes to put tags that I had pre-printed from my computer on each of the saved polish bottles that said -"Thanks for making this "Girls Night Out" so special, let's do it again soon! Love ya, Linda" and tied one on each bottle to give to each friend to take home.

It was a great success and I have received several phone calls since asking when I was having another "Girls Night Out"!

Editor's Note: To complement this girls' night party theme, why not add in some games like the what's in your Purse Party Game? You'll find plenty of similar girls night party games at this link.

Desperate HouseWives Party is a creative party idea submitted by Karen of Zeeland, MI

My neighbor ladies and I have a Desperate Housewife party. We each bring our own cocktails and an appetizer and sit on one of our decks away from the kids and husbands!

Asian Party Theme

Who doesn't love oriental food!? And what better reason than an Asian Party Theme? Leah Culpepper wrote in about this creative party theme, which she threw for her friends to show them about her Asian background. "But anyone can do this, whether you're Asian or not. Or you might even consider drawing on your own personal family background for inspiration.

Decorate the House with lanternsAsian Party Theme of all colors and origami animals of all different kinds of paper- You can look up directions online to teach your friends how to make your favorite animal. (Fish, dragon, crane, frog, etc.)

Host and Guests can provide all different kinds of oriental foods (whether you make it or buy it)- Provide chopsticks to eat with!

Get a recipe online to make your own fortune cookies - You can even write your own messages and give them to your guests as a special surprise!

For a little extra fun, go to the nearest Chinese store or restaurant and ask for the Chinese zodiac horoscopes/signs papers. It's fun to see what animal relates to you!

Comment Submitted by Margie: This sounds like a great party idea! Maybe your guests can even dress up in Kimono dresses and robes.

New York Theme Party

The New York theme party is one that is tried and true as a guest favorite for posh cocktail parties and Christmas party themes. No matter the holiday or event you're celebrating everyone loves a quick jaunt to the big apple!

New York Party Theme: Christmas in NYC (or Paris, or...)

Christmas Party Themes There are some things that every party needs: good music, good food, fun games, and of course, great friends.

But for a really stand-out party, include a fabulous party theme. The New York party theme is one that is tried and true as a guest favorite. I change my Christmas party theme each year, but friends have asked if I'll be doing "New York, New York" again.

The idea behind this theme is to take guests to a different place for the evening. It doesn't have to be New York, it could be Rome, Paris, or whereever.

For the New York theme, I gathered recipes from my favorite famous New York restaurants. This would be nearly impossible without the help of some really great cookbooks including the New York Times Cookbook (one of my favorite cookbooks) and the New York Restaurant cookbook (an essential resource).

For some of the items, I simply ordered the food to be shipped (if it was appropriate). For example, I ordered a selection of cheese from Artisanal, which easily and quickly shipped to my home.

I labeled each item on my buffet with the name of the dish and photos of the restaurant by each dish. I called these favorite restaurants, among them Gramercy Tavern, and almost all of them kindly sent postcards or press information for my party.

The bar was labeled as "21 Club", and though it is impossible to recreate this fantastic place in your own home, I attempted a nod at its grandeur. A display of cocktail recipe cards with the ingredients for the mixed drinks allowed for my version of the 21 Club to be self serve. This was the best-loved part of the New York Christmas theme.

New York Party Theme Shop


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