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Free Bachelorette Party Games

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Bachelorette Party Games

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Free Bachelorette Games

We've got free bachelorette games and very cheap bachelorette games. Just add a bag of balloons, a bottle of champagne, and perhaps a little grocery store produce for an all night bachelor-girl fest! It's a party!

With clean bachelorette games and a few slightly scandalous ones, your girls will laugh and possibly blush all night long! Clean Bachelorette Party Ideas

It's the duty of the bridesmaids to create a bachelorette party with a bit of a spectacle and with lots of bonding. This is a night you want to bride to remember as one of the best nights she's ever had with her girls.

How do you do it? Make her snicker so hard she tinkles and laugh so loud she throws her wedding jitters to the wind! After all, the bachelorette party represents the last big blowout.

Save the tea sandwiches, free bridal bingo, and sweet girl-talk for the bridal shower. The bachelorette party is an entirely different type of event. Whether your bride likes her bachelorette theme clean or a slightly racey, bachelorette party games are the ticket to serious fun. And these free bachelorette games make an easy way to a memorable night.

Free Bachelorette Games

Free Bachelorette Word Scramble
Bachelorette Word Scrabble

Bachelorette Party Pledge
Bachelorette Party Pledge

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Free Bachelorette Party Games E-book

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Free Bachelorette Bingo
Bachelorette Bingo

20 Questions about the Bride Game
20 Questions About the Bride Game


Just About Free Bachelorette GamesBachelorette Games

With these games, you'll need a few things you'd likely buy anyway: party favors, drinks or bananas. You were going to buy bananas, right?

Create Your Own SynoNymph Game

Have English major nerds among your girls? Don't tell them about this game beforehand! SynoNymph is a game of synonyms; there's one you can buy all ready to go here, but it's a very easy game to create yourself for free if you have a little bit of time before your party.

Create a list of terms or phrases that have various synonyms; that is, phrases that have various ways to say them. And excellent example is simply the word "sex." How many different words are there for it. You bet: it's a great term to include in this game. To help with ideas, use the urban dictionary, or Or you can also borrow ideas from the SynoNymph game here.

Remember the difference between a thesaurus and a dictionary, is with a thesaurus, the definitions (or results) are actually synonyms. Now, write out a number of words or phrases on little pieces of paper and place them in a container, bowl or a hat.

You can play this game like a drinking game, or you can play with as many candies or chocolate coins as you have phrases on pieces of paper. That is, if you have 30 words, and you're playing with chocolate coins, divide 30 coins among your players. If there are 10 players, 3 will go to each. If playing with shots, just have them ready to go for everyone.

Sit in a circle around the bowl of phrases.

The First Round: The bride starts the first round. She draws a slip of paper and reads it aloud. Then she points to any player in the circle. The person pointed to has to come up with a synonym, and then point to another in the circle. Players who’ve been pointed to continue saying synonyms for the round’s phrase until a player can’t come up with another.

For example, Belinda Bride reads, "sex," (and crosses it from the list), and she points to Martha. Martha says, "roll in the hay." Then Martha points to Jennifer. Jennifer says, "screw," and points to Rhonda, who then says, "coitus," (yes, Rhonda must be an English major), and she points back to Belinda.

And I'm sure you can think of tons more synonyms, right?

Losing the Round with Chocolates: When a person pointed to cannot come up with another synonym, the person who can’t come up with the phrase loses a coin to the person who pointed to her.

Losing the Round with Shots (This one's easy): the loser drinks!

The Next Round: The person who loses the round begins the next by drawing or picking the next phrase.

More Rules:

No one can repeat a word or phrase within a round that’s already been said by another player.

You can point to ANY player in the circle. That is, play can pass back and forth between two people. It’s more fun when you try to include everyone in the circle. But there’s no rule that states you have to include everyone in a single round or that you can’t have players repeat within the same round.

But note: if you’re playing with chocolate coins or candies, you’ll want to pick on players with candy to spare!

Free "Bachelorette Degree"

After a crazy night of doing things you swear you'll never talk about again — at least not sober — your girls deserve certification! The 10 free degrees you'll find at include such course completions as "Naughty Nursing", "Party Girl Planning", "Ph.D.Licious", and "The Science of Bachelors." Here's a video on what's available. You need to buy a game to get the download code to get them for free. But here's a big secret: you can download free bachelorette party games off the site, and still get the download code.

Last Chance Kiss

Pucker up girls. It's the bride's last chance! This is one of our Almost Free Bachelorette Games. You need a poster of the bride's favorite heartthrob. Maybe a Hollywood hunk, an actor or a musician. Find out who she likes and grab his picture. You'll also need a blindfold, red lipstick, and a black marker.

Hang the poster of the walk. The object is to kiss the celebrity as close as possible to his ruby red lips! Have each bachelorette apply a layer of bright red lipstick.

Blindfold one bachelorette at a time and spin her in a circle. Point her towards the poster and let give her best attempt.

After each girl is done, she should circle her kiss mark and sign her name by the circle. The girl who gets the closest to the Hollywood hunk's smacker wins!

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Bachelorette Party Games

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Wrap the Banana

Is your bride prepared for the wedding night? Let's find out with a game of Wrap the Banana!

For this bachelorette party game you'll need one banana and one non-lubricated condom per player. The race is on to see who can peel the banana and wrap it in a condom the fastest.

Now, you can have your bachelorettes use their hands if you like. A slippery banana is a hard thing to handle! Or, you can create a real challenge. Here's how...

Tie each player's hands behind her back. Unwrap the condom before the game begins.

She may use only her mouth and knees to hold the banana and unpeel it. She then must also dress the banana in the same manner. Whew, this will cause some serious hackling that you're not likely to forget!

Suck it Down

Up in the Air is a drinking game that requires one non-lubricated condom. A simple balloon would also work. Blow up the condom and fasten as you would a balloon.

All the bachelorettes stand in a circle. Bounce the balloon from one bachelorette to the next.

The motto of this game is: If the balloon falls to ground, the bachelorette must suck a drink down.

The bachelorette who allows the balloon to fall must take a drink!

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