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Looking for party ideas you can whip up at the last minute!? You can't go wrong with printable halloween party games!

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Halloween Printables: Party Favors, Decorations and Games!

Christmas Party Games

Print our Halloween printables and you're ready with Halloween party games, favors and decorations at the touch of a button. Find out more about these printable Halloween decorations, favors and games at these links:

Printable Halloween Decorations Garland

Halloween Certificates

Halloween Certificates

Having a Halloween costume party? Print your Halloween certificates for best costume, silliest, sexiest, funniest, and scariest costume. Reward your guests for going the extra mile!

Printable Decorations

Printable Decorations

Print pumpkin stencils, colorful bats, ghosts, and spiders and many other printable Halloween decorations. Get both free and low cost Halloween printables for instant Halloween fun!

Printable Pumpkin Stencils

Printable Pumpkin Stencils

Need a pumpkin stencil now? Printable pumpkin stencils make creating a crazed cat, wicked witch, or a furry spider easy and artistic, instantly.

Halloween Printables Download Now

There are so many unique ways to use our Halloween cut-outs.

Printable Halloween Garland

Halloween printouts aren't just for taping in the window, though that's a good idea. Here are some fun alternatives. Create a Halloween garland! To make garland, you can use any printable Halloween decoration or paper-made decoration.

The Halloween printables you see here, come with our e-book below.Printable Halloween Decorations Garland

Print out the Halloween decorations on heavy card stock. Cut each figure out. Use a hole punch to punch a hole on the right side and left side of each of your printable Halloween decorations.

Slip ribbon or string through each hole and tie the cutouts together creating a garland. The garland can be hung from a mantle or above a door.

Printable Pumpkin Stencils

We also have 20 fabulous printable stencils with instructions that you can print right now. This Halloween pumpkin stencil e-book includes patterns for the beginner and advanced pumpkin carver.

You'll never run out of pumpkin stencils again because you can just print them!

Halloween Printables Pumpkin Stencils

Halloween Printables Pumpkin Stencils

20 Stencils Ranging from Super Simple to Down-right Challenging


  • Witch on a Broomstick
  • Furry Spider
  • Frankenstein
  • Deco Spider Web
  • Abstract Pattern for "Drill" Crafting a Pumpkin
  • Black Cat
  • Skull and Cross Bones
  • Maple Leaf
  • Stars and Stripes
  • Bats by Moonlight
  • Several Pumpkin Faces

Our Halloween Party Games and Printables E-book

If you want the whole kit and kaboodle, then get our entire 70-page Halloween printables e-book with everything we have to offer:

Halloween Printables and Games E-book
Get these Halloween Party Games:
  • Find Your Fortune Icebreaker Game
  • Halloween Bingo
  • Scavenger Hunt (for Kids or Adults)
  • "It's Your Line" Scavenger Hunt for Adults
Printable Play Money:
  • Boo Bills
  • Pirate Booty Bills
Halloween Decorations:
  • 20 Pumpkins Stencils
  • Bat Stencils/Hanging Decorations
  • Halloween Garland

Halloween Printables and Games E-book

Halloween Printables and Games

More than 70-Page Halloween Printable Games E-book



Our complete Halloween printables and party games e-book is available for only $14.99!

Free Halloween Printables, Plus Huge Exclusive Party Games Discounts

Because we love surprises, we send out coupons for our Halloween printable games, and even free printables: Halloween pumpkins stencils and decorations. Sign up for Party-zine. You'll get plenty of free treats!

More Ideas for Printable Halloween Decorations

Halloween Themed Table

Faye of Buleston, TX shares more ways she used printable Halloween decorations to create a fun Halloween table.

Having a small Halloween dinner party for 4 or 6 can be fun. Homemade Halloween Decorations Create a Halloween themed table with simple Halloween printables..

The ghost napkin rings were made from Halloween printable right from the computer. I added a little black plastic spider on the plate, some green spiderwebs with purple lights, a few fall leaves and the jack-o-lantern in the middle.

Don't forget to throw a little glitter on the black tablecloth and voila it's easy but oh so impressionable.

Editor's Note:

Faye has some very clever and inexpensive Halloween decorating ideas that really make an impact.

Create a similar look for your Halloween dinner party with our printable Halloween decorations.

And, may we suggest the Halloween Dinner Recipes pages for great ways to serve up ghoulish grub!

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