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Halloween Costume Ideas

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Winning Halloween costume ideas will get you that coveted Halloween costume award! So what will it be: "best costume", "best naughty costume", "scariest costume" or "funniest costume"?

Whether you want to make a costume or buy something and be done with it, these costume ideas are great inspiration!

Enjoy these Halloween costume ideas along with our many Halloween Party Ideas and Halloween Party Games at your upcoming Halloween party! Note that on our Halloween party ideas page, you'll find tons more costume party ideas. So that means more hilarious, scary, and crazy Halloween costumes can be found throughout those pages!

Amazing Costume Photos: Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

Want inspiration from other visitors? We've had Halloween Costume Contests in the past and have loads of photos submitted by our visitors. So their unique Halloween costumes on this page. You also won't believe the creative homemade Halloween costume ideas.

Start with our Homemade Halloween Costumes page for inspiration. Be sure to take lots of photos at your next Halloween party, 'cause those photos could bank you some cash in our Halloween costume contest!


Halloween Costume Theme: Twisted Fairy Tales

The Twisted Fairy Tales Halloween Costume Theme tests your creativity! For this Halloween theme, you go as a typical fairy tale character, BUT the twist happens when your costume displays an alternate scenario for your fairy tale. It's not complicated ... read on.

Halloween Costume Theme: Twisted Fairy Tales

Halloween Costume Theme

Create a twisted fairy tale costume with a store-bought costume and a little ingenuity.

I have to give my neighbor Lexi credit for this fantastic Halloween costume idea. She is trying to get the entire neighborhood in on her twisted fairy tales Halloween theme.

Here's how it works:

She is going as a "twisted" version of Little Red Riding Hood to our neighborhood Halloween party. In her version of Little Red Riding Hood, she eats the wolf! Her picnic basket will have a wolf's tail hanging from it. She will do slightly ripped clothing with claw prints of fake blood on her body. She'll add drops of fake blood around her mouth.

One friend is going as Rapunzel with a noose of golden braided hair around her neck. The Twisted Fairy Tales Halloween Costume Theme is easy to do with traditional costumes. To make it really unique all you have to add is your own creativity.

There are tons of popular fairy tales to choose from: Cinderella with a bloody shoe, a Sleeping Beauty NoDoz addict, Snow White and the seven Giants (how about professional football players for that matter?) ... and on and on...

What could you do with these fairy tales?

  • Jack in the Bean Stock
  • The Princess and the Pea
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • The Emperor's New Clothes
  • ...or any of the many other popular fairy tales you remember from when you were a kid?
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My neighbor is onto something by asking her friends to join in the fun. Group costumes are a great way to really emphasize the theme, especially if you and your entourage are traveling to the Halloween party together.

I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead in that Party Theme

For the "I wouldn't be Caught Dead in that Party Theme simply come as something you wouldn't be caught dead in, and you could even come dead (or dead looking) if you prefer. You'll want to show that you're in the afterlife with a pair of fangs, an arrow through your head, a bullet wound with toy gun, or some other way to show off the theme.

Everyone has a outfit stashed somewhere in the depths of their closet that for some unimaginable reason remains there. Perhaps it's a gaudy dress purchased on the 90% off rack, back in 1992 with the tags still on it. Or maybe it's your grandfather's 1970 leisure suit that somehow wiggled its way into your wardrobe.

If you don't have something readily available in your closet, there are plenty of things to choose from at second-hand stores or online costume shops: prison costumes, pimp costumes, you name your excuse for wearing it!

Put that outfit on and strut it like a peacock! You may have sworn, "I wouldn't be caught dead in that!", but now it's time to swallow those words.

But never fear. Sunglasses, a wig, a trench coat, and other clever disguises help you make it through your greatest fears!

Put on your old clothes and you're set. No purchase necessary.

Anything but Clothes Party

The anything but clothes party theme is an easy way to convert inexpensive household items into a costume.

It's funny to see how guests interpret the "Anything but Clothes" costume party. This cheap adult Halloween theme allows for both the cheap and the elaborate. But it does require a bit of creativity. And those who are able could buy costumes that are still in keeping with the theme like Adam & Eve Adult Costumes Set.

