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Hollywood Murder Mystery Theme

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Who Done It? Follow the clues for mystery party ideas around every corner.

There are as many murder mystery dinner ideas as there are people to host them! Melissa of Burlington, Vermont shared her mystery party game for a killer party. This "Who Done It" party theme is a Hollywood Murder Mystery.

Create an atmosphere that resembles a classic old dinner party with servants and antique mansion decor. In true Hollywood style, place a red carpet leading to your front door. There are several party supplies that can help with this.

And, you probably have things around your house that you could use. A white table cloth, large candle sticks, etc.

Guests dress up as their favorite classic movie star such as Marilyn Monroe or Marlon Brando. The mystery game is played with a few actors and all the guests.

The game resembles the "Clue" board game.

The actors should have their roles worked out before the party, so everyone knows the direction of the game. The host should also design a number of clues to help actors guess the murderer.

Get the party going with cocktails and dinner. Let everyone mingle a little first and enjoy each other's costumes. Just before dessert dim the lights. If you're celebrating an adult birthday, this is the perfect time for the cake and candles. When the lights are out, one of the actors screams and she or he is found "dead" when the lights come back on.

Split the remaining guests up into teams. Each team is given the task of finding clues to try and figure out who done It!

Once the murderer is revealed the winning detectives could receive Hollywood themed prizes. All guests could then enjoy their dessert and more drinks. It will be a feast to die for!


The easiest way to pull everything together is to have a prepared script. Purchase a mystery game for the best results when hosting a mystery party. That way, the host won't need to make a story line or clues himself. Mystery games generally cost less than $30. When you think of a night of entertainment for several guests that's really a bargain.

Many visitors have written in to say how much fun they had at their first mystery party. They want to know fresh ideas for hosting their own mystery dinner.

You can host them anytime of year and they're especially fun for the month of October to celebrate Halloween. Adding the costumes to the party is a terrific touch.

Visit our mystery dinners menu page for clever ideas and free recipes for buffet and sit-down mystery dinners. These ideas will help pull the theme together.

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