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Fun Outdoor Games

Fun Outdoor Games

For fun outdoor games that beat the heat, make block parties a hit and create loads of laughs, you're in the right place.

Fun Outdoor and Backyard Games

Carnival Games Ideas

Carnival Games Ideas

Here you'll find both traditional and new carnival games ideas for your outdoor fall or Halloween parties: Bobbing for Apples, Fortune Balloons and Pumpkin Bowling. And, if you're looking for something a little more scary, check out haunted house games!

Picnic Games Adults Love

Picnic Games Adults Love

Looking for picnic games adults love to play? We’ve got the list of outdoor party games, picnic pass times, and party game fun.

Summer Picnic Games

Summer Picnic Games

Discover all the summer picnic games you'll want for your neighborhood or family picnic. Get games for both adults and children.

Mini Golf Game Tournament

No need to be a golf enthusiast for this. But, golf enthusiasts will enjoy it! Grab a chipping wedge and get ready to create your own mini golf course. Break out that blow up mini swimming pool to create a water hazard and set up a net behind the hazard. Players chip the ball over the water into the net.

Players earn 3 points for balls that make it to the net and negative 2 points for chipping into the water. The First person to make it to 30 points wins! Cornhole Outdoor Party Game


As for great outdoor games, have you heard of cornhole? Cornhole is all the rage right now. It's safer than horseshoes or darts, and and you can have either 2 or 4 players involved.

As with darts or billiards, with corn hole, you could set up your own tournament for a grand winning individual or team.

Visit our backyard party ideas page for complete Corn hole rules.

Free Throw Frisbee Tournament

For this game each player throw a Frisbee, which must make it past a finish line 20 feet away. Each player who makes it past the line moves on to the next round.

In round 2, each player must step back 5 feet and throw again. The rounds continue with players being eliminated if their Frisbee doesn't pass the finish line.

Players continue to back up for every round. The player who is remaining at the end of all rounds wins.

Fun Outdoor Game Idea:
Water Balloon Toss

Fun Outdoor Game Idea: Water Balloon Toss was submitted by Juliette of Virginia in one of our party game ideas contests.

We play this at Fourth of July parties, but it's a good block party idea for any hot summer day. Everyone loves it - kids and adults!

Fill water balloons and have everyone stand in two lines facing one another. Give balloons to each person in one of the lines. The two lines of people should start very close together with everyone standing only a few feet apart.

Begin tossing the water balloons. They're easy to catch at this point.

BUT, it gets progressively harder because each time the balloon is tossed the two lines of people must take a step backwards.

The further away the lines get, the more balloons burst, and you will get wet!

The last people to toss their balloon without breaking it win!

Outdoor Laser Tag

Printable Party Games

Outdoor Laser Tag Outdoor Laser Tag was submitted by Pati of Hattiesburg, Mississippi in one of our party game ideas contests.

Bring one of the most fun and exciting activities you can book for you party, outdoor laser tag. Playing outdoors brings a new flair to laser tag.

Outdoor Laser Tag is fairly new concept in gaming it plays like paintball but with the pain or mess, making it perfect for all ages and locations. A tag party typically lasts 2 hours, which is nearly all play time, so expect to be tired, and feel energized at the end.

A tag party is a healthy way to entertain, make and solidify friendships, build confidence, team and leadership skills, all while having fun. If you are looking for something different for your kid's / teenager's birthday party consider having a laser tag party.

Frozen T-Shirt Contest

Frozen T-Shirt Contest was submitted by Rachel Weidemann of Reno, Nevada in one of our party game ideas contests.

Living in South Carolina makes for Hot summer entertaining. A great way to cool it down and keep everyone laughing is a "Frozen Tee Shirt Contest".

Step one: Buy some big Tshirts (you want one size fits anybody).

Step two: Dampen each shirt and fold them into a small square Try to be consistent so everyone gets a fair chance.

Step three: Put each soggy shirt square into its own plastic grocery bag and pop them all in the freezer (3 hours should do).

The goal of the contest is to be the first one to be completely in an icey Tee. (actually wearing it ...arms in sleeves head through the neck hole...) It helps to announce this in the rules so no one gets confused.

I have used plain shirts as well as ones that I used an iron on to commemorate the occasion... either way its a fun party favor your guests can take away.

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