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Free Printable Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game

We just love pin the tail on the donkey. Everyone knows kids love it, but it also makes a hilarious adult party game.

Free Pin the Tail On the Donkey Game
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This game is perfect for the "Backwards Party Theme" where you actually pin the donkey on the tail.

A New Way to Play Pin-the-Tail

Want to see something really funny? Play pin the tail on the donkey using the birthday person as the donkey. You can't use stick-pins of course, you'll need some very sticky tape. It's so much fun!

Blind fold each player and give him or her a tail, made of paper or fabric. Apply a very sturdy tape to each tail.

The player must try to pin the tail on the donkey (the birthday person) in the closest spot to where an actual tail might be! Oh, this game is so much fun, you'd have to crazy not to laugh!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey Party Ideas

Pin the tail on the Donkey is the perfect party game for a Mexican fiesta, child’s birthday party or adult birthday party!

For a child’s party, add a pinata and your celeb at ion will be bursting with fun. For adults, a little cerveza or a frosty margarita before a game of pin the tail on the donkey is a crowd pleaser!

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