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Family Reunion Activities and Ideas for All Ages

Family Reunion Activities Family reunion activities create a fun environment for everyone when you consider the different needs of all the people who will attend your family reunion.

Having a variety of family reunion games for outdoor as well as indoors will ensure that family members of all ages and activity levels are entertained.

If indoor facilities are limited, set up tents with fans. Place board games, cards, and dominos on tables. You can even have tournaments and trophies as part of your family reunion activities. For great party game ideas check out our home party games page.

For outdoor fun and games, try family reunion games that are competitive, such as sack races and cornhole. You can also view our outdoor games page for a variety of other outdoor games.

If your family reunion is on a farm, or you have an open space available, try a hay ride or a bon fire at night. Singing songs on a hay ride or roasting marshmallows under the stars with your cousins, sisters, and children are family activities that instill fond memories of the event.

For the most family reunion fun, ideas for family reunion themes can centered around big family events, such as an elder's birthday, a special holiday, a celebration of summer, a Christening or Bar Mitzvah, or whatever your family holds dear.

When my family was searching for 90th birthday party ideas for my grandfather, we thought a family reunion was a perfect idea. We commemorated his 95 birthday the same way and are currently planning activities and games, food, and even family reunion gifts to celebrate his 100th birthday! One such idea in the works is a video that takes all those 8mm film clips from earlier in the lives of his family and puts them together to tell the family story.

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