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Creative Valentine Ideas

Love is in the air; creative Valentine ideas are everywhere! Remember sitting in the classroom on Valentines Day, anticipating the exchange of Valentines Day cards, hoping to get treats from your best friend, and a card from your secret crush?

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Creative Valentine Ideas

Valentines Day seems to bring out the anticipation in us all. Will I get flowers, will she say "yes", should we go out or stay in, and what do you do if you don't have a Valentine!?

Everyone wants to feel special (especially on Valentines Day). We here at have 101 suggestions to help make that happen for your celebration.

With just a little creativity, you can make this holiday a special treat for each person you cherish, whether it's your kids, girlfriend, husband of 25 years, or your next-door neighbor. We've got creative Valentine ideas, party ideas, fun games for children (and yes, adults too!), dinner party ideas, and lots of special touches to create a beautiful holiday that lives up to the hype!

Ten Creative Valentine Ideas

Unique and Creative Valentine Ideas don't have to be expensive. Here are some fantastic ideas to match an array of budgets:

1. Hire a musician to sing or play for your sweetheart. I knew a fellow who hired a singer to come to a restaurant and serenade his date. He asked the restaurant owner first, of course. She was quite impressed. The other patrons were touched by his romanticism!

2. Hire a chef to come and cook for you and your sweetheart or for a small group of close friends. If a restaurant chef is out of your price range, call your local culinary school and ask for recommendations of senior students who can handle the job.

3. Take a tour of your city. If you're not going on vacation for Valentine's Day, why not vacation in your own town. Make a list of the places you've never been to: a concert hall, a coffee shop, a unique restaurant, a hotel, a bar, a landmark, a carriage ride, or a park. Spend the day or evening trying all new things in your city. I think this idea really puts sizzle into a date!

4. Not going out to dinner? Plan a special evening at home. Start with a clean house, and don't forget the details, decorate each room for romance, even the bathroom.

Fill rooms with a romantic glow by using candles or white Christmas lights. Don't forget to have flowers, music, and cards. Set a well-decorated table.

If you don't cook, order out and use your good dishes. If you do cook, visit our dinner party ideas pages for recipes. Make a wonderful romantic dinner for two.

Creative Valentines Ideas5. Find small nick-nacks that your sweetie will like, for example: chocolates, heart-decorated boxers, a simple game like cards, a warm candle-lit bath with goodies (fun soaps, etc.) by the tub; then create a thread of fun little gifts you lead them to with funny poems. Get ideas on how to do this here.

6. Create a collection of love notes for your special other. Here are examples.

7. Create a bouquet with paper flowers (tutorial at the bottom of the page at this link), lollypops or bake your own cake pops. If you haven't seen them yet, you can get silicone baking molds for the round pops (very fun project that could double as a Valentines Day activity).

8. Create a fun message in a bottle. Be silly and float it in the prepared bath if you're doing the trail of goodies idea in number 5.

9. Check out this list of 50 cheap Valentines Day ideas. It's fantastic.

10. Love is free date! This date requires really creative Valentine ideas, but it's surprising to see what you can do for free! My husband and I once decided to spend an entire day doing all the free things available.

We started with brunch at home, and made a romantic picnic for the day. Our morning began with a short hike at a nearby state park.

We ate our picnic lunch, and continued our day visiting museums and gardens that are open to the public. We did eat out that evening, but we ended our date by indulging in a free concert held in the city's open space.

You can recreate many aspects of this date by exploring what your local area has to offer. Many towns have coffee shops, bars and other venues that offer free music concerts for the price of a drink.

If gardens or museums are hard to come by, take a walk through the city's historic districts, bring a camera and take pictures of the things you hadn't noticed before.

Valentines Day Games

Valentines Day Games

Valentines Day party games are a terrific way to keep the kids entertained. Make Valentines Day a favorite holiday! Play the "Broken Hearts" party game, a Valentines scavenger hunt, the Cupid Treasure Hunt, and several Valentines Day games. What a great way to liven up the party! Here are more party games pages that may inspire your Valentines Day plans:
Valentine Party Ideas

Valentines Day Party Ideas

Valentines Day is the perfect time to host a party. Find party ideas for both adults and children, including printable decorations, table setting ideas, party themes, games, activities and more. Discover 5 special ways to to enhance your Valentines party ideas. You may also find creative Valentine ideas on these pages:
Cheap Valentine Ideas

Cheap Valentines Ideas

Creative Valentine ideas can be inexpensive. Some of the most heart-felt gifts, sentiments and activities don't require any money - you know that! But figuring out original, creative Valentine ideas is why you're here. Check out our cheap Valentines ideas!
Love Poems for Valentines Day

Love Poems for Valentines Day

Who wouldn't love to receive a heart-felt love poem for Valentines Day? Love poems are like hugs written on paper. There's no gift quite like it. Visit the love poems for Valentines Day page and pick up a few Romantic Sayings to round out your Valentines Day cards.
Printable Gifts

Printable Gifts

Did you know you can print lovely gifts right from your computer? Probably one of the most unique Valentines Day gifts you could give is 365 Love Notes. Read all 365 love notes from a wife to her husband and download a printable love notes template to create your own. Find Conversation Starter Cards, funny printable Daily Affirmations, and more great gift ideas and printable gift ideas!
Flower Arrangements For Valentines

Flower Arrangements For Valentines Day

Without question flower arrangements for Valentines are one of the most popular gifts out there. See some of the most beautiful arrangements you can give, visit our tutorial on How to Arrange Flowers. You will also discover the meaning of the flowers you send with a list of the most popular flowers and their symobolism.
Printable Valentine Cards

Printable Valentine Cards

Woo hoo! Save a trip to the store! What could be easier than printable Valentine cards?! Get beautiful printable Valentines, invitations, and decorations. Plus, discover how to create your own Homemade Valentine Cards. And, if you're looking for cards for the kids, you have to check out the Free Printable Valentine Cards page. These cards are absolutely adorable! Also check out:
Romantic Dinner Ideas

Romantic Dinner Ideas

Romantic Dinner Ideas are a great place to start when planning your holiday. Find delicious menu recommendations with recipes you can easily print out. And discover why these romantic food ideas are a great choice for this romantic event:
Romantic Picnic Ideas

Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

The way to a lover's heart is through the stomach, the saying goes. Throwing a Valentines party? You'll find all sorts of ways to please your loved ones, friends, and special sweetheart when you visit our Dinner Party Recipes page.

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