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Ice Breaker Games

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Want guests to mingle? Our ice breaker games are the perfect way to encourage guests to get to know one another. Ice Breaker Games

Ice Breakers for Great Parties!

Here are a few of everyone’s favorite ice breaker games to get your party started:

  • Hire Walkaround Entertainment: Want your event planning ideas to be spectacular? Sure you do! This type of ice breaker activity is fun and effortless.
  • 120 Printable Conversation Starters: Funny and interesting Conversation cards are perfect all sorts of parties. Plus find more fun ways to strike up conversation on this page.
  • Find Your Fortune Game (Halloween Edition): This fun printable icebreaker game has guests mingling to find their fortune. The outcomes are not predetermined, making this a unique mixer!
  • Social Scavenger Hunt: Break the ice by discovering cool things your friends have done.
  • Jingle Mingle: A Christmas Printable Icebreaker Game
Funny Conversation Starters

Funny Conversation Starters

Our ice breaker activities include great group party games, particularly for large groups where people don't know each other, or you'd like them to know each other better. Find activities for large home parties and office party games: the Collect 'n' Connect Ice breaker, Common Denominator Icebreaker Game and visitor submissions of party game ideas.

The Common Denominator Ice Breaker Game

The Common Denominator Ice Breaker Game

Wouldn't it be nice to know what guests share something in common with each other? Party conversation would be so much easier. Luckily, we've got the solution and it's called Common Denominator! It's an icebreaker game that's easy and entertaining for everyone.

Collect 'n' Connect Ice Breaker Game

Collect 'n' Connect Ice Breaker Game

Cocktail party game ideas got you baffled? Help guests break the ice with the Collect 'n' Connect Ice Breaker Game. Guests collect names and fun facts and connect with each other in an easy way. This game is ideal for an office party of 30 or so people.

Ice Breaker Activities

Ice Breaker Activities

Ice breaker activities make everyone feel at home. Grab the games and activities that make hosting a party a pleasure!

Social Bingo

Social Bingo

Social Bingo gives the phrase, getting social a fresh new meaning. It's a great ice-breaker game for any home or office party. It's easy to play and nothing like regular bingo. Get ready to mingle with social bingo!

Whether you're looking for simple conversation starters or more active games, guests enjoy parties where meeting others is made simple.

Ice breakers are perfect for cocktail parties, holiday and birthday parties, and can even work as good office party games with a few modifications.

Social Bingo

In Social Bingo, each player receives a bingo card. The object is to mark off squares by finding someone who meets the description of the square. The person matching the description initials the square.

Bingo squares can be marked off in a diagonal, vertical, or horizontal line. When this is accomplished the player boldly declares "bingo" and he or she is the winner.

A player can declare bingo when five different guests have signed the card. Of course, a little prize or a nice party favor sweetens the ice breaker.

Find out more about our Social Bingo Cards.

Social Scavenger Hunt

In this game, the host provides several slips of paper that begin with phrases such as:
  • "I’ve never _____."
  • "By the time I was 20 _____."
  • "You’d never guess my first job was _____."

followed by a blank.

The host explains that each guest should finish the statement by writing something in the blank. The strips of paper are collected and re-distributed randomly.

Each guest must find the owner of the statement on the piece of paper they receive. This is accomplished by mingling with all the other guests.

The Social Scavenger Hunt is also great as an engagement party game. For more engagement party games click here.

In addition to the ice breakers we have other activities that add to the excitement of your party. Visit our creative party theme ideas pages to learn more!

Party Talk: The Easiest Ice Breaker Game

Party Talk Printable Funny Conversation Starter Questions is the easiest ice breaker game ever! Just set the 120 card deck on your coffee table and guests will never have to search for funny, philosophical or downright wacky ways to get a conversation startered.

These printable cards are designed to print of perforated Avery 8371 business card stock, commonly available at office supply stores, so there’s no cutting involved. However, you can print them on plain cardstock and cut them with scissors or a paper cutter too.

One of the best features of printable Party Talk conversation starter cards is that you can print more than one for every room if you like! Just download, print, and play!


Funny Conversation Starter Questions
Party Talk Funny Conversations Cards Game

Party Talk Conversation Starters



More Party Ideas

Where are the rest of the party ideas hanging out? They’re everywhere. Check out our related pages like, Ice Breaker Activities and Printable Party Games to help you plan the best party games for your celebration.

And, if planning an office party for the holidays, our Christmas Party Games. or New Years Party Games are a great place to visit next!

Social Bingo

Social Bingo Social bingo is nothing like the typical bingo game you remember. There are no numbers of words called out. So why is it called "Bingo" then?

Well, when you complete your card you yell out, "Bingo!" and it's played with a grid of squares on a piece of paper, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.

It is of course, a great ice breaker game and a fun way to get to know interesting facts about friends and people you work with. In fact, if you're in search of office party games for a holiday party, Social Bingo is a great choice.

All of the cards are the same, but everyone will have different results when playing.

Here's how the Social Bingo game is played:

Download and print out enough cards so that each guest gets one. Each card has squares (like a typical bingo card) but, a description is in each square. Guests mingle to find someone who meets the description on one of their squares. When another guest fits the description he or she initials the card.

The object is to collect initials or signatures, thereby "marking off" squares. Players cannot have two boxes initialed from the same person.

When a player has collected enough signatures to mark across the card in a diagonal or straight line across or down, he or she announces "Bingo". The player calls out her descriptions along with the name of the person who signed. This person is the winner. The person with the best chance of winning is probably a "social butterfly."

A gift could be provided for the winner if you desire. Also, you could let the remaining players continue for a second-round winner.

This is a perfect party icebreaker for large parties where you want everyone to get comfortable and to meet one another. Consider this game for your next home party or as part of your engagement party game ideas.

You can also create your own bingo game. If you know something unique about a guest that no one else knows -- "is a master gardener," or "traveled to Japan," for examples -- then you can use this fact to customize your game and make it very personal.


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