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Themed Party Ideas Contest

Our Halloween Costume Contest winner for 2014 was Lindsay of West Valley, Utah. She won with her child's homemade scuba diver outfit. So cute!

Scuba Costume

Lindsay is the owner of Her tutorial on how to make this costume can be found here.

Jessica Hebert of Houston, TX, won an honorable mention, and was award $20 in party games.

Jessica wrote in: "I was disappointed in the mass-produced Elsa dresses, and I wanted to make something more movie-accurate. So... I did. The only part of this dress I didn't do, really, was sewing on the sequins. All 20,000 rhinestones, yes, but not the sequins. My daughter absolutely loves it, I just need to find a wig that fits right and isn't itchy." 

Rhinestones Costume

Rhinestones Costume

Rhinestones Costume

Rhinestones Costume

What Prices Did Our Winner Receive?

1st Prize $50 Gift Card Lindsay won $100 in cash! PLUS both winner and runner-up won $20 worth of any of our printable party games.

See who our judges were here.

This Themed Party Ideas contest ended November 7, 2014.

(complete Themed Party Ideas Contest rules are here).


Past Halloween Costume Contest Entries!

Here are some of the entries from years previous to inspire you. Judging is always tough with such great entries!




Nichole of New York, NY: "My Peacock outfit. I made this myself."

Peacock Costume

Peacock Costume

Betsy of Holland, MI: "Our sweet little girl was "POPCORN"! I saw the idea on pintrest and knew it was perfect! She was only 4 months old, so I didn't really want to dress her all up in a huge costume. With this, I was able to carry her in the baby bijorn baby carrier. I made the costume out of felt and attached it to the front of the baby carrier. For her hat, I popped some popcorn and hot glued it to a white knit hat. We got SO MANY compliments on the costume, she was so cute! It was a costume I had not seen before so I was excited to make it for her!"

Popcorn Costume

Popcorn Costume

Popcorn Costume

Karen of College Grove, TN:

Shrek and Feona Costume

Shrek and Feona Costume

Shantell hardman of Memphis, TN: 1. Can Can girl 2. Sharon Osborne

Can Can Girl Costume

Sharon Osborne Costume

Nadine Williams of Calgary, AB Canada: Lady Gaga, I won best costume, I put it all together myself. Found the body suit at a thrift suit and went all pink with everything else. Even decorated my own mic.

Lady Gaga Costume

Lady Gaga Costume


Klay Jones of Bothel: Here is my giant squid with electro luminescent lighting and silly strong ink. Note the sucker pants for rocking cephalopod dance moves.

Gaint Squid Costume

Gaint Squid Costume

Madison: I'm actually the girl in all these photos! I am 18 years old and a senior in High School. Costuming and Cosplaying have been hobbies of mine from a young age. The boy in all of the photos is my boyfriend. I created and did the makeup for all of the costumes I submitted. Thanks, Madison S.


Harley Costume

Zombie School Girl Costume

Mermaid Costume 1


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Themed-Party-Ideas Contest


Themed-Party-Ideas Contest

Our Judges

Our judges are:

Frequently Asked Questions

I entered last year's contest. Can I enter again with the same costume?

No, you can't enter again with the same costume. But you can with a different costume.

I have a number of costumes I want to enter. Can I do this?

Yes, you can. You can enter as many as 4 photos of any costumes you like. We'll enter an one particular costume once, however.

I'm from the UK. Can I enter this contest?

You're welcome to enter, but unfortunately only entries from Canada and the US are eligible to win the Visa card. The prize is in USD. Entries from outside of the US and Canada can win up to $50 in printable party games from any of our printable games sites:,, and, in lieu of the cash prize.

I entered, but I didn't see where I enter my e-mail. How will you be able to contact me if I win?

We won't be able to contact you unless you enter your e-mail address! When you submit, please check the first checkbox after "Notify me when ..." that reads, "My contribution has been accepted." Otherwise, we have no way of awarding you a prize.

Why is Themed Party Ideas running a contest?

We want your love. See the section below.

Why are we Running our Themed Party Ideas Contest?

Partly because it's so much fun. But mostly because we want your love. How do you show us love? Like us on Facebook. We have two pages for this site, one that focuses on Halloween, another on Themed Party Ideas in general. Share your entry with your friends so they can rate it.

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Enter HERE!

Our Halloween Costume Contest has just launched. Enter now and get the MOST recognition! In the message box, enter details about your costume. Where did you get it? How did you make it? Did it win a costume contest?

See current contestants at the bottom of this page.

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Acceptable file types: gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.
See past contestants' Halloween Costume Ideas.


We would love to hear your comments on these entries:

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