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Halloween Certificates

Halloween certificates are a must for any Halloween costume party competition!

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Halloween Costume Contest AwardWant a printable costume contest awards? Simply click on the image to the left. But why stop at just, "Best Costume" when there are so many other categories that deserve Halloween costume awards!?

Our 5 printable Halloween awards certificates include these categories: Funniest Costume, Naughtiest Costume, Silliest Costume and Scariest Costume. Of course, you'll find the Best Costume Award too.

Have them ready for your Halloween party by printing them beforehand. Just fill in the winner's name and you have an instant prize that's as easy as click and print!

No tricks here! Only Treats

Want a special treat for Halloween that keeps giving all year long? Get free weekly printables including Halloween printables, holiday printables, printable games for adults and kids, and many more party printables!

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Here are fun ways to determine Halloween costume contest winners:

Ever wonder how to judge the best costume? With so many creative costumes out there, it can be hard to narrow it down when it comes time to pass out the certificates.

  1. Runway Show.
    This is a personal favorite! Create a "runway" so that each ghost and goblin can strut his or her stuff. It's great to have some Halloween party music for the runway show such as "Monster Mash", "Triller" and "It's Your Vodoo Working". Whomever receives the most "catwalk calls" and whistles, and applause wins.
  2. Round of Applause.
    The host can narrow it down to three great costumes. Announce to guests that you'll be judging based on noise level. Announce each person's costume and give guests a chance to applause. The costume that rallies the most applause wins.
  3. Vote.
    Have everyone write down the costume they liked best and place their votes in a jar. Tally the votes to find the winner.
  4. Select Three Judges.
    Give each judge a slate or white board and chalk or pen. Have them judge each person, couple or group costume in turn, rating them from 1 to 10. The host or hostess talleys the scores and declares a winner. Audience members participate by cheering or booing the judges based on what they think the score really should be.

Halloween Printables and Party Games E-book for the Whole Family

Want more than just Halloween Certificates? We have a complete collection of Halloween printables, including party games, decorations and more:

Halloween Printables and Games E-book

Halloween Printables and Games

Our More than 70-Page Halloween Printable Games E-book



Halloween Party Games:

  • Find Your Fortune Icebreaker Game (A Fun Adult Mixer)
  • Halloween Bingo with 24 Different Cards (Kids or Adults)
  • Scavenger Hunt Kids or Adults Halloween Party
  • "It's Your Line" Scavenger Hunt for Adults
Halloween Decorations:
  • Twenty Pumpkin Stencils
  • Bat Stencils for Food Projects or Decorations
  • Printable Garland
Halloween Printable Play Money (Great for Treat Exchanges, party favors and party games):
  • Boo Bills
  • Pirate Booty Dollars

Want just the printable Halloween Award Certificates? You can get those too!

Halloween Certificates

Halloween Certificates

Costume Party Awards



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