We've had two visitors share their ideas. Get costume ideas from Alice's page on "Anything but Clothes Costume Party Ideas" or Jennifer's "ABC Party Ideas".

Group Costume Ideas

Group costume ideas are the best way to get everyone in the Halloween spirit! We've got some doosies!

Group Costume Ideas

A great starting point for group costume ideas is to select a movie or t.v. show and assign each person in the group to come as a character. More group costume party ideas.

Here are the movies that, from personal experience, make the best costumes.

  1. Ghost Busters
  2. The Cast of Shrek
  3. Gilligan Island
  4. Star Trek
  5. The Brat Pack
  6. Harry Potter
  7. The Wizard of Oz
  8. The Tutors (King Henry VIII, wives, and knights)
  9. Alice in Wonder Land
  10. Star Wars

You can also get more group costume ideas at and

Group Costume Halloween Party Ideas

Kaye from Chicago, IL writes in her creative Group Costume Halloween Party Ideas.

This is a group costume party idea called, Meet your Match.

Every year I go to a huge Halloween party and there are always a lot of people there I don't know.

The costumes and drinks are always good conversation starters. But, here's an idea that would really get people to meet each other.

First, select several different costume ideas for your guests. Or, have friends suggest some to you when you're in the planning phase of your party. For example:

  1. Wizard of Oz
  2. The ER
  3. Vampires and Victims
  4. Spiritual Gurus, Nuns, Priests, etc.
  5. The Miami Dolphins or Other Sports Team
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean
  7. Jersey Shore or Other Reality Shows
You get the idea, but choose several group costume ideas that are popular.

Next, send out e-vites and ask guests to dress as a character in one of the groups.

When everyone arrives at the party, there will be others dressed in their same group costume.

The object is to find everyone in your group and have your picture taken together. You can even have a contest to see who creates the best team photo.

Everyone meets new people and the pictures can be displayed at next year's Halloween party.

More Group Costume Ideas

Of course, you can go an entirely different route for your group costumes and have everyone dress as the the same character. For example, every one in the group can dress as Santa Clause. Read one of our visitor's submissions on how to create a Holly Jolly Halloween.

More group costume ideas like this include:

  1. Disco Dancers
  2. 80s Rockband
  3. Super Heros/Villian Costumes
  4. Vampires
  5. U.S Presidents and World Leaders
  6. Mariachis
  7. Sailors and Island Girls
  8. Priests, Nuns, Gurus, and Spiritual Leaders
  9. Devils (these can be scary, sexy or funny!)
  10. Pirates (AND, decorate your car as a pirate ship and have the group travel to the party together!)

Ideas for Group Costumes
Have a Holly Jolly Halloween!

Group Costume Ideas It can be difficult to find a theme that works for almost any look, shape or size. Why not celebrate Halloween with a dash of holiday spirit? Celebrate Christmas in October and throw a Christmas-themed Halloween party.

This allows for many different costume ideas such an elf or even a reindeer. It's really funny to go as a group of Santas. Play traditional music during the evening but every once in a while throw in a Christmas tune and have all the Santas break out into song once it plays.

Give candy canes and peppermints to trick or treaters. Carry around a bag of small Halloween themed gifts and gag gifts. Give them out to partygoers, this is a great conversation starter!

Be sure your group of Santas carries around a large list of "naughty" and "nice" names. Making sure partygoers are on the "nice" list is a proven way to meet new people!

And good news! Santa costumes are available year round!

Last Minute Costume Ideas

Last minute costume ideas: truly last minute options for wicked costumes. Last Minute Costume Ideas

If you're in a pinch, and need a Halloween costume fast, like in less an hour, then here are the options to create a homemade Halloween costume in a hurry. Some good things to gather for your last minute costume include: duct tape and a hot glue gun!


Boxed Wine Halloween Costume

One of the most unique Halloween costumes I've ever witnessed was a boxed wine costume. The party-goer created the costume on the same day as the party. She found a box large enough to fit over her entire body. An appliance store is your best bet for this.

Next, she used magic markers to write all the information you'd see on a box of wine on her boxed-wine costume. She wrote out the warning label, drew a large wine glass on the front, and put the product information on the backside of the box.

