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Halloween Party Snacks

As far as Halloween party snacks go, the crazier and creepier, the more likely your party ghouls will gobble it up! Creating perfectly gross and gory Halloween party food (that are suprising delicious) is easier than you'd think.

Christmas Party Games

Halloween Party Snacks Decorating your Halloween party food table is key to pulling off a great Halloween party theme. Have a skeleton "take a dip" in your bowl of chips. It's a simple decoration that doesn't require much work!

Serving a veggie tray? Carve a small pumpkin or even a large bell pepper with a ghoulish face. Place a tea light candle in the pumpkin or pepper and add it to the center of your veggie tray for a spooky effect!

Halloween Party Recipes

Halloween Party Recipes

Cook up a few treats to make ’em squeal with delight. Poison Apples, Witches Brew, and Frankenstein Frankforts are on the menu!

Halloween Dinner Recipes

Halloween Dinner Recipes

Celebrate Halloween with a fun and unique idea: a Halloween Themed Dinner. Get the recipes for a fun filled dinner party and some great Halloween table decorating ideas to serve up these ideas in perfect Halloween style.

Halloween Punch Recipes

Halloween Punch Recipes

Make Halloween Punch using these recipes and tips for daring drinks. Make witches brew, and find out how to dress up drinks for your Halloween party theme.

Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies

Whether you make them from scratch or dress up store bought Halloween cookies, we've got the ideas to make your Halloween treats spooktacular!

Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Get sweet Halloween cupcake ideas to bite into! Feast your eyes on adorable cupcake decorating ideas that don't require a professional chef! And, get printable Halloween cupcake wrappers to dress up any cupcakes.

Brain Food

They say fish is "brain food". We say brain is "brain food". Use a brain food mold to help you can create very detailed brain shaped Halloween party snacks.

It comes with detailed instructions so you can make a variety of Halloween treats.

You can also use it to make ice molds days before the party. Pop out the brain and reuse it for your party food.

Brain shaped ice molds are terrific for punch bowls and they're also great for keeping shrimp, oysters, and other foods cold. This brain mold is a genius invention for your Halloween party snacks!

Worm Sandwiches

Barbeque Worm Sandwiches

Who wants a worm sandwich? Me please! Create this creepy-crawly sandwich with hotdogs or for a really delicious sandwich try spicy Italian sausage. Cut the sausage into thin strips.

When they're cooked in a skillet or on the grill they curl up into little worms. Toss in your favorite barbeque sauce and presto -- instant Halloween fun!

Serve on a bun or use a cookie cutter to make smaller round or pumpkin shaped bread.

Halloween Party Food Made Easy!

These products are our top picks for making Halloween party snacks a breeze! We just love the drink labels to put on soda or beer bottles and the Halloween cookie pan make creating detailed cookies so much easier.

Also, we found some great party kits that come with everything you need to pull off the Halloween theme you're looking for.

Ghostly Guacamole with Bat Chips

Free Printable Halloween Stencils Bats

Any dip can be a devilish delight with bat chips. Create the chips from tortillas, pita bread or sandwich wraps. We have printable bat stencils in our Halloween Printables E-book. To get the free printable bats by themselves, simply click on the image to the left to download them. Plus, if you follow the Party-zine Scene, you'll get free weekly decorations and printable party games.

First cut them out; place them on top of your tortilla or pita bread. Cut around the stencil with a knife or use kitchen scissors. Our bat stencils are multiuse; they double as printable Halloween Decorations.

Bat Chips Halloween Party Food Ghostly Guacamole Halloween Party Snacks It's really fun to make the bats look like they're flying. To do this, gently fold the bat down the center of his body.

Place the folded portion of the bat between the grates of your toaster over or conventional oven.

Toast or bake slightly until the edges are brown. Watch them closely. Place a few bat chips in your guacamole (this is a fantastic, fresh recipe), hummus, or one of our many other delicious easy dip recipes. Dips are the perfect Halloween party snack!

Finish decorating by placing the remaining chips around the dip bowl.

Easy Cheesey Bloody Fingers Halloween Party RecipesEasy Cheesy Bloody Fingers

You can't get any easier than this Halloween party food. Purchase string cheese. Cut the ends of the cheese in a diagonal.

On the cut edge add a dab of ketchup or spicy sauce. To create the finger nails use almond slivers. The ketchups allows the almonds to easy attach to the fingers.

Did you know that Themed-Party-Ideas has all sorts of Halloween party games? We offer free printable party games and party decorations, and fun costume ideas.

Want to know what's new every month? Then follow the Party-zine Scene. You'll get access to free printables, free party and printable e-books, holiday freebees, and more.

Mummy Dogs

Mummy Dogs are the perfect addition to your Halloween party snacks. They're so adorable and fun. Both kids and adults love these Halloween versions of "pigs in a blanket."

Mummy Dogs This easy treat only takes a few minutes. You need hotdogs and either biscuits, crescent rolls or bread stick dough.

But, the quick trick to this Halloween treat is breadstick dough. We think the bread stick dough is the easiest because there's not rolling or cutting involved. Kids have a great time helping mom in the kitchen with this one!

If you use biscuit dough, roll it out flat first. Cut your dough 1/2 inch strips and simply wrap in around the dogs.

Leave a little slit for the eyes and remember the dough will rise. You'll want enough space to place a couple of peppercorns or two dots of mustard for the eyes.

Pop the mummy dogs into the oven for 8 to 10 minutes at 400 degrees and presto!: the perfect Halloween party treat!

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