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Free Bachelorette Party Games

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Bachelorette Party Games

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Free Bachelorette Party Games

While these free bachelorette party games are clean, they can also take a sexy turn and make some girls blush. But it’s all in good-natured fun!

Printable Party Games

Clean Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette games are a great way for all the girls to get to know each other even better at your bachelorette party.

So whether your friends are saucy or shy, never fear. We’ll show you how to include everyone in these fun bachelorette party games.

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Free Bachelorette Word Scramble
Bachelorette Word Scrabble

Bachelorette Party Pledge
Bachelorette Party Pledge

Free Bachelorette Party Games Kit
Free Bachelorette Party Games E-book

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Free Bachelorette Bingo
Bachelorette Bingo

20 Questions about the Bride Game
20 Questions About the Bride Game


Free Bachelorette Party Games: Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend Party Game


"Pin the Ring on the Finger" Bachelorette Party Game Poster

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This game is really hysterical for a "girls night in" bachelorette party. It’s just like pin the tail on the donkey but with diamonds!

Pin the ring on the finger is one of the many free party printables you can get by following the Party-Zine scene. Get a monthly dose of free printable party games for every occasion including holidays, birthdays, showers and more.

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Of course, we all loved games like pin-the-tail when we were kids, but are they fun as adults? You Bet!

Try sipping a glass of champagne, putting on a silk pink blind-fold and being spun in a circle. Follow this by attempting to place the ring in the right spot! It gets big laughs, I assure you.

Of course, the lucky girl who gets her ring closest to the ring finger is sure to be the next to marry!

But just in case that's not the case, it's nice to have a prize for the winner.

Once you print the free bachelorette poster, cut out the printable diamonds that come with the poster. You can also use a blown up print of the bride for a very personal touch and an alternative to the game.

Place double-sided tape on the back of each ring. Each player needs a different colored ring so that she can identify which one is hers.

Get weekly party printables like this game and more by following the Party-zine Scene!

Two Bachelorette Truths and a Lie

How to play:

We’ve all told a little white lie, right? This game encourages it! Each lady introduces herself and then tells the group three things about herself. Two of the statements are true and one is a lie.

Each of the girls must guess which statement was the lie. Each girl places her bet. Then the "liar" must confess which statement was false.

Believe it or not the truth can be more unbelievable than the lie. This fun girl’s night game breaks the ice and creates lots of opportunities for laughs!

Keep in mind that the statements don’t have to be too personal -- although this game has been known to take a saucy turn.

If friends are a bit shy, instruct that the statements can be less personal. Here's my own example: "I had a dog named Lucy. My dog was so fat we had to carry her up the stairs. I painted her pink when I was a kid." The lie? My dog’s name was Muffin, not Lucy!

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I Never...

How to play:

Never made out under the bleachers? Which of your friends have? It's easy to find out in this fun and spicy girl’s night in game!

Each girl completes the phrase "I never...." For example: "I never went skinny dipping with the boys". Any friend who has actually done the steamy deed must take a drink.

The friends who aren’t required to drink will hound the drinkers for all the juicy details. If only one girl drinks, she must deliver the detailed story!

If the friends aren’t drinkers, use non-alcoholic drinks or a gesture such as having each place her finger over her mouth in the "Shhh" position.

Of course, you will all need to make a pact that these secrets never leave the bachelorette party!

Free Bachelorette Party Games: Guess Who?

How to play:

This is a fun game for parties where all the ladies know each other pretty well.

One girl volunteers to be the first "thinker". She thinks of another girl in the room. She keeps her choice to herself. Each guest then asks the "thinker" a question to determine which girl she is thinking of. The questions must be asked in a way that describes the girl as an object or an animal.

For example, the questions may be:

  • "If she were a flower, which flower would she be?"
  • "If she were a mixed drink, which mixed drink would she be?"
  • "If she were a zoo animal, which zoo animal would she be?"
  • "If she were a movie, which movie would she be?"

The questions can be as imaginative as the guests like!

If a girl thinks she know the identity of the person she may say so. If she is right, it is her turn to be the ""thinker". If she is wrong, she must sit out the rest of the round until a new lady takes the role as "thinker."

This game requires at least 10 players so that it isn't too easy to correctly guess.

Bachelorette Left Right Game

The Bachelorette Left Right Game is one that you can create for free. We included our printable Bachelorette Left Right Game because it costs less than a cup of coffee at most espresso shops. We didn’t want anyone to miss out, even those looking for free bachelorette party games!

The bachelorette game goes on sale often, click on it to see the sale price.

The left right game is simple and it’s so funny at a bachelorette party. Start by asking each girl to bring a wrapped inexpensive gift, a re-gift, or a gag gift.

When it’s time to play the game, each girl select her gift and sits or stands in a circle. The host, MOH, or anyone else willing, reads a left right poem or story aloud.

Within the story are many occurrences of the words "Left" & "Right". Each time the ladies hear one or the other word they pass their gifts in that direction. The gifts will be passed several times before the poem ends.

When the Bachelorette Left Right poem ends, each girl opens the gift she is holding.

Here are a few lines from our printable Bachelorette Left Right Poem:

They LEFT for lingerie boutiques and novelty shops,
To buy red lace panties, boas and fun lollipops...

With gifts LEFT in tissue and sweetly wrapped in bows,
The contents of the packages nobody really knows.

Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette Party Game: Left Right Story



Clean Bachelorette Party Ideas: Chocolate Poker

Here's what you'll need:

Bachelorettes can enjoy poker just as much as the boys. This game is just like regular poker but instead of using poker chips, use foil wrapped chocolate coins! Here are some options for chocolate coins (from least to most expensive):

  • Chocolate

To pile chocolate on top of chocolate, serve chocolate milk, hot chocolate or chocolate liquor drinks, easy chocolate truffles, or a chocolate ganache cake (this recipe is to die for!).

Chocolate fondue is another great way to create a night of chocolate delight.

Fun Bachelorette Supplies

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