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Golf Theme Party Ideas

Golf theme party ideas are a great way to celebrate the person who loves golf! Golf isn't just a sport - it's about relaxation, focus, the beautiful outdoors, and getting together with friends!

"Tee it Up" Golf Party Theme

If the party is for someone who loves to golf, why not center the theme around this fantastic sport?

What to Serve for a Golf Theme Party:

An Arnold Palmer is a must! Half tea, half lemonade, this drink was made popular by the famous golfer himself. For other drinks that are above par, visit the popular mixed cocktails page. You'll find classic drinks such as martinis, gimlets, Tom Collins, and several more.

For food and recipes ideas that fit with the theme, try our easy picnic recipes page for lots of dishes that sing of spring and summer fun.

Party Games:

Play golf related games such as "putting for a drink". Set up a putting green in the back yard where guests can test their skills and earn their drinks. Of course, you'll want to give out a few mulligans if they miss - we don't want anyone going thirsty!

Need more ideas for party games and ice breakers? Visit the home home party games page or the fun ice breakers page. You'll find free printable party games and ideas for entertaining a crowd.

Golf Theme Gifts and Decor:

From really funny golf gifts like an exploding golf ball to gifts for serious golf collectors such as signed and authenticated memorabilla, the gifts below are our favorites for golf lovers.

For a very personal and unique gift, gather your golf lovers own golf memorabilia, including photos of golf vacations, awards, and scoring cards and frame them along with with autographed playing cards from his or her favorite inspirational golfer. Creating a montage is a great way to commemorate a love of golf and make a memorable gift.

You may also consider a gift certificate to purchase that pricey pitching wedge he's been wanting. Or, if your golf lover is a collector a golf ball signed by one of the greatest golfers of all time is a gift he will love and want to show off!

Include golf decor in your golf theme party ideas. This could be as simple as filling glass containers with golf balls, using golf ball shaped candles or ordering a golf ball shaped cake. And, don't forget the golf party favors. Golf balls and tees, as well as party favors, such as chocolate golf balls for non-golfers are a great finishing touch.

Golf Gag Gifts

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