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Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Who doesn’t adore that loveable red monster named Elmo?  Here you’ll find Elmo Birthday Party Ideas for invitations, décor, activities, food, cake and loot bags that will help you to create a unique Elmo birthday party for your child. 

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Did you know that Elmo is 3 ½ years old and each year on his birthday (February 3rd) he celebrates the same age?  Whether it’s your child’s first birthday party or her 5th, there are ideas here sure to entertain all age groups. 

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You could use your creativity to create your home into Elmo’s World with a special theme such as Elmo’s Dude Ranch (with a cowboy theme), Elmo’s Fiesta (complete with Mexican food and fiesta decorations) or an Elmo’s Beach Party (complete with small kids pools, beach balls and a BBQ).  No matter the theme, anything with Elmo is sure to be a lot of fun for your child and his guests. 

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas:  Invitations

At your local party supply store, you are sure to find plenty of predesigned Elmo birthday invitations.  If you are looking to create something a bit more unique, try taking a photo of your child with his favorite Elmo doll to use as the cover page to your invitations. 

If your child has an Elmo costume from Halloween, a sweet idea is to take her picture dressed up as her favorite red monster.  Another invitation idea is to use red cardstock paper folded in half, paste two googly eyes on the top of the card and an orange fluff ball (Elmo’s nose) on the centre of the cover.  All of your party information could then be included inside the invitation.

Your invitations could read “{Child’s Name} & Elmo invite you to a very special birthday party.  {Child’s Name} is turning {age here} and we want to celebrate with You!”.  

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas:  Décor

To create your Elmo themed décor, you’ll want to use a lot of red.  Red table cloths, red helium balloons, red plates, red cups, red utensils, and any other red accents that you’d like.  At your local supply store you will find plenty of Elmo themed décor such as table centerpieces and wall hangings.  You can also find tons of party supplies online for really good prices.

Elmo loves playing the piano and writing music.  If you have a piano in your home (or even a small toy piano), set an Elmo doll by the piano.  Who knows, he may surprise you by performing his hit Elmo’s Song!

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas:  Activities

Elmo has a lot of favorite activities and hobbies that you can use to create unique and fun party games.
  • Elmo loves playing tag.  Create a freeze tag game in the backyard.  As the “it” person tags someone, the person must freeze in that exact location until another person unfreezes them by either crawling under their legs or under their arm.
  • Elmo loves using his imagination.  Provide the children with plenty of hats, wigs, costumes and accessories in a photo area of the party.  Let the children use their imagination to dress up as fun characters for photos.  These photos are a great keepsake from the party and sending a copy of the picture along with thank you cards is a nice personal touch.
  • Using a large printout of Elmo and some numbered circle cut-outs of orange paper, create a “Pin the nose on Elmo” game.  Blindfold guests, spin them around a time or two and let them try to pin the nose on Elmo.  Whoever is the closest wins a prize. 
  • Using red construction paper, red felt or small pieces of red fabric, have the children create their own Elmo finger puppet.  If you are a sewer, you can sew small red puppets to fit a child’s finger prior to the party. 
  • Then provide the children with the previously sewn puppets, googly eyes, small orange fluff pompoms, glue and parent help to create their own personal Elmo finger puppet that they can take home from the party.  The same idea can be applied to hand puppets using small red gift bags, googly eyes, orange pompoms and glue. 
  • One of Elmo’s favorite activities is playing mini golf.  Using a mini golf set, create a mini golf course in your backyard for the children to play.  If you are looking to host the party outside of your home, a mini golf centre is a great choice. 
  • Using one of Elmo’s dancing or singing along DVD’s, create an area where the children can watch a short Elmo DVD and join in on the dancing and singing. 

Elmo 1st Birthday Party:

One of the most popular décor ideas for first birthday parties right now is creating a first year banner.  Using one photo from each of your child’s first 12 months, create a banner using red cardstock paper frames, string and clothes pins.  Hang this in your main party area for a sweet personal touch.

You could create a short first year slideshow to play at the party using your favorite photos from your child’s first year. 

At first birthday parties, there are usually a lot of adults in attendance.  Provide each adult with a small notecard and pen and ask them to write a personal message for the birthday boy or girl to be included in a First Birthday Scrapbook. 

They could write a special wish to the birthday child, a favorite memory of the child, one of their favorite things about the child, etc.  It’s a nice personal touch that your child will enjoy reading when they are older. 

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas:  Food

Did you know that Elmo’s favorite food is pizza?  You could create your own pizza bar where parents can help children create their own personal sized pizza with the toppings they like.  In addition to your regular oven, set up a toaster oven or two as well so that you don’t have a lineup of pizzas waiting to be toasted.  By having a pizza buffet bar, you’re sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. 

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas:  Cake

There are so many possibilities for creating an Elmo birthday cake or other Elmo-themed dessert.

Decorate cupcakes with a red icing and coconut mixture (the added coconut gives it a furry appearance) and top with edible icing eye candies, an orange jelly bean as a nose and a circle chocolate wafer cookie cut in half for the mouth.
Cake pops are so popular right now. 

You can create Elmo cake pops by baking a standard 9 X 13 cake, allowing it to cool, crumble the cake in a large bowl, mix in one jar of cream cheese frosting, shape the mixture into small balls and insert a lollipop stick into the top of each ball and let them cool in the refrigerator. 

Melt red chocolate wafers in the microwave, dip the pop into the melted chocolate a few times and let the chocolate drip a bit to create a fuzzy look.  Use edible icing eyes on the top of the cake pop, a small orange jelly bean for a nose and a small circle chocolate wafer cut in half for the mouth.

Another idea is to create an Elmo cake using an Elmo Cake Mold and plenty of red icing.

Did you know that Elmo has a pet goldfish named Dorothy?  To create something unique for your child’s Elmo Birthday Party, why not create Dorothy cupcakes?  Ice cupcakes blue and sprinkle the top of the cupcake (bottom half only) with chocolate pebble candy (to look like rock pebbles at the bottom of a fish bowl).  Place one orange fish gummy candy on the top of the cupcake and voila – your very own Dorothy cupcakes!

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas:  Loot Bags

With Elmo Birthday Parties being so popular, you’ll find plenty of Elmo themed treats for the loot bags at your local party supply store and online.  Elmo stickers, small Elmo books, Elmo memory card game, Elmo party horns, Elmo coloring pages, crayons and small Elmo toys make excellent loot bag treats.

You could use an Elmo themed treat bag, a small red gift bag or a small red sand bucket with sand toys mixed in with the Elmo themed loot bag treats. 

With so many Elmo Birthday Party Ideas, it’s easy to customize a party that is special for your child.  Happy planning and remember … Elmo Loves You!

This article was contributed by Cheryl Kirkness.

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