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Halloween Cupcake Ideas

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Halloween cupcake ideas are perfect for Halloween party snacks! Everyone can just grab one, and there's no need for a fork. What could be better?

Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Fun Halloween Cupcake Ideas

To make your cupcakes a real Halloween treat, it's all in the decorating. Decorating your cupcakes doesn't need to take all day! Here you'll find some simple cupcake ideas that scream "Halloween!". And if you really want a simple, yet very fun way to dress up a cupcake, use our Halloween cupcake wrappers (available in our Halloween Printables E-book).

Here you'll find easy Halloween cupcakes that will be the spotlight of your Halloween party. Don't stop at the cupcakes. You'll want to create some really cute and creepy Halloween party snacks. And take a look at our ghostly Halloween cookies too!

Halloween Cupcakes Ideas

Gummy Worm Cupcakes and Dirty Rat Cupcakes

These gummy worm cupcakes and dirty rat cupcakes are a creepy treat with a bit of "trick" mixed in!

Use a chocolate cupcake mix or our chocolate cake recipe to create the cupcakes. Next, top the cupcakes with a chocolate glaze. Before the glaze sets up roll the top in dirt. Not real dirt!

Making edible dirt is easy. Just put oreo cookies in a food processor and pulse until it has the correct consistency.

Sprinkle a little "dirt" on the cupcake tray and press gummy worms into the cupcakes or top with plastic spiders, rats or other creepy crawly things!

Monster Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes Ideas These cupcakes are tons of fun. Start with a boxed cupcake mix or use a chocolate or vanilla cupcake recipe.

Use store purchased icing or make white icing. Separate the white icing into different bowls and add just a few drops of food coloring to each bowl to create a fun variety of colors.

Now get in gear for creativity! Kids are a natural at these cupcakes, but anyone would have a great time creating these cute little critters!

Printable Halloween Cupcake WrappersCreate the faces with whatever candy you like including jelly bellies, swizzle sticks, and sweet tarts, the possibilies are infinite!

Printable Halloween Cupcake Wrappers

To top off your Halloween cupcakes, don't just ice them, wrap them with a fun Halloween cupcake wrapper. They come with the e-book you see below. Choose a light colored paper such as white, orange, yellow, or glowy green.

These cupcake wrappers look good printed in black and white so if you don't have a color printer; it's no problem. After printing, cut out the wrappers, and wrap them around the bottom of your cupcake. Fasten with a piece of scotch tape or double-sided tape.

Printable Halloween Party Printables and Halloween Games E-book

Halloween Printables and Games E-book

Halloween Printables and Games

More than 70-Page Halloween Printable Games E-book


Halloween party games:
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  • "It's Your Line" Scavenger Hunt (for Adults)
  • Halloween Bingo with cards for 24 Players
  • Find Your Fortune Icebreaker Game Sold Separately for $1.99
Printable Play Money:
  • Boo Bills
  • Pirate Booty Bills
Halloween Decorations:
  • 20 Pumpkins Stencils
  • Bat Stencils/Hanging Decorations
  • Cupcake Wrappers
  • Halloween Garland

Halloween Party Favors

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