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Home » Holidays » Halloween » Halloween Party Themes » 5 Fun Fancy Dress Ideas

5 Great Fancy Dress Ideas

Looking for fancy dress ideas with style? Of course there are as many fancy dress costume ideas as there are themed dress-up parties, but we're bringing you our top five choices.

Top 5 Fancy Dress Ideas

Anything But Clothes Party

Ever seen the old movie, Gone with the Wind? Scarlet O'Hara takes the curtains from her parlor window to create a new frock to impress Ret Butler.

Well, every time I think of the Anything But Clothes party, I remember this scene from the movie. Of course you'll have to work much less to create a great costume for this fancy dress party idea because real clothes are NOT an option!

What?! That's right ... drape yourself in an old curtain (rod included), throw on a bin bag, a strategically placed lamp shade, duct tape costume (warning this one could be difficult to remove — do it right!) ... you name it!

Awards and prizes are a great incentive for creativity. Even if it's simply for the acclaim, winning the prize for the best non-dressed is a great reward in itself.

70s Theme Party

For a completely groovy 70s fancy dress party, get down with disco fever!

Just as with any era themed party, music and movies are a great source of inspiration! For group outfit ideas, review popular movies and television shows from the seventies: Charlie's Angels, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Saturday Night Fever, Shampoo and M.A.S.H.

The clothing and hair of the 70s were over the top! Big bell bottoms, platform shoes, psychedelic patterned shirts and brown plaid were hot!

When it comes to hair, go big or go home! Big wigs are a must if your hair no longer sports the infamous afro or feathered style. Men, don't forget that chest hair toupée unless you're already well endowed.

You'd be remiss not to present a best-dressed award at your 70s theme party. But, a 70s party also lends itself really well to fun entertainment ideas. Here are some activities to get guests in the party spirit.

70's Party Games and Activities:

  1. Get Down with Motown: Hang a disco ball and have a disco dance contest. In the 70s, these were a gas! Start with several couples and a few judges. Everyone dances at the same time. At the end of each song, the judges eliminate one couple from the contest by tapping them on the shoulder. The last couple remaining on the dance floor win.
  2. Play Games: couple of very popular games in the 70s were Charades and the Newlywed Game. Watch old episodes of the Newlywed Game on or any other internet TV site for ideas (it's hilarious!). You'll need to purchase a boxed Newlywed game for the easiest play. As for charades, you can make up your own version or you can even purchase 70s themed charades cards if you really want an authentic feel.
  3. Remember the Hokie Pokie? "You put your right foot in; you put your right foot out; you put your right foot in, and you shake it all about..." Well, there's no winner to this dance game, but it was popular at 70s parties, as was doing the Limbo, the Hustle and the Party Train.

80s Theme Party

An 80s themed party is extremely popular right now, and for good reason. There are so many opportunities when it comes to the 80s.

True story: My neighborhood is hosting an 80s party, and I just can't wait! Will we go 80s punk or rock style? Or, is bubble gum pink with leg warmers the answer?

Truly, everyone is so excited about the upcoming party. All the ladies are planning hair styles. The balding men are ordering their 80s wigs. We're all ready to step into that fantastic time machine known as the 80s fancy dress party!

In preparation for the 80s party, we ladies have been doing extensive "research," which consists of watching 80s movies like Top Gun, Pretty in Pink, and Ghostbusters. We're comparing old high school photos to see who had the most outrageous look, and looking for unique costume ideas on the Internet.

Through this "extensive" research, a great idea arose: group costumes with an 80s theme. If your party consists of enough guests, this is a really unique twist on an already great party theme.

Fabulous Group Costume Ideas for an 80s Theme Party:

  1. 80s Movies: Top Gun, Flash Dance, 16 Candles, Ghost Busters, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, The Karate Kid, and Breakdance are full of great opportunities for hilarious fancy dress ideas.
  2. 80s Rock Stars and Pop Stars: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Boy George, Adam Ant, etc. are recognizable 80s musicians who provide timeless outfit ideas that will get you noticed and get big laughs!

Celebrity Fancy Dress Party

So you like to roll with the A-list? Of course you do! At this fancy dress party theme, everyone is on the Hollywood A-list.

It's easy to get inspiration for this party idea, just turn on the telly! Whether you're hosting a hilarious reality stars party or a Hollywood style party, the celebrity party is relatively easy to pull off.

For invitations, send out A-List badges and Tickets (instead of traditional invitations) to the party. You can even roll out the red carpet to the party entrance by purchasing inexpensive red burlap by the yard.

Guests can either come as impersonators of real celebrities (living or dead) or they can simply dress as a generic celebrity and make up their own character. Everyone from Elvis to Lady Gaga is invited to this party!

As with all fancy dress parties, awards for the best dressed are always fun. Most celebrities covet an Oscar, so we suggest trophies with fun inscriptions such as Best Dressed Actress or Actor.

More games and activities for the celebrity themed party include:

  1. Casting Call: Let guests know ahead of time to brush up on a few of their celebrities' most famous movie lines. And have a contest to determine who delivers the most memorable lines.
  2. Karaoke: This one's obvious, celebrities love to sing!
  3. Mums the Word: In this fun ice-breaker game, Mums the Word, you establish a forbidden word and those who utter it lose.
  4. Walk the Red Carpet: See who sports the most style on the runway. You can either appoint judges for this or video it using an iphone and play it back on the telly for voting by all guests.

Group Fancy Dress Ideas for a Movie Theme Party

Most guests love to plan their group fancy dress costumes in secret in advance of the party. Movies and popular television programmes give ample chance to create some amazing outfits. Guessing who's who is so much fun!

What movies make good fancy dress ideas? Movies with distinctly recognizable characters: comedies, fantasies, and sci-fi are good choices.

Some of the very best group costumes I've seen come from the following movies: Star Wars, Dumb and Dumber, Austin Powers (quite possibly the fanciest fancy dress ever!), Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland. But there are countless other great movies just waiting to be re-enacted by you and your friends.

Everything from the invitations to the decor should have a movie theme. This one's very easy to pull off on a budget.

Send out your invitations stating the fancy dress movie theme well in advance so guests have plenty of time to plan and coordinate outfits.

Decorate with a movie reel, film posters and the like.

Cinema inspired-snacks, such as popcorn in either red and white striped bags or simple brown paper bags, is a great start for this creative party theme. And, for even more Hollywood decorating, food and game ideas visit our Hollywood theme party ideas page.

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