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Engagement Party Themes

When planning engagement party themes, be sure to pay attention to the details! A theme makes your engagement party unique.

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How about engagement party themes that center around the honeymoon location? If you haven't come up with honeymoon ideas yet, these engagement party ideas may even inspire you:

Engagement Party ThemesEngagement Party Ideas and Themes

Other Engagement Party Ideas:

Your theme can be "Sandy beaches of Jamaica," or Maui, or where ever you (or the couple, if you're planning a party for another) are looking forward to traveling to.

Or perhaps you or someone you know has a beautiful garden where you would like to celebrate. Read on to learn more about these great engagement party themes.

Jamaican Themed Honeymoon Engagement Party

Perhaps the new couple is going to Jamaica or some other Caribbean location? or having a Jamaica themed wedding? A Caribbean theme is the perfect idea for a taste of what's to come.

Jars filled with beautiful sea shells surrounded by tealite candles is an inexpensive centerpiece for this engagement party theme.

Decorate with festive colors including Carribean blues, aquas, and bright yellows, palm trees and exotic flowers. To create a centerpiece for your food table that really sings exotic vacation, make a towering pineapple centerpiece. Instructions and photos are available on the hightlighted link.

Don't forget the Reggie music! A few steel drum songs mixed in with your party music will set the mood.

Evening Garden Engagement Party

One of the most beautiful engagement parties I designed was in a backyard covered with oak trees. It was an evening party, and we wanted a unique way to light the yard. Different chandeliers were gathered from various antique stores. We hired an electrician to wire the chandeliers so that they could be hung at various heights from the trees.

The bride to be had a lush garden. We purchased additional flowers that coordinated with her garden for all the flower arrangements. We lined the outdoor walkways and porches with tea light candles secured in glass jars.

Though we did not have to use it, we reserved a tent for the occasion - an important precaution for any outdoor event.

A wine tasting party is a wonderful complement to engagement party themes. For more on wines, visit our wine tasting pages.

"Honeymoon in Paris" (or any city) Engagement Dinner Party

You don't have to travel to another country to enjoy its flavor. Designing your engagement dinner party around a destination is a wonderful way to create engagement party themes that make a cohesive and memorable event. Hosting a themed dinner party helps you to make clear choices on wine and food selection.

If you're planning "dinner in Paris," select hors d'oeuvres from your favorite French cookbook. For a "California bistro dinner," select wines from Sonoma.

Select your favorite menu items from a restaurant or cookbook of the region. Create menus for each table place setting, so that guests have the feel of a fine dining experience.

For wonderful dinner party ideas that will instantly transport you and your guest to Paris visit our authentic French menu at

A well set table is essential to pulling off this themed dinner party idea. For dinner in Paris, use French provincial linens or plain white with generously sized napkins. For more information on how to set a table for a dinner party see our formal place setting guide below.

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Black and White Theme

Black and White Theme

Get inspired by the beautiful photos and ideas of this wine country black and white theme party. This lovely party was submitted by one of our visitors, and we know you'll find it a inspiration for your own bridal shower.

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