The best part of her Halloween costume was that it served double duty. She purchased a box of wine and removed the vacuum-bag of wine from the box. She cut a small hole in her costume to place the bag of wine on the inside of her costume. The tap for the wine was pulled through the hole. The bag of wine was then secured in place with a lot of duct-tape.

Magazine Mermaid: Last Minute Costume Ideas

Magazines can be turned into last minute costume ideas in a number of creative ways. I once saw an incredible mermaid costume made almost entirely from the pages of magazines.

Her unique Halloween costume was one of the most beautiful costumes I've ever seen. First, she drew an outline of a mermaid on large piece of cardboard. She cut it out then used it as a template to create the exact mermaid on a second sheet of cardboard.

The two sheets of cardboard served as the base for the front and back of her costume. Next she stapled the tail end together and did the same for the head of the mermaid. She punched holes in the mermaid costume and attached ribbon (string) to create suspenders. These suspenders, worn over her shoulders, allowed the mermaid to float across her body. She wore a black boy suit (like a gym suit or workout suit), since the mermaid only covered her mid-section.

Finally, for the creative part of the Halloween costume. She cut hundreds of magazine pages into small squares. She hot glued each square into a cone shape. Then, she attached all the cone shapes to the mermaid body to create the look of scales. It was spectacular.

When I asked her how long it took her to create this last minute costume she said, "all night". She was referring to the night before the party. She said it only cost her about $5 and another $10 for the bottle of wine it took to get her through the night of costume creation!

Duct Tape: Unique Halloween Costume Ideas.

There are a million things you can do with duct tape! You use it around the house to fix a leak or a broken it's time to put that extra duct tape to work on your last minute Halloween costume.

You can create a really good robot costume with duct tape, small boxes, tin foil, possibly a few burned out light bulbs and whatever else you have lying around your house that fits the bill. Duct tape mimics the look of metal, so go crazy!

Need more last minute costume ideas for all that duct tape? Cover a box with duct tape, cut a hole in the box for your head and arms and go as a refrigerator. Make a door on the box and tape bags of snacks and treats to the inside of the box. Decorate the door with refrigerator magnets that you hot glue on. Add a shopping list for the full effect. This homemade Halloween costume idea is similar to the boxed wine costume above.

Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

We have cheap Halloween costume ideas for everyone: adults and children. Some are even under 10 bucks! Here's just a glimpse of what you'll see on the cheap Halloween costumes page. These are in the women's costumes under $20 category. Many of these will be perfect for your last minute costume ideas because they ship so fast!

Zombie Costume Ideas

Zombies have to be the easiest and cheapest last minute Halloween costumes to make.

A few key elements to a zombie costume include torn clothing, white makeup on your face and neck (to give the appearance of being dead) and black make-up around the eyes.

It's a really great idea to include the cause of death in your zombie costume. A bullet wound to the neck, or an axe to the head, and a shark bite are all good causes of dead! You can get really creative with this part. You'll also need fake blood for an authentic look. The Halloween props you'll need to create the causes of death will surely be available last may even have something around your home that you could use.

More Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Last minute costume ideas save the day! You can create a costume in just minutes with items you already have! And if you need even more great Halloween party ideas at the last minute you can even print Halloween party games and Halloween party decorations right here at Themed-Party-Ideas!

It just doesn't get any easier than that!

So here are some great last minute costume ideas that are easy and fun!:

  1. Queen or King of Hearts
  2. Toga
  3. Greek Statue
  4. Beauty Pagent Winner
  5. Mummy Costume
  6. How to Make a Ghost Costume
  7. Kissed All Over Costume
  8. Cross Dressing Costume
  9. Ugly Girl with Bag on Head Costume
  10. Pirate Costume
  11. Scarecrow
  12. Clown
  13. A Dictator (Adult Costume)
  14. Skunk
  15. A bunch of grapes
  16. A bubble bath
  17. A Mime
  18. A Ninja
  19. A Hobo
  20. A Fairy

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Homemade Halloween Costumes

Homemade Halloween Costumes

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Zombie Halloween Costumes

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