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Dirty Bingo For Adults or Children

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Dirty Bingo for Adults or Children was submitted by Carolynn of Carlinville, IL in one of our party game ideas contests.

Dirty bingo is nothing like regular bingo. But there are many variations to the game. The way my family always played the game, was to have everyone who played, bring a wrapped gift. The gift had to be inexpensive and something they would like to have themselves. Then everyone would get a bingo card, and chips and play bingo. The first person calling bingo got to choose a gift and open it up.

Each time you got a bingo you would clear your card, but everyone else continued with the card they were playing on until each person won a gift.

After everyone gets the gift is when the game turns dirty. When someone gets a bingo they can steal a gift from another player, or get another prize. My mother was the coordinator of the game, she thought it would be more fun to still have a prize pool. So, whoever wanted to bring a couple extra gifts was welcome too, and my mother also had a bunch more herself.

We end the game when we run out of surplus prizes. We play this game every year for Christmas. Instead of buying each other gifts, it's an extremely fun alternative to Christmas gift giving. We all love the game so much, we look forward to it every year. This is a game that almost everyone loves, and it can be done inexpensively, and at any kind of party.

Editor's Notes:

Dirty Bingo is often played at holiday and Christmas parties. There are lots of fun holiday games where gifts are stolen and competition is encourage. Check out the Left Right Game or White Elephant Game for more great holiday ideas.

Printable Christmas Bingo Cards with Pictures

Printable Christmas Bingo Cards with Pictures

Appropriate for Kids' Parties or as an ESL Game



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