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Okay, so we've all heard of "quarters" and "beer pong", but you're looking beyond to find the best in drinking games (you've even gone so far as to search it on the Net). So I'm not here to disappoint. You'll find some really original drinking party games on this page.

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Drinking Party GamesAny good drinking game shouldn't be too much work. But you've got to have some challenge that will trip up players enough where they'll have to drink!

You can make your own drinking games out of practically any simple child's game, like Operation, or even out of any competitive game on television: a football game or a television show.

Here are a few clever drinking party games to keep everyone laughing and on their toes!

Party Animals Drinking Game

I played this in college ... way too much. Proof? I barely remembered it! Okay, so here's how it goes. Everyone sits in a circle facing one another. The first person leads with signing the "elephant." Observe:

Animals Drinking Party Game

Then they point to the next person to go; and this can be anyone, and is best unpredictable. The next person then signs a new sign (say, a "rino"; you can invent here) and then signs the elephant. She'll then point to the next person. That person signs a new sign, say a "moose"; then the "rino"; then the "elephant." The next person signs: butterfly, moose, rino, elephant. The next: bird, butterfly, moose, rino, elephant. And play continues until someone messes up: which is bound to happen!

Rino Drinking Party Game   Moose Drinking Party Game

Butterfly   Bird Drinking Party Game

Party Animals Drinking Party Game

Drinking Party Games You'll find Online

Here are the latest, and best priced, drinking games we've found.

Printable Drinking Party Games

If you're in a pinch and want to make your party planning as easy as possible, why not download a printable drinking party game from our partner?

Chug It Board Game

Chug It Drinking Game CHUGIT! This one's carefully designed not to be too complicated: just collect the required letters to spell CHUGIT, or collect all of one letter to "corner the market."

To gather letters you perform activities (drink!?) or answer trivia questions as directed by the square you land on in this board game. More fun rules: You must get a "bathroom card" to go to the bathroom, otherwise you lose a letter.

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Drinking Party Games: Clock Stop

This one's among your fastest and funniest drinking party games.

Set an egg timer for 30 seconds, the person with the egg timer starts the round by saying a noun, such as "bird," and then immediately passing the egg timer to the person to her left.

That person must say another word that starts with the same letter, such as "bath," then passes the egg timer.

The object is to speak quickly, so that you're not holding the egg timer when it goes off.

The person holding the egg timer when it rings, must take a drink!

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Drinking Party Games: Silly Pig

This game needs at least three players, but it's best for a higher number, with a limit of 13.

You will need a deck of cards. Shuffle the cards (very well) and deal out the entire deck. The object is to create a set of four cards that are all the same denominations (4 kings, 4 2's, 4 Aces, for example). Since there are 13 suits in a deck, up to thirteen people can play.

After the cards are dealt, each player passes one card he doesn't need to the player on his left. Then he picks up the card the player to his right has discarded.

Once a player has 4 cards of one denomination, he stops passing and puts his finger on his nose. Every other player must immediately stop playing and put their finger on their nose.

The last person to put her finger on her nose last, must drink.

The player who first put his finger on his nose must show his cards. If he did not have 4 of one denomination, he must take 2 drinks!

Spin the Bottle

We're all adults here, so we're putting a twist on this teenage classic! Sit in a circle, put the bottle in the center and take turns spinning it. Whoever the tip points to get to answer a question from the spinner.

If the group determines that the statement is true then the answerer gets to spin, but if the group determines it's false, then the answerer must drink!

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The Big Game Guzzler

This is a simple game to add to your other football party games. It's great for the whole crowd since you don't have to know much about football to play! But it will keep everyone watching! Write different football terms on slips of paper:

  • Fumble
  • Touchdown!
  • Punt
  • Penalty
  • Interception
  • Field goal, etc.

Make sure everyone knows all of the terms. Each person draws a slip of paper and announces what their play is.

When the action of any of the slips of paper occurs, everyone yells these plays as quickly as they occur: "interception!" for example.

In this case, if the holder of the "interception" slip yells interception first, he or she will take one drink.

On the other hand, if anyone yells "interception" before the person who drew that word, then the holder of the word must drink 2 drinks.

For your football party, you might also check out this one: A Drink a Play.

Operation Drinking Party Game

Operation Game
Operation Drinking Party Game was submitted by Karen of TX in one of our party game ideas contests.

A unique drinking party game can be played with the old classic kids' game: Operation.

My friend Jason was in medical school forever. So when he finally graduated, we threw a big party. This doubled as a farewell party as he was "matched" in another state. So we wanted it to be special.

The entire theme was centered around medical stuff. We gave him gag gifts like a plastic stethoscope, which he wore all night.

Also we gave him toy germs and other silly medically related gifts to remember us by.

One of the funny games we played was Operation. We divided into teams of "doctors" for this. For every "botched operation" where the buzzer sounded the team that made the error had to take a drink. It was a really funny party game for the occasion.

Editor's Note: We suggest playing these type of drinking party games outdoors, and perhaps bringing along a first aid kit! :)

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Red Rover Drinking Party Game

Red Rover Drinking Party Game was submitted by Dayna of St. Paul, MN in one of our party game ideas contests.

Drinking Party Game: Have a bunch of adults (21+ of course) form two teams to play red rover.

Each time a person runs across and breaks through, the whole team that they broke through has to take a shot or chug a beer. But if they don't make it through then that person has to take a shot or chug a beer.

It's fun to see how many people are still able to run straight at the end of this game. Then the loser(s) have to shotgun a beer at the end of the game.

Editor's Note: We suggest playing these type of drinking party games outdoors, and perhaps bringing along a first aid kit! :)

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