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Dora Birthday Party

On a quest for Dora birthday party ideas? Find everything your little explorer needs: Dora the explorer games, Dora coloring pages, and Dora party supplies!

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Dora Birthday Party

Dora the Explorer Party Ideas

Hola! Do you have a Dora Explorer fan with a birthday coming up? Then these Dora the Explorer birthday party ideas are for you! Celebrate this special day with Dora, Boots and the rest of her special friends.

Dora is a Latina girl who sets off on adventures with her friends. Throughout her adventures she uses her purple backpack (always filled with something great to help in the adventure) and a map while solving problems in order to complete her quest.

Dora also teaches Spanish words and small phrases throughout her adventure.

Here you’ll find ideas for invitations, decorations, food, cake, activities, treat bags and Dora birthday party supplies. This fiesta party filled with fun challenges is sure to impress your special someone celebrating her/his special day!

Dora the Explorer Birthday Party: Invitations

If you’re the crafty type, try making purple backpack invitations using purple cardstock, yellow paper (for his eyebrows) and red paper (for his mouth) and googly eyes. Fold over a top flap on the backpack and seal with an adhesive that will be easy to separate. The top flap of the backpack would lift up to unfold the invitation. Inside the purple cardstock is where you’d list the birthday party details.

Dora loves maps and uses them to complete her challenges. Another crafty idea would be to print out a small map to your home and list the birthday party details on the back. Roll the map up and tie it with a nice ribbon including a tag with your guest’s name on it. This would be great if some of your guests have never been to your home and require some directions.

If you’re not the crafty type or can’t imagine spending so much time on the invitations considering all of the other fun planning you have to do, check out the Dora the Explorer birthday party supplies below for some cute premade invitations.

Dora Birthday Party: Decorations

To set the scene for your Dora the Explorer Birthday Party, think fiesta! Use a lot of bright colors like red, orange and yellow. These can be incorporated through table linens, dinnerware and balloons. There are also plenty of Dora dinnerware options to choose from - check out the Dora birthday supplies below for some fun options.

What would a fiesta party be without a piñata?! You’re going to want a piñata both for a fun activity and as a decoration.

Since this is a Dora the Explorer Birthday Party, you’ll want to include some Dora birthday party supplies such as wall hangings and large foil balloons.

Here’s a selection of piñatas. For more Dora party decorations scroll down to the Dora Birthday Party Shop!

Dora the Explorer Birthday Party: Food

To stick with the fiesta theme for your food, think about foods such as nachos, salsa, guacamole, tacos and burritos. There are many fun taco chip bowls you could use, such as the ones shaped like sombreros.

You could set up a taco and burrito building station complete with taco flavored ground beef, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream, taco shells and tortillas. This is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters!

Dora the Explorer Birthday Party: Cake

You could easily create a Dora cake using a fun Dora Cake Pan. There are also many cake topper decorations you could use if you’d prefer to decorate a slab cake.

Cupcakes are a popular item for parties as well and it saves you time with not having to cut and serve a cake.

You could create Dora cupcakes by icing the cupcake in skin-toned icing, then use white, brown and black icing for eyes, then rolling the rim in chocolate sprinkles part way around to create her hair.

Place these cupcakes on a Dora the Explorer Cupcake Stand like the one shown below in the Dora birthday party supplies list. Of course, the cupcake stand is so cute you could place plain iced cupcakes on it just as well!

This article was contributed by Cheryl Kirkness.

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