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Home » Valentines Day » Homemade Valentine Cards

Homemade Valentine Cards

Homemade Valentine Cards

Creating homemade Valentine cards is easy. Here you'll learn to make a pop-up Valentine's Day card. You can also find lots of Valentine's poems and short romantic sayings to add to your card plus great ideas for kids Valentine cards.

Learn to Make a Pop-up Valentine Card

  1. First select two sheets of heavy card stock, one for the outside of the card and the other for the interior. They should be the same size and two different colors. Red, Pink, and white make nice cards for Valentine's Day, but you can use any colors you like.
  2. Cut 1/2 inch off the horizontal and vertical edges of the interior paper.
  3. Fold both sheets in half and make a crease.
  4. On the interior paper, use a pencil to draw half a heart shape, as shown in the photo.
  5. Cut along the pencil drawing, leaving the fat edge of the heart attached, as shown (C).
  6. Create a peek-a-boo effect by cutting a second smaller heart inside the larger heart.
  7. Homemade Valentine Ideas

  8. Fold the interior of the heart in the opposite direction of the rest of the card to create the pop up effect when the card is opened.
  9. Write a personal note, or add a short romantic saying or love poem to your homemade Valentines Day card. Place your love note in the middle of the card.
  10. Secure the interior pop up to the exterior of the card with double sided tape.

Making home made Valentine's Day cards really shows your creativity, but it also shows your loved one that you took the time to creative a more personal gift.

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