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Fourth Of July Party Ideas

Cool down with hot Fourth of July party ideas! These 4th of July party ideas are all about getting together with friends, family and neighbors for Independence day celebrations, Fourth of July games, backyard cook outs, block parties and good old fashioned fun!

Neighborhood 4th Of July Party Ideas

If your July 4th plans include a block party, why not get all the neighbors in on the action by having a most patriotic home decorating contest. A friendly competition of front porch Fourth of July decorations is a sure way to get everyone in the spirit of fun.

Fourth of July Party Ideas

In my neighborhood, we have a Forth of July parade. It’s not “city sanctioned”. Shhhh…don’t tell.

The kids and pets in the neighborhood get dressed in the holiday attire. (Some pets require a little coaxing for this; mine isn’t that patriotic). Participants wield clanking trashcan lids, souped-up motorcycles, and decorated wheelbarrows, the occasional golf cart float, and of course a best-decorated bicycle competition is all part of the fun.

We have games such as water balloon tossing contest, and the best part has to be the huge potluck dinner in which everyone brings a dish to impress.

The musicians in the neighborhood band together to entertain us and artists and armatures alike don their colored chalk for a 4th of July sidewalk art extravaganza!

Try these Forth of July Party Ideas in your neighborhood. It’s a party you’ll repeat every year!

Outdoor Party Games Make it a Real Party!

As for great outdoor games, have you heard of cornhole? Cornhole is all the rage right now: safer than horseshoes or darts, and oodles of fun.

Want oodles of party game ideas for your Fourth of July celebration? Visit our fun outdoor games page, which includes some games to beat the heat, or our backyard party ideas page for more game ideas and recipes. Every loves ice cream, there's nothing new about that! But what about a few new ideas on how to serve it?! Haven't made homemade ice cream in a the perfect time to break out that old ice cream maker stored away in the attic.

Nothing tastes quite as good as homemade ice cream; it's the perfect complement to your outdoor grilled foods.

If making ice cream from scratch isn't your bag, set up an ice cream bar. Get a large metal tub and fill it with ice. Place a few small cartons of ice cream in the tub. Small cartons work best because they will be used quickly. Store extras in the freezer and replenish when necessary.

Provide themed party supplies, ceramic mugs, and spoons and an ice cream scoop of course. Now comes the fun part: In either bowls or glass jars, supply sprinkles, crushed oreo cookies, nuts, m and m's or whatever else you can think of for a fantastic ice cream bar. Be sure to provide spoons or a scooper. Everyone will enjoy how pretty the ice cream fixing look. And, who doesn't love ice cream with extra sprinkles?!

Printable Fourth of July Games for the Uber Party Planner

Make Fun Fourth of July Foods

Firecraker Cake IdeaI just came across some adorable cakes that are a visual and taste sensation. There's a fun bunt cake on here. The white chocolate fudge stars you see here are sensational.

You could also make star ice cubes to display in your a punch of your choosing (at least for a bit until they melt).

Presidents Party

Have guests come as a President, Congressmen or Women, President's wife, General or other US historical figure. Full attire isn't necessary, just a token of the President will do, such as a button, a sticker, a hat...whatever.

Red White and Blue BuntingWhat's interesting about the party is who guests choose to be; it's a great conversation starter and it brings a sense of history (and humor) to your Fourth of July party ideas.

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Red, White, and Blue Party Theme

If you're looking for traditional Fourth of July party ideas, this party theme couldn't be any easier. Simply let guests know your theme. Everyone dresses in the colors of independence.

Dress you home for the celebration too! Red and white checked table clothes, a flag (of course), streams, sparklers, the works!

More Ideas for your Fourth of July Party Plans

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